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  1. So many box's filled with belongings I am sure I shall never find anything again . I have written on the box's what is inside and which room to go into the only problem i have is with internet provider OMG what a pain they all are at talk Talk...I rang and booked a home move and for an engineer to come out and install the net I did say if no engineer then I cancel the service oh one will come she said pfft , got a text today no engineer so i went on the net and had a two hour conversation being passed from oen dept to another I am sure they was making fun of me shakes head in the end I said forget it and closed the chat with the intension of canceling the service and going to BT...still unsure whether to or not grrrrr
  2. We are now in August and still not moved house, the buyer of mine has completed and wanted to move in on the 15th no such luck....the Solicitor for the house we are buying has not completed yet and wanted a price for the rewiring not that it has anything to do with them at all anyways have sent a quote in and now am told they migth want to up the price of the house, IT is not going to happen I shall pull out regardless .... it is called Ghost gazzumping and I am not falling for it, so if in future I am nto seen on the net it is cos I have forfeited everything and have nothign but oh well lets see what this week brings I am now waiting for them to ring me but it is Bank Holiday today so another hold up ...sighssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  3. In May we decided to put the house up for sale and move to a house that was for sale across from my mums seeing as I am up and down there looking after her even thought she does not thank me for it ...I am now the eld#ist of five kids my once apon a time sister wants nothing to do with the family so she does not have to do anything, the rest of them are brothers who think if they go once a week they have done their duty.
    Needless to say the first through the door to view the house bought it that was May 26th and we not almost at the end of July and still not moved .
    Solicitors well I suppose they have to earn their money after all they charge enough but this is getting rediculous now, we found the house needs rewiring and still not got a key uinder taking to get it done, Solicitor told me to insure the other house for the Electrician to go and now had to cancel it as none gone in yet?
    they decided we did not have rigth of way on shared passage and I told them go ahead and take indemnity policy to cover it that was over a week ago and they said they would do yesterday....I am about ready to pull out and wanting to know how much will it cost me? needless to say it has caused my levels to soar and drop and my nerves are on edge as living in a house of box's, can not find anything as all packed up NEVER AGAIN will I even think of moving after this
  4. So even though I am the eldest of the five children I find my younger brothe ris now being asked to eb power of atorny of my mothers affairs...i wa snot even consulted so I am thinking of leaving therm to carry on with their arrangements but staying away from my mother ..I have been going daily to clean her house taking he r dinners up for her etc but I am nto happy now so I think it time to let them get on with it
  5. On wednesday we lay my older brother to rest, I am not looking forward to attending this as my mother is almost 92 and I think it will be an ordeal for her as he lived with her all his life, but as i keep saying we must keep going so will be there to support her....I shall be glad when this week is out
  6. We little knew the day that
    God was going to call your name.
    In life we loved you dearly,
    In death we do the same.
    It broke our hearts to lose you
    But you didn’t go alone.
    For part of us went with you
    The day God called you home.
    You left us peaceful memories.
    Your love is still our guide,
    And though we cannot see you
    You are always at our side.
    Our family chain is broken
    and nothing seems the same,
    but as God calls us one by one
    the chain will link again.

    R.I.P Michael my beloved older brother xxx
  7. When you go to see your mom and she is out in the garden hanging the washing on the line and crying her eyes out, at 92 years of age to know your eldest child is in hospital and going to die any time soon as the hospital has phoned us to go over and she can not go because the stress is too much for her...he was rushed in last week and he was about to come home with a care package when he had a massive bleed through his mouth...now they are keeping him sedated with drugs going in to stop anxiety and anothe rbleed ...his breathing is laboured and my heart is breaking just to look at him ....sad sad times ahead
  8. It is that time of year again 20years ago i found out my dad had cancer of lung it was inoperable as had gone too far...he had one bout of kemo and he died on December the 5th....four years ago i found my mum was very chesty had her checked and she had cancer of lung but was high up they offered one of three things, leave it alone and be dead with in 12 months, she was too old for kemo so she could have radiotherapy to shrink it or they could operate and remove a third of her lu8ng ....she had the operation and is clear of cancer she will be 92 years of age next april...my older brothe rhas just passed 74 years of age he has had a realy bad chest for a long time they kept X Ray him and give him antibiotics....turns out he now has cancer of the lung and it is a very aggressive sort so inoperable...he needs go for a pet scan next tuesday as they think he has something around his kidneys after that he will have some kemo they say, my older bro can not read nor write cept his name and can sort his money out but he has smoked all his life and will not give it up......I always looked after him when he was young ended up fight the lads cos they kept have a go at him because no doubt he was different .....so this Christmas I think will be a sad one in the family but we have no idea how long he has ...let's hope he sees Chritmas through
  9. Well wen t to the doctors last week with a pain on my left side fo chest , feeling absolutely drained nose running like a tap , sweats on exercise all not like em at all.
    The doctor gave me Doxycyclin A/Biotics and almost finished them and still feel shattered and not well. Just walked the dogs 2 miles and sweat stood out on me was glad to get in and sit down ...so nto like me i walk miles normaly but oh well I am back at the Doctors on Friday i need to knwo what is causing this fatigue and making me feel quite ill...migth eb my age as at 71 they say one is getting old but hey I do not feel old cept when i am ill like now.....even getting up in a morning after a good nights sleep I still feel shattered somehting ahs to be going on that needs sorting out.....arghhhh
  10. That is christmas over with and another new year began. wonders what this year will bring.
    I have had a cold what hubby brought home and cant seem to shake the feeling poorly effects of it. tired and feeling down all the time and even chesty but hate going to the doctors I will see how i feel tomorrow and then decide..... walked the dogs this am and it took soem doing as felt shattered but has to be done, I did not go back to work my hubby thinks at years i deserve a rest however i do miss it sighs...
  11. Well Christmas is here once again and everyone is bustling about their business doing their shopping and buying their presents.
    I decided to go to the supermarket early this morning and did all my shopping it seems everyoen had the same idea well nto everyone but enough to make the isles hard to manouver up and down ....just been past the supermarket again to go to my mums and the traffic is terrible I am wondering if they will sell out of their wares laughs...... Once again i got slippers I do believe off my mum I am collecting them it seems laughs I can wear a different pair every day of the week chuckles ......presents all wrapped and under the tree food all in now and ready to be cooked, it will be a quiet Christmas for me and my hubby as we are not entertaining and our kids are grown and have families of their own so they will be looking after them but the memories of Christmas's gone stay in our memories they were happy times.....Wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New year........

    Attached Files:

  12. Well we had soem bad weather the otehr day car was frosted up and had an appoinment to keep early so out to the carI went to defrost it only to find the blowers not working...always had it on auto so never checked it sighs... Ring Vauxhall and say i need it checking as had another Vauxhall last year blowers not working that was Christmas eves and turned out it was a recall...needless to say I got rid of it and got another on the assuarnces of the sales man that this car would not be a recall....It goes in today so lets see what they say...if there is one thing sure to send my stress levels up it is the dam car or rather the same thing happening over and over again arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep calm i keep say to myself but it affects my sleep I am awake if anything bothers me at all these days so yes awake at 2 am and up at 6 am ...maybe its just me or maybe stress affects everyone like this I dunno....
  13. I have done all my shopping for christamas apart from the fresh food , presents all bought cept mine.. I have been given money to buy a present and for the life of em I can not think what i want, I keep looking but so far nothing.....since having diabetes I tend to not eat sweet things but at christmas I do have a treat... not going anywhere this year as not been invited so me the hubby and our five dogs will spend it on our own... Christmas Tree to go up today we not realy bothered about it going up but hey it is almost Christmas ...I looked at christmas puddings but oh my they so high in sugar so decided against getting oen and will make a trifle instead for us both I have sugar free sweets and chocolate but will limit them I am sure I will get soem ordaniary chocs and have so many a day and keep fingers crossed....Hope all has the best Christmas ever .....hugzzzzzz to all
  14. I am wondering if at the age of 71 one should go back to work or not ...they asked me if I would I guess they can nto get the staff these days but my hubby says no ...soem nights I do nto sleep well and if I went back to work it would affect me so I suppose even though I love working and helping people I should take his advice and saty in where its warm and not driving around the county in frost ice and snow..... Caring for people has always been my thing..I love helping others even though no one helps me I have a daughter who simply never visits but thibnk he rhubby has soemthing to do with it...we not botehred any more about it but seems weird when i have looked after people all my life to have no one care about us....my son did pop in yesterday for a cuppa bless him ....I guess having diabetes hyas changed me some as now i tend to say what I think and not think what I say I am easily upset over silly things and tend to get tired easily mostly when I have slept all night ...this I do nto understand at all laughs.....well soon be christmas and with it comes all the nibbles..it will be a quiet Christams as just me and hubby and ofc the dogs...my rigth eye is hurting a little again last time I went to the opticians and to the docs they could find nothing wrong and it eventually went off so unsure what it is ...will grin and bear it....
  15. Had my bloods done the other week went to see the Diabetese Nurse the following week and she was very happy with my results because they seem to have stabalised she said, I didn ask for a print out but she forgot to give me so although the Doctorn said I wa sto go onto basal and bolus regime she said to saty as I was for now as results were good....then I got see you again in 6 months time...I suppose I should be thankfull and I am ...was awake again last night at 1.30 am watched a bit of tv then eventually fell back to sleep but I did test my sugar level and found it to be 6 so thought ok i better have a couple of jelly babiesn... yummy... got up this am and tested again was 5.0 lowest it has ever been in a morning so am pleased.
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