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  1. With my 2 boiled eggs today I had a 1 minute muffin toasted, a brilliant replacement for bread and only 3 carbs. My weight now is 11 stone 7 lbs it has been for the last few months with a fluctuation of about 3 Lbs either way so I am continuing with low carb because my blood sugar is now normal so basically I am in a maintenance mode
  2. This last 2 weeks I have been putting my daily food a week in advance in myfittnesspal. I've been doing a weekly menu for quite a few months now which has definitely made my shopping a lot easier, but I think by putting my food for the week into myfittnesspal it will help me regulate my carb and fat intake etc.Since I started my LCHF lifestyle I have lost 8 inches of belly fat and 55Lbs! When I started in April 2015 I weighed 16 Stone 3 Lbs my current weight is 12 Stone 4 Lbs my target weight is 12 Stone! So 4 Lbs to go. My blood sugar which was in the high teens is now almost back to normal although still taking meds I have had 1 tablet taken away and x my finger I will have less to take in the future.
  3. I had trouble walking any distance because after a little while I was in quite a lot of pain, and this has been my situation for a few years and one of the exercises to lose weight was walking which I was unable to do, but things have now changed mainly because I have managed to lose weight 42 Lbs so far, I am stuck on 13 Stone 2 Lbs admittedly only for a week but I am feeling excited at the prospect of achieving my goal which was 12 Stone but amended to 11 Stone 7 Lbs so I went for a walk along the river and I was really enjoying it I am not sure how far I went but there and return was 90 minutes I was in pain the last 15 minutes but delighted I had walked so far. So the following day I had a walk totalling 1 hour, the day after I didn't have a walk, and today I had a walk early this morning and I will be having a walk later so already losing weight has changed my life.
  4. When diagnosed with diabetes I weighed 16 stone 3 Lbs that was 13 months ago, my current weight is 13 stone 2 Lbs. The reason I am putting these thoughts into words is I just cut my toenails with ease! 13 months ago to cut my toenails was agony I couldn't breath I cut 1 or 2 toenails then I would have to straighten up until I could get my breath it had got so bad I was thinking of paying a chiropodist to cut my nails for me, now I can cut them with ease and no need to stop. I went on a low carb high fat lifestyle and although difficult at first it is now a part of my new life. My blood sugar was 17.5 the last 7 days it has averaged 5.8 so I am delighted, I would not have lost the weight and I haven't finished yet my target is 12 stone none of this would or could have happened until I had the diagnoses. So I am so thankful to my doctor and nurses and to diabetes.co.uk between you all I think you have given me a much better life and hopefully a longer one.
  5. Pleasant surprise this morning another 2 Lb gone so thats 42 Lbs or 3 Stone or 19 kilo's I now weigh 13 Stone 3 Lbs yippee
  6. Feeling really good this weight loss is changing my life!!! I am now 13 stone 6 Lbs I am sleeping so much better my blood sugar is under control and my energy levels are so much more. Another 3 lb. loss and I will have reached a 3 stone weight loss. I wish everyone good luck on their quest to lose weight.
  7. Weighed today and I am still 13 stone 11 lbs so thats okay the weight hasn't gone back on so my next target is 13 stone 10 lbs ra ra ra
  8. My last weigh in was 13 stone 11 lbs that's a 34 Lb weight loss hoping to get down to 11 stone
  9. I reached a target today I now weigh 14 stone 0 lbs my ultimate target is 12 stone but I will jump for joy when I see 13 something on the scale so needless to say I am delighted
  10. WOW

    I have type 2 diabetes I went on a diet 12 months ago and my weight has gone from 16 stone 3 lbs to 14 stone 2 lbs my blood sugar was in the high teens! Yesterday 2 hours after my lunch it was 5.5 my best ever! Although I thought I was on a LCHF diet I now believe my carbs allowance was to high because my blood sugar readings have been averaging around the 8.0, which I was quite pleased about but looking at some of the readings on the forum I knew I could do better than 8.0. So last week I reduced my daily carb allowance to 50 or below and boy what a dramatic difference, so I would like to thank everyone for their input into the forums it has been a great help to me and many other's i'm sure
  11. 5/3/16
    Fasting reading 9.3


    2 thick bacon ½ a tin of beans ½ a Lidl high protein roll no reading


    50 g blackberries, 50 g Strawberries 50 g raspberries, 25 g blueberries 30 g double cream reading after 2 hours 5.5 my best reading ever
  12. It's surprising the time it has taken for me to get to understand how to lose weight to help my fight against diabetes, it has taken me a year with some success along the way to lower my blood sugar and lose weight 26 lbs so far. I have been using this site and my fitness pal to help me along this confusing road, and now although I know I need to learn a lot more! I can now put into practise the knowledge gained so far, and I am expecting to lower my blood sugar even more and to lose another few stone my target weight is 12 stone
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