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  1. 13 years ago i bred a litter of pup out of one of my bitches i kept two of the little girls Nammy and Tia both characters in themselves, last week after all four of my dogs had been in season i did as always did after a season and bathed them, tia my little red whippet i noticed had a sore on her mammory gland I instantly knew what it was but seeing as she was eating and such decided to give her a week before taking her to the vets to ask the prognosis, today i took her down to the vets the prognosis was not good so we decided was best to let her cross the rainbow bridge, how heart breaking is this the tears will not stop flowing I do believe she knew as normally she would go daft just being taken in the car but she was as quiet as a lamb both in the car and the vets....RIP my little girl until we meet again you have taken a piece of my heart with you xxxx
  2. Got to love the way they have treated me over this X ray....I was referred to a specialist about lungs, went to see him last Monday he knew I was a Nurse before I sat down he then sent for the CT scan Nurse and arranged for me to have a CT scan last wednesday, i was then sent a letter to go back today Tuesday for thre results which were perfect he said super human breathing what ever I have been doing to keep doing it so all the walking and trying to keep my Diabetes in check has paid off...I came away from there feeling very very happy as was worried sick seeing as my father died of Lung cancer so did my brother and my mom had a third of her lung out and is now clear of it...Thank you Lord for looking after me and of course the NHS xxx
  3. After having a bad chest a few weeks ago and two lots of antibiotics i went to see my own Doctor who is very hard to get into see as everyone wants to see him...and asked for an X ray which I had ...three weeks later i gets a call from the surgery to make an appointment to see my Doctor again and can not get in for love nor money so had to see another she told me i had plaques on my lungs and need to be reffered to a respiritory specialist I said fine i will wait for appointment...rang up yesterday to see if a referral had been done and NO it had not so said look my dad died of lung cancer , my brother died last year of it too I need to see a specialist like now i will even pay private if have to so am now waiting to see if one has been sent arghhhh
  4. Today one of my five dogs died she was almost 14 years old and such a character, my heart feels broken as I love my dogs like they were my children, she is now buried in the back garden her name was Luna lulu for short. I bought her off a man up Scotland who was very ill with cancer , we ws up there on holliday and brought her home with us she was almost a year old bless her so we had her for almost 13 years...maybe writing this will help me but I doubt it ..
  5. ok she depresses me something terrible , this morning she never stopped moaning when i went over to clean for her, a) her stair lift stopped working last night when she was going to be, I checked it and it worked fine....her phone was not working she had tried to ring my brothers and said how many phone numbers u got on my phone as i saw three ..I checked the phone it was working fine and I had two phone numbers on it my mobile and my house phone so I offered to delete them for her which i will do when i go again, she complains about anything and every thing she depresses me ...I worked as a social worker doing care plans and risk assessment getting peopel out of hospital and setting up care plans and risk assessments then sending in carers to care for their needs and NEVER have I had to put up with all this I think it time I stepped down grrrr
  6. Two bedrooms decorated, landing stairs and hall , carpets coming tomorrow for those rooms so should eb warmer for winter then we got to start on the lounge which I think we will have laminated flooring...all skirting boards have been changed all architrev around doors changed so looking a lot better but the bank balance is not laughs...since changing my Insulin my BG levels have been a little better so goes to show trail and error until you find what is right for you.....new curtains up to all wiindows and new blinds in place, realy need new windows but have to save for those so maybe in the future...always something needs replacing...screen keeps going blank so unsure what wrong with that will get the PC man out to it arghhhh. hoping it stops raining so can get my dogs exercised , soon be Christmas and not done a thing yet, last year had it all done now oh well this year been too busy but still got time smiles
  7. 6 weeks now we been in this house and almost got upstairs done, new skirting boards and archtraves painted and walls painted , front bedroom one wall papered now to start on the stairs , new carpets ordered and waiting for them to be fitted....then start on the downstairs well lounge walls been painted and window sills , new blinds up and look lovely, new curtains up with new poles...weird when you look at houses you never see all the faults until you move in then you see everything that is wrong ......still hopefully most should be done for Christmas (I hope) would I move again NEVER.
  8. we are now three weeks on after moving house, the walls are stripped the ceilings had polystirene tiles on them and after we had taken them off found the ceilings covered in wood chip paper so had to strip that off too, the cracks filled in on walls and ceiling and new skirting boards and door faschias on in one bedroom , hubby started putting water based paint on lounge wall the walls look much better now I think, every day something new happens though ie something goes wrong the phone stopped working but the net worked so told Talk Talk who said they send an engineer out but then sent me a text saying it was repaired, (do they not have engineers?) the gas man fitted a card meter I went and got 40 pound on the card the meter wont accept it so need go back to post office today they say puty a pound on the card and it will transfer the 40 onto it to arghhh if that not work then the meter faulty and to ring them back jeez am tired of it laughs but on the plus side my level readings are not bad so got to keep smiling and be thanfull for what we have ...so today walk the dogs, go to post office then to mams to see to her she is 92 and the reason I moved house so i could look after her or be on hand when she needs me then got the grandson this afternoon as his dad bless him is going to a party, my son has worked tirelessly helping us he is one in a million....:p
  9. Had plasterer in yesterday all day filling the chases in and today a new boiler being installed OMG how I hate a mess and I am living in one would I have moved if I had known all this NO WAY.....Had a letter from poll tax people saying my help had stopped due tyo moving house I do not think thye helped much and the forms they have sent to be filled in are sending me nuts they want details of pensions from 2014 which I do nto have so aint filling it in at the moment am stressy and fed up with the mess so having a moan day
  10. We moved into the other house on the 24th August, when I walked through the door and saw the channels the electricians had left i could not believe it then the holes in the walls they had left as well but was so busy moving could not take it all in. I rang the electricians and asked when they coming to fill all the holes and channels in they said they could not do due to the paper that was on the walls I said ok i will get it off and they supposed to come one day this week and am still waiting for them to come arghhh. wall paper off almost the whole hopuse my fingers are dam sore with all the scratching but it is done ...the curtains that were up I think had never been closed because as we closed them the rails fell down laughs so hubby has put new pieces of wood up ready for curtain poles to go up, The electricians threw the carpets upstairs out as had to get to the floor boards when rewiring so no carpets up there . Having to buy a new boiler as this oen is not a good one according to BG so they be coming Saturday to fit a Worcester same as I had at the other house...although I am back on the grounds I grew up on and love being up here I can not help but wonder will we ever be straight again and have nothing to do after all in our seventies we should be retired and enjoying life not redoing another house up...but onwards and upwards keep smiling is the motto
  11. Moving house is hard work I will not be moving again that said we have to get this house up to scratch, bad phrase as never stopped scratching wallpaper off the darn walls here been at it a week and hands are sore, my son and daughter inlaw came up yesterday and we stripped the lounge every ceiling has wallpaper on it and polystyrene coving all have to come down and has just the kitchen and bathroom now to do. we had electricians in to rewire and they left great big channels and holes every where so they got a phone call from me and are supposed to be sending in the plasterers next week...need that doing before can start and decorate. My dogs hate it they do not know where thye are one has already tried to escape when the gas man came he left the doors open and off she went we was looking all over for her it wa shot and thye be whippets so no fat on them to keep them hydrated but we found her now she keep look for a way out arghh will have to put a sign on the gate Please close dog escape artist lol.
    So we see what next week brings...oh and British Gas trying to sell me a new boiler I need a newer one I guess but they so dear and we be in our 70's who knows what is around the corner??
  12. We moved last Friday , net just gone on so catching up on reading forums, was a busy day Friday ..I drove my son to pick up a van to move us and we never stopped all day him and my son- inlaw slaved all day lifting and moving stuff ...we got the keys to new house at 12 noon and was in new house for 3 pm.
    I can honestly say I have never seen so many box's all heaped high in the garage and am emptying them as fast as I can but this house has two rooms down strair's where as the other house had 4 laughs.....we have stripped the bedrooms of wall paper and for the first time in months I slept the whole night through the other night I was shattered.......had to wait for net to go on and had a new aeriel fitted and sky yesterday.....just the rest of the house wall paper to come off , plastering to be done where the electricians have left trenches in the walls and them tiles to come off the ceilings as they are a fire hazard..... soon be Christmas smiles
  13. 2 more days and move time and I shall not be hap[py at leaving my house which is completed even has a new roof....now got to to start again at another but the good side is it is across from my mother who even though has always been a task master even as we were kids she would dictate the jobs out grrr No one else will look after her so it falls on me, second is no slopes and hills for hubby to climbs we both in our 70's and well he finds it hard walking with his knees especially up hill ...lots of work to do there stripping walls cleaning and filling holse in that electricians have left but will get there am sure...
  14. Went to see the house we moving to yesterday , the electricians have almost finished the rewiring and what a mess but am sure they will clean some of it up, but men being men what can we expect chuckles...well one had almost pulled the curtain rail down in the lounge as he had tried to close the curtains for Thursday night as was leaving wiring in there and it snapped a bracket I told him do not worry it all coming down eventually, no carpets in bedrooms as they taken them up to rewire so they going to the tip...I am hoping they do not leave holes in the walls and ceiling else more cost for a plasterer arghhhhhh but hopfuly we are set to move next week, we did hire a man with a van but =found he kept alter his price quotes so my son said he hire a van and move us yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....so hope my next entry will be when I back on the net and we settled
  15. Well today got a phone call from electricians they had a cancellation so can start the rewiring, so off I go to show them where i want the plugs etc....things are starting to move along slowly I was however on the phone with Rias the insurers for an hour trying to get dual cover for them to go in jeez they are hard work, eventually managed to do it. So got box,s of packed items in every room... laughs think it is taking its toll on me as am very very tired and having a good nights sleep does nto do em any good it seems.....can not wait till moved and cleaned and got all the old wall paper off arghhhhhh
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