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  1. Now my waist measurement is 39, and I weigh just 16 stone. It is exactly 40 lb down from my highest weight, but that is only 1/3rd the way to my goal. I will probably be as deflated as last weeks party balloon, but the reduction in pressure on my joints will be worth it I'm sure.
  2. Baking hot evening and I have been sitting in front of a fan and drank two pints of the ginger beer I made.
    I got some proper brewer's yeast from some cloudy beer in a keg, and so decided that it would be good to start to make the real ginger beer again.
    There is thunder around, so it is very close, and I put one of the bottles of beer into the fridge earlier in the day - I chose the one which felt hardest, as that indicates the amount of fizz which has developed.
    I would normally leave it a couple more days - but the weather is stifling.
    I had a normal dinner with a dessert, and my usual reading is about 7 mmol/l - I don't test much these days as the results are so consistent and so good.
    As it is something new I tested my blood glucose and it is 8.6 - there is obviously some sugar left unconverted into alcohol and carbon dioxide, and it did not need much Stevia to sweeten it.
    It was fizzy enough, certainly, so if I stick to the same amounts and increase the length of time it is left in the bottles after dilution I should be able to have a pint of it in an evening - maybe count it as dessert
  3. This morning I was looking for something to wear - going through the clothes newly washed and throwing out things which were too large.
    I had a tape measure in the basket and put it around my waist - 40 inches.
    That is a large reduction - I had an equator this time last year,
    I am almost glad to have diabetes. It has shaken me up and I am going out, looking after myself and feeling better for it.
  4. This morning I was 226lb, so it seems that I am moving back to a more normal metabolism. I know that I could have ben more severe and gone lower carb, done more exercise, but I know that I can keep up the present levels without stress or strain, so I was patient and it seems that is working.
  5. This morning I was just 228 lb - just as in only just - but it is progress, and I believe it indicates that my insulin levels are falling, allowing my liver to release glucose when needed.
    I have not had a really bad mid afternoon slump for a few days, and I am getting more things done, as in finished, rather than just started and then abandoned.
  6. I woke up this morning and realised that the pain in my lower left leg was gone, and when I climbed out of bed my joints and muscles felt free moving for the first time this year.
    As I am due to take part in a procession next weekend I am so glad, and just hope that it is a permanent alteration.
    Now I have to try to catch up with the housework.
  7. This morning I stood on the scales and yes indeed, I have lost the few pounds I regained and I am now below 230lb for the first time in years.
    I hope that my insulin is beginning to reduce after six months of low carbing, and adding in a bit more fat has done the trick.
    Frozen avocadoes and cream for fresh strawberries seem to be the changes in my diet. The avocadoes, partly defrosted and mashed up are quite like icecream for one totally deprived of commercial stuff - I might try adding an egg and cream custard and then refreezing to see how that works.
    I do feel so well - able to walk further and do more - I am even going out into the garden to jump on the trampoline.
  8. I have been struggling to keep the 18lb weightloss I had when first diagnosed, but gave in to the huge grapes and strawberries in the supermarket, and my weight began to creep up.
    Then I bought some extra thick cream to go with them in the hope of minimising the weight gain.
    I ate some each day along with the fat - and my weight has started to drop. On average. 0.2 or 0.3 lb per day.
    I compensated for the extra carbs from the fruit and weighed carefully - so in theory I should be just hanging on but next week I might see a 'real' loss rather than one I used to have - ever the optimist.
    I can control blood glucose with tweaks to the carbs, but weightloss requires fats.
    I do eat fats, from the meat, from mayonnaise, and salad dressing, but is seems that the extra fat pushes me into weightloss.
  9. I tried fasting - not for very long, but still longer than normal between meals, but that put up my BG so I thought that I would try getting up earlier and eating so that there is more time between meals.
    That seems to have lowered my general levels and I was down at 5.4 today before eating my evening meal.
    I am eating a bit earlier in the evenings too, and hopefully that will help me get to sleep better - as I have been suffering from insomnia all this year - it seems to be working, it is not yet midnight and I am feeling rather tired.
  10. I think that the lower BG levels mean that my insulin is working better, but also that I need to cut down carbs as I am gaining weight.
    Only a little, but even so not something I want to do.
    I tried to walk a little more today - but my left leg ached so much. I had to sit down several times, but I managed to cover the distance, but no more - I caught a bus up the slope back home. I suppose being 66 today I am expecting a lot - but I will go on trying.
  11. Obviously things are changing.
    I am still eating the same sort of meals, but there is chocolate and strawberries added to the mix now - however, the reading after dinner yesterday was 5.9mmol/l.
    It is so good to be seeing that sort of number.
    My only worry really is the pain in my leg.
    It is just my left leg, on the outside curve, just below my knee. It isn't a cramp, just an ache, not all the time, but it arrived when I was taking the tablets and has not gone away - though all the other aches and pains seem to have diminished, and the dreadful itching all over, so there is improvement.
  12. My reading 2 hours after eating this evening was 6.4 mmol/l. I am seeing similar readings all the time now - it is not quite 5 months from diagnosis but with sticking to low carb everything seems to be correcting itself. Hopefully the lower BG levels are an indication that I might start to lose weight again. The 18lb at 2 lb a week was good, and I was a bit disappointed to stop losing, but I had to see what would happen.
    Now that the weather is better I think that there will be more chance of going out and exercising - I might be able to walk down to the folk club on Sundays - it starts at 3 o'clock, so would be quite pleasant.
  13. It is past 5 pm now and I don't feel like eating - there is the half done lunch just waiting for my attention, but my BG at 3.30 was 8.6 mmol/l and I have no appetite.
    I just finished a cup of coffee, I like the real stuff, made in an old fashioned percolator - well - electric, not a proper one you put over a flame.
    I buy the grounds from Lidl - the paper cones from Waitrose, and it bloops and gurgles away until it is done, then keeps the coffee warm until needed. Maybe it will get things started.
  14. Went to the third diabetes education session and they were pretty well floored by the reduction in my Hba1c level. Even said that if it was the first one I'd not even be classed as diabetic.
    The leader said that her male assistant would talk about Atkins - he didn't.
    Ah well - I suppose that not talking about it is better than saying it is really dangerous.
  15. For the first time I have seen a reading below 5 on the meter. My insulin is obviously having an effect again, rather than being ignored, as I am continuing to eat 'normally' on low carb, but my ability to control my blood glucose is increasing.
    I have the third diabetes education session in a week's time - I wonder if there will be any comment about my results.
    I hope that my change in diet will have resulted in a reversal of diabetes, and that I will be able to remain without medication, so I will be out of the ridiculous Eatwell advice loop.
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