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  1. I can write a lot about Magic and yet I don’t want to because it brings a finality to the reality that what came in my life just 9 years back is now only in my heart and mind. My baby, my delight, my cuddlebug, my dog Magic truly was a gentle and noble soul who never did hurt a living thing, not even a fly and we have video evidence to that effect.

    He was just an extremely happy puppy who transformed into an equally happy and satisfied dog. A dog who knew no bounds for the love he had towards his pack and for the happiness he felt when we were all together. A dog who thought of himself more as a human than a dog and was quite happy to meet other humans but other dogs not so much.

    He had big lovely eyes and silky coat which made him look cute and that was his weapon of choice and his secret superpower to rule our minds and hearts. It was with those beady eyes that he looked at us to manipulate us into doing all sorts of things for him, be it opening the door to his favourite garden umpteen number of times, sneak him a treat here and there or even getting his preferred route on walks. He had these 180 degree about turns in his arsenal that made him look so adorable while also letting us know the direction he wants us to take on the walk. It's not to say we were vulnerable against his charm offensive all the time. We had over the years learnt how not to give in to his whims all at once but give in we did eventually if not immediately and Magic was nothing if not persistent and perseverance was the virtue he possessed in abundance.

    Another one of his quality was how he was so effective at time management and had specific times of day allocated for three of us. Mornings for mommy, after schools for his human sister, evenings for daddy and night time again for his human sister. Any disruption to this schedule was met with tremendous amount of pressure to restore order and pressure was again applied by putting to work the skills he had honed to perfection which were mainly using his cuteness to maximum effect by pawing at person of interest while speaking in a tone that will melt even the most stonehearted so what chance did any of us really had against this master manipulator.

    He was also a very caring character and displayed his concern in his own ways for each of us; be it bringing his stick to me when he saw I was suffering with stomach ache, or sleeping next to his sister for moral support while she finished her homework or just give silent cuddle to mommy when she heard the traumatic news of loosing her daddy. He was not human but understood us humans better than any other human we know of, three of us included.

    Oh and before I forget, he also knew that daddy was the weakest link while sister was one tough cookie when it came to breaking us for sneaking treats.

    His strategy with food was eat first what you like best and not to save it for the last in case there is no space left in tummy later although we never really saw that happening but hey one cannot be too cautious in matters of food.

    Same was his approach to life and so he finished the best bits quickly and lived in the moment and while he perfected this art, we learnt a little bit from him too and will keep that philosophy close as we continue on this journey of life to ensure that when he does return to us in another body we are better prepared to handle his whims.

    So we have now established Magic was a non-violent caring character with loads of perseverance who was also an expert at manipulating us humans but the one thing that made him the best there can be was his absolute unwavering, unconditional love uniformly distributed across all three of us.

    He played no favourites. He would make each of us feel equally important and if I understood his thought process correctly he associated security with daddy, careful nurturing with mommy and playing fun and games with sister.

    Yeah, for last 9 years he gave us a lot of happy and joyful memories but true to his nature and only so he does not make any kind of memories feel left out, while going away he balanced it all out with memories of sadness while filling in hope that he will return to us soon enough. We will wait for him but we know he won't be long as he just can't stay away from his pack for much longer than is absolutely necessary.

    Just to fast track the return, here's daddy calling him...

    Magic, come on boy!!!
    Come on, come on, come on...
    kookly kookly...
    Good Boy Magic...Good Boy.
  2. We humans have ego, and we take pride in a lot of things.

    We are first of all proud to be humans which is perhaps the only pride I can somewhat relate to. I say somewhat because being human is the cause for the rest of the prides that I will enumerate below and that kind of makes even this pride questionable.

    Anyway once we are done being proud of belonging to the human species, we are proud of the country we belong to.

    Then we are proud of the region / state / city and at times this goes all the way to the small area where the human spent his / her childhood. This also includes many a times the educational institutes that the human attended to get the education. This can further flow into mini-prides for the stream they picked for their advanced education and the level of education they had.

    Then there is the pride for religion, customs and cultures that the individual grew up with.

    Next comes the pride for language which is usually reserved for the mother tongue.

    There are other prides related to profession, but they are at least not dangerous, so I will classify these under the aforementioned mini for the moment.

    Anyway now the problem I have is that these areas where us humans take pride in, except from the first one, are all man made.

    Take language for example: I fail to understand what is there to feel proud in how we communicate to each other using which language.

    Surely as a human race we would want to have a universal language such that a human anywhere in distress can call for help when needed. Knowing one language that works 90% of the time should be the goal and hence I do not follow the reason people take pride in their language and try proving that language they speak is better than that spoken by someone else.

    Similar logic applies to religion and the rest of those prides and much of these prides result in conflicts within the human species and quite a few have resulted in violence and bloodshed from time immemorial.

    This then makes me wonder how or why should we even take pride in being humans for we create divisions within our own species based on self-made barriers.

    Perhaps the only logical explanation for such actions is to increase the rate of survival just like animals do by defending their own group against another group which makes us no better than any other animal on the planet.

    If at all anything is to be considered then we must consider the fact that animals do not hurt anyone unless they are hungry or threatened for life in other words unless they do not need to they won't hurt anyone. Humans tend to do exactly the opposite of that, pretty much all the time.

    I do not know why we humans were cursed with such limitations and were chosen as the tool to destroy the wonderful planet we call earth or why we are not capable of improving the harmony within the species.

    I live clueless, ashamed and forever apologetic to other co-habitants of this planet.
  3. I will attempt to give a very non-technical overview on usage of Libre sensors and associated tech in this post. For detailed setup guide please do refer to the earlier post here.

    • What is the Freestyle Libre system?
    • FreeStyle Libre 1 (FSL1)
      • Third Party Hardware and Software
        • MiaoMiao / Bubble
          • What is it and why do we need it?
          • How much does it cost?
        • XDRIP+
          • What is it and why do we need it?
    • Freestyle Libre 2 (FSL2)
      • Third Party Hardware and Software
        • Diabox

    The entire article is again available on attached pdf.

    Attached Files:

  4. As a diabetic there are a number of things we are not able to control but one thing we can do is keep tabs on our data and while in past it would have meant meticulously noting down BG readings in a diary, today it is much much easier with all the apps and connected services.

    In this article, I aim to go through the list of technologies that I am aware of and use to keep on top of my diabetic data right from my phone. Again, the article is big so have created the pdf and attached it here in hope that some might find it useful. :)

    Attached Files:

  5. Blog post was too large and was not getting published with all the text, so I have added the whole thing as pdf. Get the list of recipes and dishes from the attached pdf.

    Attached Files:

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