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  1. i started out wanting to try IF, but rather it brought me towards the practice of carb counting and ICR, etc etc.
    started out really well, so i was confident that it wouldn't be so bad going and i'd be able to keep things up. i was aware that i probably won't be able to keep up the IF daily but...
    yeah, it's been several days of highs. highs coming out of nowhere.
    and it's so frustrating because it's not like i'm being naughty about food or medication. i haven't changed a single thing and still...
    and then today, i had the worst scare of my life. i had not been feeling very well since i woke up (to an FBS of 19.4, and that's the least of it). my stomach felt sort of empty and achy, and i was a little woozy. plus, it's been 3days that i've been feeling like my breathing is shallow..? like... my inhale is not enough and my exhale is much lesser, so i feel like i have to keep up/quicken my breaths consciously or i'll feel dizzy. anyway... i injected my basal and correction bolus, did not have breakfast, and went back to bed trying to sleep again. but i couldn't because my stomach was having pulsing pain. eventually i just went to the bathroom to relieve myself. i was actually happy that i wasn't constipated.
    the scare started right when i stood up from the toilet. i began to hear, like the sound of static inside a bottle. then tunnel vision. then i was very dizzy and weak and was sweating so bad. i thought i had injected too much correction and my bsl was going down too fast so immediately drank a chocolate drink, 16g carb. sat down for a long while trying to catch my breath and letting my heart calm down (it was palpitating, i think). the feeling slowly went away. my face was like i just washed it and forgot to towel dry.
    when i felt that i could stand up i immediately tested bloods: 11.8, after 2hrs. still high, but the insulin was working, and it was just enough. my sweet drink is gonna bring my bsl up again.
    then i just cried. it was just so frustrating to be seeing all these... really bad things, numbers, feelings, pains, coming altogether at once, bogging me down. and that there was no one there who saw it or could have helped me. my mom was there but she was in her room when it happened. i cried in front of her. but she just talked about how she also experiences high blood sugar levels and what she does when they happen.
    i dunno, just wanted to write about this. i haven't really told anyone about the details, except a few friends online, and very summarized. i feel like... there is no one who would be able to know exactly what i go through daily, the everyday anxiety, these sudden troubles (not to say there's a lot but when it happens...) i feel very weak and alone, is all. end.

    (i later searched online for what i just experienced, and found "vasovagal attack/syncope". it's the closest thing i could find, though i'm not sure yet if it can still happen if i'm not constipated/didn't really exert effort in the toilet. it's not exactly dangerous besides the possibility of actually fainting, but it's advised that you mention it to your doctor if it's happened a few times, or if you have other gut problems.)
  2. Long post/rant ahead.
    I'm a T1 on Lantus and Apidra, and have posted asking about intermittent fasting before. I have been given good advice and things to consider, and have also looked for lots of research, material, and personal exp from those who are practicing it.
    Currently, i would say it's been about 2wks total of 16:8-14:10 fasting, although not consecutive days as i do break the fast if i feel i'll have a hypo by midnight. I have also adjusted my Lantus and Apidra dosage to my best match. These days i also test my BSL like 5x a day, just to see what is happening, if my dosage is correct. My BSLs i would say are between excellent and good (some highs that i can explain and control fast enough) and i'm very happy about that. The journey has brought me so much knowledge and i feel that i am slowly reaping the rewards. It has been an intense, and ongoing study.
    Today i went to my endo and mentioned that i had been studying and practicing IF. Her immediate reaction was "most dangerous for a T1" so i was quite taken aback. Said there's a large risk of hypos, and that it is for obese people and i am not obese. She also said it is "sustained fasting", not "intermittent fasting" as like the 5:2 fasting schedule. I tried explaining but she was... pretty much dismissing me, lol. Asked me how much hours i fast, and told me to limit it to 12hrs as i might get hypos. I'm considering this but really, my BSLs have been so consistently in pattern that i don't think i should add my minute breakfast back. I may do it if only to prevent ketone production, but BSL-wise, i'm very happy with my current setup.
    I also asked her if she knows about Gary Scheiner - nope - and his book Think Like A Pancreas - nope, "that's not a medical book."
    I just feel like i hit a roadblock of sorts. She did tell me to continue if i wanted to. To prove how effective it is. I've decided that i will continue with it. I honestly feel rather offed about how she dealt with me today. Not even looking at my record notebook full of adjusments, food/carb intake, BSLs pre and post, etc. Not even explaining fully whatever else it is that pushed her to react that way. She just completely dismissed my practice. For the record, the dosage she gave me before was 13U Lantus and 2-4U Apidra. Now i'm at 7-9U Lantus (9 if i have/had extra carbs) and 5-6U Apidra. I actually feel inspired by the results. I was hoping she would guide me further, give answers to some of my questions, if need be maybe schedule me for an earlier consultation just to be sure everything is going well. But not this total dismissal.
    Oh well. I'm quite positive i can keep this up.
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