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  1. DAFNE Course

    Before DAFNE Course

    I have had numerous conversations with my nurses at the hospitals and my dietitian about how effective is Carbohydrate counting. I am currently on is Novorapid (Quick Acting) and Levemir (Long Acting).
    When I agreed to change my insulins my nurse and dietitian sat down with me and explained how I would calculate the food I eat and the insulin I need to take to cover it so my blood sugars would not skyrocket and leave me feeling like ****!

    They showed me the Carb Counting Book and the App which I can download on my phone, I did not have the carb counting book at home and didn’t want to spend money to buy one, who likes carrying around a heavy book in their bag? I got to admit I was slightly annoyed at the fact that you have to pay for the Carb Counting App, this information should be free for Diabetics as it can change our lives.

    My nurse mentioned to me that I should consider doing the DAFNE course as it would help me have some more knowledge about Diabetes, carb counting and the best part meeting new people living with the struggles of Type 1 Diabetes.

    More knowledge = Better control.

    As this is a popular course, I was put on the waiting list and was told when there is a space available I would be the first person they would contact, as weeks went by I finally got a call telling me I will be attending the course.

    After DAFNE Course (5 days later)

    I have to admit being apart of such a wonderful bunch of people and just talking about how others deal with problems they come across is eye opening, sitting down and looking at everyone's Blood sugars and questioning 'Why do you think your blood sugars went high?' 'Do you think you need to adjust your ratios?' 'Do you need to adjust your bedtime insulin?' Etc. It really gets you thinking.

    Some of the topics you learn from the course are:

    • Carb Counting

    • Hypoglycemia

    • Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)

    • Driving

    • Complications etc
    I have learnt a lot during the 5 days, my knowledge on Carb counting has improved tremendously and bloods sugars have been so much more better and I am thankful also has improved my HBA1AC.

    DAFNE Graduate

    I am very thankful that education courses are provided for people dealing with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and should be making a lot more people aware of these courses.
    Being a DAFNE Graduate has actually made me a better person towards Diabetes and made me realise if I don’t look after myself it is only myself that is going to suffer!
    I felt like I have accomplished something and that’s the best feeling ever.

    Completing the course some people who deal with similar circumstances on a daily basis, makes you feel like you are not alone in the world, and keeping in contact is KEY! Without these individuals being there and motivating you to do better and reminding you that you are not alone, there is a change to fall back into bad habits and you never want to be in that position.

    I would recommend anyone to do this course because honestly for me it has made a HUGE difference to my life and im pretty sure it will do to yours!
  2. Hi, my name's Rakhee. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 6 years old. I am now 22 years old and trying to remember to test my blood sugar around 5 times a day hasn't been an easy task for me, as well as calculating carbs while throwing shots into the mix of everything.

    I have been on numerous types of insulin from Humulin M3, Insulatard, Actrapid to Levemir and Novorapid. I have to admit it hasn't been an easy ride for me as I have never really come to terms and accepted that this is my life and I will be living with it forever! I've always felt alone and couldn't really turn and talk to anyone as they would never know how I felt since they are not living with Type 1 Diabetes.

    However, until recently after completing the DAFNE course, I did some of my own research into forums and blogs to find that I am not the only one living with Type 1 Diabetes.

    Diabetes taught me how to be independent,stay strong, and to stay positive even in the darkest moments.

    Years of crying, yelling, exercise and change, I’ve come to accept that this could be an invitation to one of the brightest and most meaningful chapters of my life.

    We can’t live our lives in regret and dwelling on the past. We can’t be paralyzed by the fear of what may never come. So, I keep on striving to look forward with hope. There’s a lot to be thankful for and I continue to stay positive .
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