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  1. I managed to get away from sharp dips or spikes yesterday, although I was largely around the house and not exercising much for some reason...

    Today's gonna be an interesting one though! My wife has an essential scan for her pregnancy so we have to make a trip to the hospital. Neither of us drive, and the idea of getting a taxi is not appealing at this virus affected time. So we're going to walk; it's about a mile and a half to get there. My wife has assured me that she's up to it, but we'll be taking it very slowly and resting regularly. We'll also be keeping our distance from anyone along the way.
    Photo on 24-03-2020 at 09.45.jpg
  2. A bit of a pre-lunch dip yesterday, but not too much of a rebound. I've just done a grocery run, and my wife and I now have enough food for a few days. That means that self-isolation is a lot easier. It's important to keep busy, so I've lined up some piano pieces I've wanted to learn but not had the time to focus on in the past. I also might have to *shudder* do some gardening when I want to step outside the house on occasion.
    Photo on 23-03-2020 at 10.31.jpg
  3. FE2C26D1-D781-47E3-9EC8-AC1586612A4F.jpeg Here’s yesterday’s graph, which I almost forgot to post!
  4. I misjudged a potential low yesterday. But I’ve managed to avoid hypos at least.
  5. Every other Thursday is 'New Sensor Day', as demonstrated by the gap below. I seem to have made the blog a habit now, which I'm glad about. Still got to better with my numbers but I'm avoiding hypos and anything beginning with an 8 for the most part.

    Photo on 20-03-2020 at 10.20.jpg
  6. I'm starting to get a handle on my change of routine, and hope that I can get things even more stable. I'll be honest: the Coronavirus situation tempted me to use it as an excuse to enable some laxity (not laxatives!). But at this time, keeping healthy is more important than ever. I'm finding ways to keep occupied while I'm not working much (all choirs cancelled for now, all piano students stopped). I hope that this will keep me in a good frame of mind, and that I can come out the other side of the pandemic with the best control I've ever had.
    Photo on 19-03-2020 at 10.15.jpg
  7. Some peaks and dips but overall I'll take it. I'm now largely self isolating, which will have an effect on my blood sugars – all choir rehearsals have stopped, so I won't have those journeys to make. I've also postponed piano lessons until we're through all of this, so no cycling to students. However, I'm still going out to the supermarkets as and when needed (not panic buying, just keeping stocked on the essentials).
    Photo on 18-03-2020 at 09.11.jpg
  8. Yesterday was not great in the 2nd half. I took my eye off the ball a bit, thanks to the effects of the Coronavirus – my work's drying up rapidly. Hopefully a better day for blood sugars today?

    Photo on 17-03-2020 at 08.24.jpg
  9. A few ups and downs yesterday but I'm learning not to over-treat hypos gradually. I had some low carbohydrate beer yesterday as well, and was pleased that this didn't send my levels utterly haywire.
    Photo on 16-03-2020 at 09.09.jpg
  10. Some exercise after breakfast caused a dip yesterday, but I managed to keep things stable otherwise.
  11. I finally figured out how to upload pictures the right way round when posting on my phone, so yay.

    I didn’t have the best day yesterday and went low unnecessarily a couple of times. I think my blood sugars were fairly forgiving on this occasion though. But that’s the point of this blog: I can see when things are just starting to head south so I can recommit to my goal. Hopefully I can have a better day today!
  12. Another flat day until a bit of a spike towards the end. I went up into the lows 7s during the night, but it seems I wouldn't have gone any further – I took one unit of short-acting insulin, which pushed me back down to 3.6 in the early hours of this morning. Thankfully I didn't spend long there and I've been around the 4s and 5s since getting up this morning.
    Photo on 13-03-2020 at 08.23.jpg
  13. I think this is one of the straighter lines I've had since starting this blog. While the levels were a little higher than my ideal of 4.8, I'm still really pleased with yesterday. This is especially true because I managed not to dip during my 30 minute evening trek uphill to a student and rehearsal (I'm the accompanist for four choirs, so a lot of my evenings are spent travelling to go and play the piano somewhere). I went into the high 6s and mid 7s during the evening exercise/teaching/rehearsal, but I managed to avoid seeing an 8 so I'll take it. My new plan for next week is to have a bit more protein for dinner and try to avoid the glucose tablets to cover the walk.
    Photo on 12-03-2020 at 08.28.jpg
  14. Things were a little more stable today, until a near miss with low blood sugars in the evening. Strangely, I cycle on Monday afternoons to see a student and I need more insulin to avoid a spike. I don't cycle on Tuesdays and still get a bit of a spike, but then after dinner my blood sugars are much happier to drop. Regardless, I stuck to my main aims: don't snack between meals, and don't overeat during meals either.
    Photo on 11-03-2020 at 08.43.jpg
  15. As I mentioned yesterday, my blood sugars stayed really stable throughout afternoon and into the evening, pretty much locked to 5.8 from 7pm onwards. Then I went to bed and you can see what happened below. I'm still keeping my Tresiba evening dose at 6 units rather than 7 (I split dose with 7 units in the morning too) for the time being. Once I got over the early morning high, I was pretty pleased with how things went.

    I need to work on that spike around the 7.30pm mark. It results like this: I have to cycle to a student on a Monday for 5.15pm. Usually, I find this actually raises my blood sugar levels a bit. I often need to take a unit of short-acting insulin to cover this. I cycle home at 6.30pm. Then, I have to eat dinner quickly before going to a rehearsal. I often take a couple of glucose tablets for my ride home: about 25 minutes of cycling, much of it uphill. However, I'm going to skip this next week. That last spike was an 8 with an upwards arrow. I think I'd have have gone to the 9s or even above if I'd not taken an extra unit of short-acting at that point.
    Photo on 10-03-2020 at 08.44.jpg
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