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  1. For those who are kind enough to give advice and comment on my daily postings on the Type 2 board, I am putting up some details here about how my doctor's appointment went yesterday.

    Like me, the doctor thinks that I may be LADA, in fact it was him who raised the subject with me. I am having two blood tests done next week and am going back to see him the following week when the results come in.

    I have been given a very nice, smart new meter, a prescription for strips and my medication increased. The doctor said that if I am LADA we are still in the honeymoon phase, mainly due to me looking after myself and eating a low carb diet.

    My Hb1ac is the same as it was last time (61) and my weight is stable, i.e. exactly the same as it was last time.

    Thanks to everyone who has been following my struggles - hopefully we may be on the home run now.

  2. In my seemingly never ending battle with getting my blood sugar down, I am trying something a little different. Probably very obvious to people who know about these things, but it has only just occurred to me after reading another post on the Diabetes.co.uk forum.

    I have decided to split my medication up a bit more and take a dose at lunchtime. I have always taken morning and evening doses, but none at lunchtime.

    So far today I started out at 9.1 FBG then had a light breakfast and took one Sitagliptin, wandered off out, did work, had a chat with a client who gave me a shortbread biscuit I was unable to resist. Now just before lunch BG is 7.2. Now taking 2 x 80mg of Glicazide before lunch.

    More later,

  3. It seems that the Newcastle diet did not agree with me at all! I was almost permanently hungry and as a result started obsessing about food, which has led me to eat more. Eating more, I have put on weight and feel pretty miserable. And of course, like a lot of people who struggle with their weight, when I feel miserable, I eat more.

    I even signed up to go down to the doctor's surgery for a weigh-in. I was pretty irritated when I was shown the bl**dy 'eat well' plate. Won't be going back other than for my regular appointments.

    So I am back on my low carb as of today. I have put my hand in my pocket and splashed out on a bit of coaching from a LCHF expert. They have promised me there will be no 'eat well' plates shown to me!

    It's been a hard couple of months, but am glad to get back on the straight and narrow. LCHF seems to work for me. Looking forward to seeing some more sensible numbers from now on.

  4. Hello everyone,

    Am a couple of days in and not doing too badly at all. Weight is now down to 104kg, I appreciate that the first few days means a lot of water loss, but it's a start.

    My blood sugar isn't great. The meal replacement drinks seem quite sugary. I think that I will test myself after having one.

    Had a couple of nice dinners though. Eating low carb is very difficult if you don't eat meat, so I am having meat at the moment and trying not to think of our animal friends!

    Husband is doing well, but he is jumping in unsustainably and missing drinks. I suspect he may crash in a day or two, but will make sure I keep him on the straight and narrow.

    My previous experience using the Atkins Diet is coming in very useful.

    Looked at fellow dieter @Duffysmum 's blog. Love her graphs! Must find out how to create these.

  5. I have been pretty active over the past few days, we have been away and I have been doing my morris thing at a huge Day of Dance in Hertfordshire. This has been having a pleasing effect on the blood sugars. I was getting a bit worried about not being motivated to get any exercise when the morris season ends in the next few weeks.

    So I decided to start taking the husband for a walk at lunchtimes.

    Today we went to our local park and walked around a bit. There were some trees that have been puzzling me for ages. I am quite good at naming types of trees, but these ones really stumped (ha ha!) me. So I took my mobile phone with me and took some pictures so that my friend who is a bit of a tree expert can help out.

    We also got the shopping in and I carried a good bit of it home in a rucksack. The husband was a bit twitchy because his inner gentleman doesn't like to see me carrying heavy stuff, but I told him that this was good for me.

    We are very lucky to have such a nice park so local to our house.
  6. Hi Everyone,

    I went out for the day with the morris I play in the band for. It was a really fun day dancing and walking around Hampton Court and Easy Molesley.

    These days out used to be a sore trial to me because of my weight, but as the weight is now coming down into merely obese ranges, it is far easier to move around and enjoy these days out. I am still a bit allergic to standing around but am fine when I am walking. I have got a three legged stool to sit on when there is a bit of standing around to so at each performance spot, so spent the day in comfort.

    This is a great way to get exercise, so if you are up to it, join your local Morris!! My doctor is happy with the progress I am making with the diabetes and puts quite a large part of it down to the exercise I get doing morris and staying fit(ish) for morris.

    The next big goal is being able to join in one or two of the dances. To this end I have bought myself a pair of black trainers today (my morris side is a Border Morris side so we all dress up in black, see picture below) - going to do a bit of walking and even trotting round my local park so I don't get totally puffed out when dancing.

    In the picture you can see me in the row of musicians, playing a mandolin (it looks like a little guitar).

    Attached Files:

  7. Just found this blog function on the Diabetes forum. Really pleased about that as I do tend to witter on a bit and don't like to overwhelm people on the main forum.

    I have had a few battles since I was diagnosed but all in all my doctor is pretty happy with how I am getting on. My main battle seems to be with getting a medication that suits me. I was very intolerant of metformin in both normal and slow release forms. I was put on canagliflozin and it has done a reasonable job along with Glicazide. Unfortunately, I have had a series of ferocious water infections which just don't seem to want to go away and have really dragged me down. I have stopped taking the canagliflozin on the senior partner at my doctor's surgery's advice and am managing on glicazide alone.

    After nearly a week of no canagliflozin, my infection seems to have cleared up. I will get a clearer picture of what is happening after I stop the antibiotics on Monday. Doc thinks it is likely we might need a second course of antibiotics. Let's see...

    I have my routine diabetic appointment on Tuesday, will have a chat with the doctor then about how to go forward on the medication.

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