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  1. So here I am in the US, now on Metformin SR and the road is bumpy.

    So I duly upped my Metformin instant release to three tables a day having not really had many of the more unpleasant symptoms usually associated with these tablets... until I went to three. Severe headaches, dodgy stomach in the morning.
    Now as luck would have it I manage to source a Freestyle Libre medical certificate that had been created some enterprising soul and had to go see the doctor anyway, so I pushed my case for the Metformin slow release, and started again.

    However, there were still the occasional mornings with a dodgy stomach, still the severe headaches, and not surprisingly these didn't stop when I got Stateside which is challenging when you are stuck in a media centre all day.

    But the curious thing for me with the metformin and so many carb heavy places to eat as concessions, I went the other way and was blocked solid. So much so I had to leave the media centre early last night because I felt so unwell - shaky, sick.

    Thankfully nature took its course painfully but at least this morning I was able to drag myself to the fitness centre (well crusty treadmill) and a husband and wife team of lovely volunteers in the centre bought me greek yoghurt, berries and I brought a gazillion Oatwell Crispy Heart packages for breakfast.

    Hopefully today it is not too late to catch up with a load of things!
  2. So I am going to be up front. I have a Fitbit but I declare myself the 'Anti-Fitty' - I refuse to walk for no purpose. Now that is not to say I won't ever walk? This year I have booked AirBnBs where I have had to walk briskly to some metro of some description and then a walk to the tournament - where possible. I am looking at YOU America....!

    But going for an amble for no reason when I am still knee deep in mum's probate and have months of expenses to do, and a sports website to maintain? Not gonna happen. But I will get up to do my knee rehab (former hurdler means I have no cartilage left in my knees!) and do some cardio boxing or start to break down a Couch to 5k to build up gradually. Because of the knee situation actually replicating C25K on a spin bike is pretty effective.

    Yesterday I went to play tennis - I mean... I spend my life writing about it so it's worth having a play from time to time! Normally the lessons were an hour, but this is a pay as you go... and I didn't realise it finished at 9 and was an hour and a half.
    By the time I got home I was ravenous. My BG had dropped to its lowest since I started using the Libre and the thought of trying to find that handy recipe to spiralise a sweet potato for noodles was unappealing. So it was an emergency Pot Noodle.

    Well, it was worth it just to understand the resulting spike! That was the last of them... and being self-employed I need to live in some kind of age of austerity, so I can't bring myself to just chuck out a load of things. Just... when I get to the end of the high GI things, they will be replenished no more.

    On the plus side (and yes, yes I know these are just estimates) but on this very site I found useful converter for percentages for the hba1cfor a chart I found so that when I head to the doctors once I get back from the US, I have all manner of charts that I have found to help start charting some of this stuff.

    It looks as though things are moving down... but there is still a long way to go.
  3. A little history - I am not from Darkest Peru like my avatar would suggest but my parents hailed from the island of Mauritius. And boy did they enjoy their food. And honestly? So did I.

    In 2012 I managed to lose a fair bit of weight, but then landed what many thought would be a dream job as a tennis writer - but this is a sport that is nogh on played every week except in December. The editorial shifts I was on undid all that great routine I had. Then my mother had a stroke, and as I realised she was not coping well, I had no option but to quit and take time out to get her sorted.

    All was kinda getting on an even keel and then six days after I returned from covering the Aus Open, she died suddenly.
    Her funeral was just 6 days before I flew out to Indian Wells, and then began the 13 week European grind. I started a raging thirst - I only really ever drink fizzies when I am at a tournament, but half way through that week I could tell something wasn't quite right.

    Things settled a little before the next couple of weeks, but I was chugging a lot of water in hot countries so thought no more of it! Eventually I noticed I had gone from my heaviest weight to below 11st for the first time in a long while, and then down almost half a stone again.

    In the end... in the gap between the clay and the grass I went to the docs, who put me in for a raft of blood tests. The results were high across the board - blood glucose, blood pressure (although that had been elevated since mum died) and high cholesterol.

    OK - so now I was told I was officially a Type 2 diabetic. I know my father had insulin injections in his later life, and my mother had been on metformin. I now joined the family firm, so to speak.

    Another cousin recommended a Freestyle Libre, one pointed me in the direction of the GI index.

    Above all, I stopped giving my all to my website and my business and decided... the mornings HAD to start with a workout. No 'oh I will just update the site'...

    Since then BP has come down from High to Pre-High several days in a row.

    As for the blood glucose monitoring - I guess I will be hitting Holland & Barrett fairly soon!
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