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  1. Here goes next comparison. This time it's onetouch verio iq vs bayer contour next usb.

    View attachment 12498 View attachment 12499 View attachment 12500 View attachment 12501 View attachment 12502 View attachment 12503 View attachment 12504 View attachment 12505 View attachment 12506 View attachment 12507

    The readings are much closer than with Freestyle meters, even a few spot-ons. So far the averages are exactly the same (8.5), the medians are slightly different: 7.4 on verio iq, 7.35 on contour next usb.
  2. This is a second part of my comparison between Onetouch Verio IQ and Freestyle InsuLinx, you can see the first part over here.

    View attachment 12439 View attachment 12440 View attachment 12441 View attachment 12442 View attachment 12443 View attachment 12444 View attachment 12445 View attachment 12446 View attachment 12447 View attachment 12448

    There's also one more reading comparison (couldn't add the image as the limit of max images in a post was reached): the readings were 10.3 on verio iq and 10.1 on insulinx.

    Median of all readings: 7.65 on Verio IQ, 7.15 on FreesStyle InsuLinx. Average: 7.98 on Verio IQ, 7.67 on FreeStyle InsuLinx. So still higher on Verio IQ side, but the difference is not so big as with FreeStyle Optimum Neo.
  3. Hi everyone!

    My second comparison of meter readings, this time it's onetouch verio iq (which is my "default" meter) and Freestyle InsuLinx. Here we go:

    View attachment 12174 View attachment 12175 View attachment 12176 View attachment 12177 View attachment 12178 View attachment 12179 View attachment 12180 View attachment 12181 View attachment 12182

    So far the readings on Verio IQ are trending higher than on the InsuLinx, but the difference seems smaller than the one with Neo. I still have few strips left for InsuLinx, so I'll keep comparing and calculate averages from all readings once I have them in. Stay tuned!

    Second part of this comparison can be found here.
  4. First part of this post is available here.

    Second part of my comparison of Verio IQ and Optimum Neo readings:

    View attachment 12133 View attachment 12134 View attachment 12135 View attachment 12136 View attachment 12137 View attachment 12138 View attachment 12139

    As you can see Optimum Neo CAN read higher than Verio IQ, but it doesn't do that very often. The readings from both meters were always within 1mmol/l (usually higher on the Verio side).

    Comparing those readings: average readings from Verio IQ: 6.8, Neo: 6.4. Medians - Verio IQ: 5.7, Neo: 5.4.
  5. I've recently came across an opinion that Onetouch Verio IQ tends to read higher than other meters. I wasn't sure if it's true, so I decided to test it against some other meters that I have. Here is my comparison of Verio IQ and Freestyle Optimum Neo.

    All readings are done from 2nd and 3rd blood drop from the same finger prick, when my readings are stable:

    View attachment 12019 View attachment 12020 View attachment 12021 View attachment 12022 View attachment 12023 View attachment 12024 View attachment 12025 View attachment 12026

    As you can see the readings are almost the same. BUT, when they are different, the Verio IQ reads higher.
    There was one situation were it read lower: Neo read 12.2, Verio IQ read 11.3 - but my levels were not perfectly stable during that read, so I'm not sure how reliable it was.

    I still have a few strips for Neo left, so I'll continue the comparisons over the next days.

    Second part of this post with more comparisons is available here.
  6. Hello fellow Dexcom users!

    If any of you use Mac, you're probably terribly annoyed that dexcom studio software works only on Windows, so there's no simple way of downloading your data from Dexcom receiver. I don't know if anyone heard of it yet, but today I found TWO (yes, TWO!) solutions for this problem! Both allow you to view some charts and download your readings.

    1) Google chrome extension by Nightscout - works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, requires Chrome browser:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nightscoutinfo-cgm-utilit/ffjaahelelfakhdpphligimoibajjlhl

    This is an extension for Chrome browser made by the same people that are working on Nightscout project (CGM in the Cloud). As the author says: it is NOT offical Dexcom software, and may not work at all. So far for me works great :) (I compared last 30 days of readings with the ones downloaded via Dexcom Studio and they matched nicely).
    - download directly from your browser, click-click and you have all your numbers in. Install the extension, plug your receiver into your computer and ta-dah!
    - simple, fast and easy
    - gives you readings in mmol/l

    - exported readings are rounded/cut to 1st decimal (a little annoying if you're comparing the numbers with export from Dexcom software, as it gives you 2 decimals), but not a big issue
    - graphs are very simplistic, but still give you all the data you may need
    - as author says - it's not an official software, so the data MAY be completely wrong (I didn't find any issues so far).

    2) Windows/Mac: Dexcom portrait software: it's basically a simpler version of Dexcom studio in your browser:http://www.dexcom.com/portrait

    Simpler version of the Studio software that works in your browser. Installs some kind of plugins to your browser and you can upload your readings directly to the software.
    - official Dexcom software (so you can rely on it being correct)
    - gives you similar "dashboard" as dexcom studio - if you're interested in that

    - you need a Dexcom online account (officially only available in US),
    - gives readings in mg/dl (no option to change it)
    - so far I only found the main graph with patterns...?
    - it uploads your data god-knows-where... (if you're worried about this kind of things).

    I tried both solutions. I must say Nightscout's Chrome extension is awesome and simple - seems like much less hassle that the Portrait software - but I ONLY need a CSV export of my data. On the other hand, I already went through the hassle of creating a dexcom account, so I may stick with the Portrait for now - simply because as it's an "official" app, it should give me a peace of mind that my exports are correct. Probably until it annoys me enough to quit using it :)
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