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  1. Well - we are getting through the double lot of shopping I did, though rather slowly.
    I forgot about weighing myself on Friday but stood on the scales this morning and found that I have lost another pound, so I am happy with that.
    I need to arrange an appointment for my eye check. The optician I usually go to is on the list of those to visit, so I must either phone or call in when I am next passing by.
    I have the next session of diabetes information on the 23rd, I think it is, which should be interesting - lifestyle and heart protection is part of it. I expect I will be told that I risk heart attack if I eat according to Atkins.
  2. As it was over a week since I took any Metformin, and being concerned about not having any way to test my blood glucose levels after overdoing the roasted sprouts, I took a tablet. Now I daren't go to bed. I have been trotting up to the loo about once an hour. I really should have known better than to cook the whole bag of sprouts and plan to reheat half tomorrow - they didn't even get to the plate, I ate them straight from the pan.
  3. I feel more myself now - stopping taking my medication has been rather a good idea - I thought I was OK but before Christmas I went shopping and lost the car in the supermarket car park then, after walking up and down the rows until I spotted it I opened the back and found that I'd already done the bulk of the shopping and forgotten to take it into the house, so some of it had spoilt.
    I took myself home and unpacked it all so my fridges were full - I have two, one kept at a lower temperature than the other.
    I still can't remember the answer to one of my security questions, but hopefully it will come back to me - but I am rather concerned that I could suddenly find myself in that situation. I had forgotten to take all my tablets for two days, which is probably why I am still functioning now - but I do normally watch myself for signs of loosing the plot.
    I had been trying to learn a new song, stopping the medication allowed me to sing the song at the folk club so I hope no permanent damage has been done.
  4. Every year just before Christmas I feel a bit low - it is, I think due to the death of my grandmother just before Christmas back in 1957 - we had lived with my father's parents for about 5 years, and I had spent a lot of time with my grandmother as my mother had my two younger siblings and the house to run.
    She died from the complications of diabetes, untreated for the most part, as the family simply did not understand what she should eat, or drink.
    I did not understand that she had died, as she had been in and out of hospital all the time we'd been living there, so I assumed that she would be coming back. I was only six years old at the time, so it isn't all that surprising. It was not for some years that I happened to be in the room when my father explained to someone what had happened, and I understood the circumstances.
  5. I tell myself it is early days, that it cannot last, and the rate will slow down but I am really pleased to find that I can still manage to lose weight doing Atkins . I am rather pleased that my waistline is reducing and also that my middle is not rigid like it used to be.
    I was told that I would be sent a letter to let me know the date and time of the next diabetes education session. I am hoping that I can lose enough weight before then to astonish the nurses.

    My BG is staying below 8 mmol/l even without taking the Metformin, and so far the urine testing has not shown anything but negatives.
  6. There is a series of educational events which diabetics are supposed to attend, so off I went this afternoon for the first one - oh dear oh dear - I am in dire danger of heart disease or bowel cancer eating low carb.
    The eat well plate was carefully described and the things we diabetics should be doing were explained.
    They did try to be a bit scientific, but most of it was inaccurate.

    We - there were two of us, were handed test strips and a record sheet to test our urine for glucose. I had a go when I got back and got a negative, so that seems OK. I might save the remaining glucose meter test strips for the day I go to see the doctor again - just for my own amusement.
    I seem to be getting readings under 7 mmol/l now, so it isn't really worth using up test strips to check what is going on.
  7. I am running out of test strips and can't afford more - not at over 30 pounds for 50, but I am confident that I just have to keep to the same regime I used for weightloss in order to keep my BG steady and low.
    Two hours after eating lunch today I did a test and got 6.6 mmol/l. so I was wondering what it might have been before eating - but I will just have to trust to the diet and as long as I am losing weight steadily all should be well.
  8. I tried out various things I could not eat for losing weight and then tested my BG levels - and found that they raised my levels significantly - so it is not a surprise that I am still at the same weight, and I found nothing which is OK for me to eat from a diabetic point of view which is also high carb.

    I decided to return to doing low carb properly and to do more exercise to lower both my weight and BG levels as much as possible by the time of my next tests. I really do not want to be seeing double figures when I have seen lower ones.
  9. I have been trying to eat things which I would not normally include in my low carb diet for weightloss but I have seen other people eating and not getting elevated BG readings.

    Sulk sulk sulk sulk

    So far, nothing at all is different - if I could not eat it when losing weight I can't eat it without a big increase - so I went to the shops and bought a cucumber and some mushrooms, and some metal bowls. Not that I really need more bowls, but Lidl have got them, so they don't cost much and they have lids, so I can use them to hold nuts and anything chopped or sliced. I needed to go to Lidl for cough mixture, as I have a nasty cough after catching a cold. Even the cough mixture registers on the meter. Sigh.
    At least I feel better after stopping the statin. The ringing in my ears was really dreadful, and I was trying to learn the tune of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. One thing I have always been able to do is pick up a tune after hearing it a few times, or even just once, but I was absolutely stumped - I still keep losing it and then it comes back - or I try listening to it again. Even my husband has noticed that I keep playing it over and over, and he was getting a bit worried and annoyed that I could not remember things.
  10. I was left all alone at my daughter's flat yesterday, they are moving out today so my husband drove them to their new place with some of the more fragile things, and I was hungry, but there was nothing I could eat and I'd forgotten we were going out so I ate two small - like tiny - plain biscuits, which were very sweet, but everything tastes sweet to me these days. We did not get back until late, and when I tested two hours after eating, the meter showed 11.3 - highest ever it has recorded for me.

    I know I an sensitive to sugar above all else, so why not tough it out, I tell myself now it is too late.
    I found I had lost another pound overnight - but that worried me - impending insulin dependence perhaps?
    Eating a few extra carbs never mattered when it was for losing weight, but now it is totally different. It really matters.
    I do so want to lose enough weight that there is a chance of my diabetes going into remission.
  11. Down another pound this morning - I am so glad that I found low carb eating - I'd probably have reached half a ton by now if I hadn't bought New Diet Revolution when I did. I was already low carbing and weighed under 10 stone at one point, before people started on at me to eat those healthy carbs if I did not want to be ill.
    The cold seems to have gone, which is another thing I have noticed when eating low carb, infections don't stand a chance. There were occasions when I was working when the whole of the rest of the department was down with the 'flu' and I'd be holding the fort alone.
  12. The weather has been damp and dreary and now I am too, sneezing and snuffling - and it is the folk club on Sunday. I sound like Leonard Cohen.
    I am only testing after meals, as I really can't face taking Metformin every day. My readings are between 7 and 8 two hours after eating so I think that is OK. I can't feel any difference on days I do take Metformin, apart from the distressed guts.
  13. This morning I weighed myself twice, just to be sure - I have lost slightly more than 8lb in 3 weeks.
    I should not be surprised really, as low carb was always effective, but I never quite believe it will work as well as it does.
    I have read that restarting never works well - but that is not the case with my metabolism - but I have never had any success with any other diet - though to be honest when I found Atkins I stopped looking - I mean, when you have found a diet where, if taken to extreme you can lose a kilogram a day, and you can fine tune the loss by adding in your favourite carbs in small amounts, why look elsewhere?
    Now I have the additional factor of diabetes, but it is type 2, so I just take the tablet and go on low carbing.
    An additional benefit is that the loss is mostly fat and not lean body mass. Our scales can measure that, so with a bit of calculation I can work out my lean weight.
    I doubt that I will ever have a 24 inch waist again, but all my weight piles on into the middle so I have an equator rather than a waist, but at least that means that my arms and legs aren't large, so I should not - with any luck - get huge folds of skin flapping about.
    I really hope that by reducing my weight - or I should say my fat, because I was always muscular and I don't want to lose that, it will mean that I can once again fully control my BG levels. I don't mind if it is by eating low carb for the rest of my life - I was perfectly happy eating 80 gm of carbs a day. I can cope with the lower levels I am eating now - protein and salad stuff with oil and vinegar dressing. Just being able to bend over and pick up things from the floor again makes that worthwhile.
  14. Well - now I know what I have to do - stick to the low carb.
    I have now seen 6.2 mmol/l on the meter, and I hope to see no more results in double figures.
    I am absolutely convinced that having a meter and seeing what happens when I 'accidentally' cook too many potatoes - who am I trying to kid - well it made me realise that I have broken something and now I have to compensate for that. Maybe not for ever - not totally, but just as I would have to rest a sprained ankle I need to stop the carbs from impacting on my metabolism.

    If I don't then the damage will only get worse, low carbs are my Nordic walking poles, to keep me upright on uneven ground - I don't want to have the crutches of drugs, and I'll be damned if I end up in a wheel chair.
  15. I was half convinced I'd broken something earlier, I got a reading of 11.0 after lunch, but I checked again and it is back down to 7.7 in late afternoon. I'll have to be very careful to avoid making such mistakes in future. Hopefully the downward trend will continue if I stick to low carb foods.
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