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  1. 2 months in hospital, latterly the Hallamshire(can't rate it highly enough) to be given a clear diagnosis.which can't be cured, so they're just 'medicating the symptoms' Despite all this including the high carb diet in hospital! My husband's BS never went higher than 9. Back home now and it's taken time for him to be feeling back to his old self, but at last he's pottering around, today he's painting the side gate.yaay! I still feel health is all agouti what we put in our mouth, so I've virtually cut meat out of our diet but having lots of fish. Who knows might end up vegetarian;)
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  2. Without going into too much detail, my husband has been suffering from cellulitis and gout, the acid from the cellulitis has created ulcers. Despite 5 courses of antibiotics and gout medicine the situation has worsened and he's now in hospital, the less said about the treatment he's received so far the better! Although I was told by the nurse that it's people like me that make her wonder why she comes into work. Oops, perhaps I shouldn't have asked about how he fell when they are supposed to be wheeling him to the toilet, or maybe it was because I pointed out to her that his meds were on a table out of his reach, when she said she hadn't wanted to wake him at 1.30pm (this was now 2pm) because he hadn't slept well, I did point out to her that he was wide awake and talking to me on my mobile at that time. Also pointed out there was a slight problem for him if he could have reached his meds as he had no water, to which another nurse said I was just nit picking! There was a lot of other things, they called the charge nurse and I'm now down on an inccident sheet!! :rolleyes: Still haven't seen the paperwork re his fall which I consider a more serious inccident, but quite frankly they'll cover each other.:mad: The sooner we can get him home the better. They're going to love me tomorrow as I'm going in in the morning so I can be there for the ward round!! But despite everything HIS SUGARS ARE STABLE between 5-7 slight rise to 7.9 when they forgot to give him his insulin!! Quite honestly ...I wonder why they come to work??!!:(
  3. I know it's a bit late for wishing everyone on here a Happy New Year but I've been off the site during the festive season. I'm kept very busy over Christmas and into the New Year as it always turns into a mammoth cooking fest for me, due to children and grandchildren coming over and eating me out of house and home. Trying to keep to LCHF was a bit of a non starter, as I cooked food for everyone including my son who's gluten free. Needless to say my husband had a bit of everything!!! :rolleyes: Has he put weight on... YES but his sugars never went higher than 8 which was amazing. It's back to basics from today (there is nothing left in the kitchen that he can't/shouldn't eat) courtesy of my children who as I said were on an eating marathon, they just went on and on. Still good time was had by all now to get back to the pre Christmas weight.;)
  4. The results from the liver scan were good, so no worries there.:D But then we had the required check up with the 'specialist' diabetic nurse. Everything was going well until she asked what bs readings were before bed, generally between 5.5 and 6.7, she was genuinely horrified and we were told we needed to have at least 8!! Without thinking I said but... he (my husband) hasn't been above 7 for months!!! To which we were told that he needed to up them to 8 or he'd have a hypo while asleep and we wouldn't know which could be fatal! Are we going to take this advice and munch on ginger biscuits before bed...nope my husband is going to continue to lower his insulin unit by unit (as advised by the GP) But if we followed the DN's advice we'd be getting those BS up so we could continue with the insulin...no wonder it's considered a progressive illness:rolleyes:
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  5. So my husband has lost 3 stone since April and sugars remain stable. The only cloud on the horizon is that he has to go for a liver scan, but hopefully it'll be ok:)
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  6. About 2 weeks ago my husband had a small cut on his left calf. His skin is paper thin in this region. Previously he had large deep ulcers here, it still has the scar tissue. Within a week two ulcers have developed and he's returned to weekly visits and dressings by the district nurse. :( That's the bad news. Already the deterioation has stopped and one ulcer has almost compeltely healed while the other is healing well.:) Last time it took 18 months and excruciating pain (he was on a cocktail of tramadol and morphine) yet was still awake screaming with pain most nights. We can only put his rapid healing down to his consistent low BS between 4.9 & 6.8. Previously they ranged from13 - 19. We know that with diabetes there are always problems to face, but for the first time we feel more in control.:)
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  7. Ok so slowly working my way through the Primal Blueprint and to date (this is day 11) I've kept pretty much on track. I've upped to 50g carbs maximum just so I'm not having miniscule meals. So far so good, then went for a day out to Teg's Nose country park, to give the dog a good walk and tick my exercise box for PB. Some of the hills so steep the dog was actually walking behind me instead of haring backwards and forwards in front of me like she usually does. Exercise box truly ticked off then and feeling pretty smug, :smug: but then ventured into the new cafe (only been there 6 days) I knew it was temptation but a.) it was dog friendly and b.) it had begun to rain and I mean bucket down and c.) wanted some info on the walks. So I thought I'd just have a pot of tea...but then during conversation about the local flora and fauna I found out that it was an area where wild bilberries grew...so started reminiscing about bilberry pie as a child. To which the very friendly cafe owner told me thay had homemade bilberry jam picked a couple of weeks ago from that very spot. I should have stopped there:rolleyes: jam is a no no...but bilberry jam in season, of course it had to be served with something... the something was home made scone and cream :oops: (well the cream part was ok and I did ask for extra!!) So back to PB tomorrow. The jam was excellent, tasted just like I remembered....yummy!;)
  8. To date (since April) my husband has lost 2stone 9lbs and according to the GP his HbA1c is 4.1 yaay!! Cholestrol is down too.:D:D We haven't got the full breakdown as DN couldn't make an appointment as she's away on holiday so will get results on September 16th !! Meanwhile my husnand went to see GP re another matter. This was the first time he'd seen this GP (he only works part time and appointments with him are like gold dust) Apparently he said oh so you're the guy we've all been talking about!! they've never before seen such dramatic results and he wanted to know what he's been doing. So he told him about LCHF and he was very impressed, he said it was nothing short of a miracle as diabetes was seen as a progressive disease. Also my husband's results were an item on the GPs weekly conference call, the DN was asked what my husband had been doing (she didn't know:banghead:) so she's been instructed to find out as soon as she gets back from holiday! So the next visit should be interesting....
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  9. Ok, so today my husband had his INR, some concern expressed as it was 'too thick' so he was asked what had he been doing, he thought for a while, yes he's been taking prescribed dosage, he's sticking to LCHF so he's losing weight, neither of us have any medical background so it felt a bit like a trick question. Finally, he said well I've been a lot more active these last few months. To which the practice nurse said 'oh that must be it!' :rolleyes:
    So glad we worked that one out then!
  10. Despite not being very impressed with the Primal Blueprint (PB) info.:( I've re-read it and Begining tomorrow I'm going to embark on the 21 day challenge or 'Going primal' lol I love the way Americans say things:D. I've looked at the PB food pyramid and it's quite close to LCHF
    View attachment 14907 It gives more freedom on the veggies front but still no, potatoes, cereal, rice etc. The big step for me is after weighing myself tomorrow I'm not going to weigh in again until day 22. :eek: This is something I find vey hard to do as I generally weigh myself 3-4 times a week, sometimes every day (not good):(
    So following the PB plan, I'm going to eat only when I'm hungry until I'm satisfied without weighing etc.My main concern is putting weight back on. I think that's why I'm obsessive about weighing myself as it makes me feel in control. Most success stories I've read have usually been on a SAD diet prior to PB, so of course they lose weight and feel great. Only time will tell...here's to the next 21 days!:)
  11. Well weight coming off but then I had an oops moment or two! Went to the local farmer's market and decided to have lunch. At first felt very smug as I ordered courgette and cheddar cheese soup without the bread roll :smug: But then I succumbed to the luxury salted caramel ice cream, it was delicious but 30g of carb for one tiny tub. Oh well, tomorrow's another day, don't think I'll weigh myself I'll give it a day or two or three!;)
  12. Currently following Zana Morris's High Fat diet. If followed exactly it promises a 10lb weight loss in 14days. I'm on Day 3 and I've lost 2lbs :joyful:already..hope it lasts:meh: I'm following the recipes in the book and they really are delicious, it's also helped me to understand the relationship between fat and protein...here's to the next 8lbs:D
  13. It's a well organised book with clear points about eating primal which is basically a moderate LCHF diet. But I found it pretty disappointing:( as I've actually gleaned a lot of info from the LCHF forum and Diet Doctor (free trial) all for free. I've only been doing this since April and felt the book really had nothing to offer. I do like his quick easy cookbook thoughnparticulary as it gives carbs for each recipe.
  14. View attachment 14531 Finally tried celeriac chips (9 carbs for 100g) cooked in oil to go with a cheese omlette cooked in butter...it was delicious:happy:

    Meanwhile my husband has lost another 3lbs and BS remain stable! :)
  15. :depressed:There are days (today was one of them) when I get fed up of eating LCHF!!! I know I'm doing it for all the right reasons and my husband's health is the main one, but sometimes I wish I could just shove on some rice instead of grating cauliflower. Then I read Dr. Bernstein's book and realise there's loads more stuff we shouldn't be having, just when I thought it was going so well. Then some days I get up and I just want to juice some apples, pineapple and blend with an avocado...mmmm sweet and delicious, but Not fair on my husband when I think how many carbs it contains!
    But then I realise that my husband's BS have been between 5-6 all day and it's all worthwhile:) So hanging on in there!
    I suppose the best way of looking at this is not focussing on the things we can't eat but the things we can eat now...like butter and cream and the fat on lamb chops, yummy. (moan over)
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