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  1. OK - how many saw that and thought 'Liar liar'?

    Yes - Queen - oh my.

    Over 40 years ago - it is on the TV at the moment - it has just got the the rock and roll ending, with Freddie prancing around the stage in his shorts.
  2. This morning I was only just 219 lb - and tonight I ate rather a lot of carbs and thought I'd be up about 10 at least - and I just got 7.6 mmol/l.
    I ate two big slices of a huge watermelon - and lots of peas with my salmon because they were all frozen in a large lump - and got 7.6.

    This supposed to be something requiring heroic determination and grim fortitude and suchlike - and it just isn't - it is all too easy.

    OK - maybe in a few years it might come back to bite me - maybe sooner - it could be just lulling me into some erroneous sense of having won.

    I have this feeling of being let down somehow. No titanic struggle to conquer my dark adversary - just getting quite normal numbers before even a year has passed.

    Ho hum.

    I know - I'll go and get another slice of that melon. It would be a pity of it went off or mouldy before it got eaten.
  3. Now down to 219 lb and my waist is reducing at speed.
    All without any effort.
    I have almost nothing to wear.
  4. I am now only just 220lb, and the skirt which I made is now definitely too large and will need to be worked on before I can wear it again without the two safety pins which are holding it on at the moment.
    My waist is still too large - I have a bay window feature, which, although it adds to the design of our house, it is not something I would chose to carry around with me on a daily basis.
    At this casual rate it might mean it takes two years to reduce down to the weight I think of as normal, but I am hopeful that I will be busy making new clothes for some time to come.
  5. this morning I tried on a skirt I made a little while ago, when my clothes started falling off, and saw that it is now on the point of being too large. It is a wrap over style and was on the loosest fastening when I made it, now it is on the tightest.
    I checked my weight, and it is now 221lb - which means I am losing about one and a half pounds in a month - not exactly fast, but I am not trying to lose weight, I just want normal BG levels. Anything else is a bonus.
    As I have been eating my apples - I have two trees in the garden and they are laden with fruit - I will have to pick them soon and see if I can store them, I am surprised that I have not gained weight, but I am far more active these days.
    I do not have an apple every day, and I do compensate for their extra carbs - but I am glad to be able to do something more normal for me. Last year the apples ripened later and I left them to fall and rot back into the soil, which did not feel right.
  6. I take Thyroxine and read here recently that taking it with food or fatty drinks is not a good idea.
    I also take alpha lipoic acid, and have been taking that late and the Thyroxine early as they are thought to be antagonistic - yesterday I took them the other way round, and have dropped over a pound in weight overnight. That is a more normal reaction for me on 60 gm of carbs a day, so I am going to continue to take the Thyroxine late. Before diabetes I could lose 2Kg a week on 80 gm of carbs a day, if I was exercising.
    I do now feel that I am sitting on my bones - something I will have to get used to I think, or start to make cushions for all the hard chairs I use. I am knitting in pink for the latest grandchild, as she is the fourth child and the first girl but I think I will have to stop hand knitting and do it on the machine. Time just flies by these days.
  7. This morning I stood on the scales and saw 223lb - which is very gratifying.
    Losing weight has never been very easy but it increased at a great rate with no effort at all, except when eating low carb.
    I had thought that the 'cholesterol lowering' diet had spoilt that, but it seems to be coming back very gradually now.
    I suppose it is an indication of how damaging a high carb diet is, it breaks the metabolism and mending it takes time.
    It isn't a year since diagnosis yet, so a bit of patience might be required, but I'll soon be needing new clothes - even without losing weight I am losing volume so another review of garments is needed.
  8. I'm just back from Poole Quay - there were fireworks after the maypole and morris dancing finished.
    I managed to get my husband to drive the car back home as I could then catch a bus home - I had to pull my little trolley with my drum on all the way down the high street, but luckily there was a bus waiting and so everything has gone well. Now I need a shower and to go to bed - I might even have lost a bit of weight today.
  9. We have had a very busy time recently. I went to the local arts university to service the knitting machines for them, then in the next week went to two days of the Sidmouth folk festival, one near the start and the last day, stayed for the procession and fireworks, then back for one last sing then drove home, next day I went to do a maypole workshop in Poole park, but in between we drove to Bristol and looked after our grand children as the fourth one was born.
    Monday was band practice, and it is now Wednesday and I should have done a small repair for someone and two complete dismantlings for the university - the students are very hard on the machines and so inventive in what they manage to break. I am, however, coughing and spluttering and feeling very indolent.
    Tomorrow I have to drive to take my daughter and her melodeon to a repairer, and then there is a morris meeting on Poole Quay in the evening, and I need to deliver the maypole to where it is needed, then take the car off to park it and then get back in time for the dancing.
    Its all go these days.
  10. Now my waist measurement is 39, and I weigh just 16 stone. It is exactly 40 lb down from my highest weight, but that is only 1/3rd the way to my goal. I will probably be as deflated as last weeks party balloon, but the reduction in pressure on my joints will be worth it I'm sure.
  11. Baking hot evening and I have been sitting in front of a fan and drank two pints of the ginger beer I made.
    I got some proper brewer's yeast from some cloudy beer in a keg, and so decided that it would be good to start to make the real ginger beer again.
    There is thunder around, so it is very close, and I put one of the bottles of beer into the fridge earlier in the day - I chose the one which felt hardest, as that indicates the amount of fizz which has developed.
    I would normally leave it a couple more days - but the weather is stifling.
    I had a normal dinner with a dessert, and my usual reading is about 7 mmol/l - I don't test much these days as the results are so consistent and so good.
    As it is something new I tested my blood glucose and it is 8.6 - there is obviously some sugar left unconverted into alcohol and carbon dioxide, and it did not need much Stevia to sweeten it.
    It was fizzy enough, certainly, so if I stick to the same amounts and increase the length of time it is left in the bottles after dilution I should be able to have a pint of it in an evening - maybe count it as dessert
  12. This morning I was looking for something to wear - going through the clothes newly washed and throwing out things which were too large.
    I had a tape measure in the basket and put it around my waist - 40 inches.
    That is a large reduction - I had an equator this time last year,
    I am almost glad to have diabetes. It has shaken me up and I am going out, looking after myself and feeling better for it.
  13. This morning I was 226lb, so it seems that I am moving back to a more normal metabolism. I know that I could have ben more severe and gone lower carb, done more exercise, but I know that I can keep up the present levels without stress or strain, so I was patient and it seems that is working.
  14. This morning I was just 228 lb - just as in only just - but it is progress, and I believe it indicates that my insulin levels are falling, allowing my liver to release glucose when needed.
    I have not had a really bad mid afternoon slump for a few days, and I am getting more things done, as in finished, rather than just started and then abandoned.
  15. I woke up this morning and realised that the pain in my lower left leg was gone, and when I climbed out of bed my joints and muscles felt free moving for the first time this year.
    As I am due to take part in a procession next weekend I am so glad, and just hope that it is a permanent alteration.
    Now I have to try to catch up with the housework.
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