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  1. I have just purchased a Lifesmart blue tooth meter here in Australia.

    It is as accurate when compared with my Freedom lite readings, and the strips are subsidised by the NDSS (code 312) as well.

    Comes in a reasonable carry case. although the lancing device is medievil and went into the bin.


    The android LifeSmart Sugar Cheq app is good with some great features and works well with my Samsung phone, imports the readings from the meter in seconds


  2. I got my latest blood test results yesterday, 34 mmol/l or 5.3%, my GP is very pleased with the results so he is dropping my Metformin 500 dose to one a day for the next three months. At the next blood tests in June if the results are the same dropping Metformin completely.


    Keeping good control except for the December period when it went troppo,.


    Got my average bgl down to 5.3 over 90 days which was my target to get under 5.5'

  3. We picked up a nice piece of salt beef last shopping day.

    Six and half hours in the slow cooker and cooked to perfection, had to have a taste last night when it was still warm. Mmmm!


  4. I got a free meter from Ascencia yesterday as named in the title.

    Comes with all the necessary bits to get started, ten strips and a packet of coloured lancets for their lancing device.

    You can get a free one from here here in Australia: http://www.contournextone.com.au/

    And a free one from here in the UK: https://www.contournextone.co.uk/

    Both of these links give you the correct meter to use in both countries which is mmol/l and not mg/dl.

    I am still using my Multiclix lancing device, and some spare lancets in the pouch.

  5. I got my hba1c results yesterday after getting the blood tests done on Saturday morning'

    The date at the bottom of the pix do not match the numbers in the chart which go back nearly three years. The last 34 on the end of the line is the one I have just got back.

    The speed bump that went to 58.4 is from eating a lot of cheap bananas at 00.50 a kilo, that is when my GP put me on Metformin. :D


    Keeping in between the lines.

  6. As our tropical cyclone, bushfire, floods season is almost upon us, the Queensland state government, Bundaberg Regional Council have put a free emergency evacuation pack together.

    Some useful bits and pieces in it, first aid kit, radio / torch / phone charger, two water containers, poncho, whistle with instructions, a 2 gig usb drive (will not fit in the laptops usb 2 ports), space blanket, and small back pack


    I like the radio, usual tuning vol controls.


    Crank like sith to charge it up a bit to listen to the radio, use the torch, or charge your phone up a bit.


    Solar power charging, use the button for three led light to see what you are doing, or use the button to signal with.


    There is a cover on the back with a usb port in it so you can charge it by that as well, also is a port for a cable to charge your phone. It also came with a assortment of connectors, including Apple fondle slabs.

    Not a bad pack to listen to a presentation on evacuation procedures / check lists.
  7. Slightly down on last months snapshot.

  8. Averages are still doing good at 5.4, got one high reading of 10.1 dunno what caused that. :D

  9. Good averages this month, with one rogue reading of 8.3 from a sticky thumb first up in the morning.

    My hba1c was 5.3% / 34 mmol/mol this month which I am pleased about.

  10. A forum member mentioned a Australian made low carb bread called Herman Brot Lower Carb, two slices are 5.4 grams per 100 grams.

    It is available from Go Vita health food stores, where I picked up five loaves yesterday.

    Tastes alright as well.

    Here's some pix.



  11. Looks like I might be on track for reasonable hba1c next blood test. :D

  12. Many people seem to be Google challenged regarding this, I have used Fat Secret's website for my info as it has Australian food stores listed.

    Here is the main ones that get asked here a lot.

    Australia: https://www.fatsecret.com.au/calories-nutrition/
    New Zealand: https://www.fatsecret.co.nz/calories-nutrition/
    Canada: https://www.fatsecret.ca/calories-nutrition/
    UK: https://www.fatsecret.co.uk/calories-nutrition/
    US: https://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/

    All other places: https://www.fatsecret.com/Default.aspx?pa=sites

    That lot will solve a lot of your queries...
  13. I get this news letter from Diabetes Queensland as a financial member. A lot of interesting stuff to read again this month.

    Uturn Newsletter
  14. I have been taking 1 x 500mg Metformin XR twice a day with meals, and it is one year today since I started on them.

    My hba1c is down to 5.4%, bgls averages are down as per the pix from last night, and I have lost around 10 Kgs in weight with a loose lchf diet.

  15. I first heard about this on Micheal Mosley's Trust Me I Am A Doctor on the SBS television here in Australia.

    So I have tried it out, at first the portion size was to big but I have now worked out a good size portion of pasta. I also cut back on the tomato paste in the sauce as it was pretty carby also.

    My preprandial bgl reading was 5.5 mmol/L, and the postprandial bgl 6.9 mmol/L two hours later. Fasting bgl in the morning was 5.5 mmol/L so all good there.

    A pix of the bag of pasta with a comparison to a cheese slice.


    A pix of the sauce cooking, this was divided up into four portions.


    BBC article about reheated pasta.

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