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  1. As previously mentioned, I was away for all of this weekend, which posed some challenges – preparing meals beforehand to keep up the low carbohydrate diet, as well as a change in routine (e.g. enough time sitting on a coach to read an entire novel, as it turns out). My levels were by no means perfect, but better than I expected if I'm perfectly honest. They were particularly stable from lunch until I got home and went to bed. This made it even more infuriating when I woke up during the night this morning and they'd leapt to 10.2. I've recently reduced my evening Tresiba dose from 7 units to 6 – I'll have to see if it was a knock-on effect from the weekend's change in routine, or if I need to up the dose again.
    Photo on 09-03-2020 at 08.57 #2.jpg
  2. E71E5547-FD47-415C-902A-34542C6C4B23.jpeg It’s 7.20am and I’m currently sitting alone in a Premier Inn in Yorkshire getting breakfast – I’m an early riser, unlike the rest of the coach party I’m with. So I thought I’d drop an update while I await the eggs and bacon! I had some ups and downs yesterday, but not huge – no hypos and nothing in the 8s. My schedule was off as well (travelling more than 200 miles by coach, and adrenaline in the evening from giving a piano performance) so I was happy with the results under the circumstances.

    I also have no idea why my photo is apparently uploading sideways on my phone, so apologies for that!
  3. I dipped just under the 4 mark for a lot of the time in the early hours of Thursday, but after that I was really pleased with my numbers. The break in the line is where I did my two-weekly Libre Sensor replacement. I might have to reduce my evening Tresiba dose from 7 units to 6 if this trend continues. I also found this morning that I had no dawn phenomenon whatsoever – I avoided lows during the night but went hypo after breakfast. Simple error: I injected into my stomach instead of my backside, so the insulin was absorbed more quickly.

    I still managed to avoid snacking yesterday, so I'm pleased with the results. I won't be posting over the weekend as I'm away for work. Next update will be on Monday!
    Photo on 06-03-2020 at 09.16.jpg
  4. I had some ups and downs yesterday, but overall I'm pretty pleased with things. Wednesday is generally a pretty full-on day for me, and yesterday was particularly so: I had to walk into town straight after lunch and run various errands. I was probably wandering around for a about two hours, all told. I had 2.5 units of insulin for lunch but still dipped just below 4. However, I managed not to rebound into the stratosphere.

    On Wednesday evenings I travel to give a piano lesson to a student, before going on to play the piano for a choir nearby. It's a half hour walk, all uphill. Once again I had a sharp dip while walking, but even this was an improvement on previous efforts. Generally I'd load up on glucose tablets and then take a fairly sizeable correction dose at the top of the hill. This would have... mixed results, let's say. This time I had a small amount of glucose as I walked. I overdid it a bit, but not by much: I needed one unit to correct. This definitely still needs work though. You'll see tomorrow that my blood sugars dipped a little below the 4 mark for a lot of this morning.

    Regardless, I stuck to my plan. I didn't snack. I avoided big knee-jerk reactions requiring big corrections. The issues I faced were down to issues with strategy, not with resolve. So onwards and upwards, and here's hoping for improvements next Wednesday.

    Photo on 05-03-2020 at 09.27.jpg
  5. Today's accountability post has arrived! I've decided that I'll include the previous day's blood sugar results with each entry, as I can show the entire day that way. Otherwise, I'd only be showing part of the picture.

    Photo on 04-03-2020 at 10.24.jpg
    Some climbs and dips, but overall I'm pretty happy. The highest I saw was 7.8; the lowest 4.1. Most importantly, I resisted the urge to snack unnecessarily. The first big climb was the result of dawn phenomenon along with a dextrose tablet I took upon waking (I didn't want the 4.1 to drop any further). Here's hoping for a smoother line in the days to come :).
  6. Hi everyone!

    I've decided to start a blog here for one simple reason: accountability. I want good diabetes control. The 'in it for the long haul' type control that protects me from complications. I'm sure I don't need to list the issues that arise from poor control. Today, I just want to get the ball rolling, so I'll give some info about myself and what I hope to achieve. I'm mainly blogging here for me. But just in case anyone else finds it useful, I'll do an introduction so I'm not just a few words on a screen.

    I'm currently 32, and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1990 at the age of 3. In 2014, I started following a low carbohydrate diet, which has already done great things for me. However, my control can be a lot better. I stopped getting the massive hypos that used to make my wife's life hell, but that doesn't mean that everything's plain sailing. In my almost thirty years since diagnosis, I've picked up a few complications. None of them impact me significantly yet, and I aim to keep it that way. I was diagnosed with background retinopathy in 2013, and I believe I have mild neuropathy (some tingling/slight stinging in my feet occasionally).

    I've often told myself that I'll make improvements, but the stakes are about to rise significantly. My wife is currently pregnant with our first child; the due date is the end of July.

    I've wanted to take this journey for the longest time. But now that it's actually happening, it's brought everything into sharper focus. I want to be a great dad. And, more than anything, I want to see my child grow up. To be there for their eighteenth birthday; their twenty fifth; their big life events for decades to come. I want to have the energy to enjoy forming a bond with them, and for my smile to be unforced. For my health to never become a burden on them, and to not have to say goodbye too soon.

    Which brings me to this blog!

    By and large, I know how to manage my diabetes. I know what I've been doing wrong. And I have all the tools that I need to fix things. The problem is that it only takes a moment to slip. 'I've been good, I can have that extra snack, even though my blood sugars are fine.' Sound familiar? That means I'll take a correction dose of insulin, and then perhaps some glucose if I've taken too much, and then some insulin if that's too much, and then more glucose, and perhaps another snack for good measure, and oh look, the neat line on my Freestyle Libre's turned into quite the roller coaster. Only it's no fun to ride, and it feels exhausting.

    So to avoid the momentary slip with the long-lasting legacy (I do love some alliteration), I need to stay accountable; focused; vigilant. My current plan is to make regular posts that show my blood sugar levels. I'll start with today's, as follows:

    Photo on 03-03-2020 at 14.12.jpg

    So far today my lowest has been 4.1 and my highest 7.8. I'm aiming for 4.8 as an ideal target. I'm hoping that as I post, the line will get straighter, and with fewer jumps and dips. I've also got one more trick up my sleeve (or actually in my pocket most of the time). I've put the following message on my phone screen, so that I'll be reminded each time I look at it:
    Photo on 03-03-2020 at 14.17.jpg
    Do it for them. That's what'll get me there. I love my wife. In a few months time I'll fall in love with my child. I can't think of a better incentive to stay healthy than the promise of a full, long life with my family.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope this is the start of something great!
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