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  • Bacon, eggs, fried butter beans. For Christmas, lobster, prawn ring and asparagus. Avocado pear, rocket, roasted pine nuts and humus. For my Birthday steak, raw onion, heaps of greenbeans, peas, broadbeans and butter. For breakfast broadbeans butter and white pepper. Or peas, with ham or...
  • Does any one know if B12 deficiency is related to taking Metaformin - any research.
  • In January 2016 The EU Commission asked the DVLA to change the legislature concerning night time hypos. Chris Askew, Diabetes UK's Chief Executive said that the Commissions request was absolutely justified. Out of interest I have been searching in the press for news of the change. Has any...
  • OK I’m moving my legs nicely on the trampoline now, so let’s add in the arm movements with the dumbbells. Gosh…this is going really well –oh no! Don’t think about it…Mary had a little lamb, tra, la, lala. Nearly a minute, doing OK – No, no, no …the periodic table consists of….. Minute and a...
  • Sean01
    Posted by Sean01 on Jan 13
    I met a new client in Mid December and met her again for the second time on Friday - approximately - 4 weeks later. She was amazed at how much weight I had lost. Her husband was quite impressed too but a bit concerned that his new wife was overly enthusiastic. The secret: well it was...
  • rosdoc1
    Posted by rosdoc1 on Jan 11
    3 years diet controlled type 2. I was put on metformin on 21st dec 2017,, but not very good control since now on metformin. had the ususal side affects, nausea, headache, etc. but after 5 days on metformin 500mg twice daily I have blurred vision. Getting conflicting feed back, Practice...
  • Elizabeth__m
    Posted by Elizabeth__m on Jan 11
    Starting this blog today because I am feeling sorry for myself to be honest. Had a fall yesterday, stupid accident, caught the toe of my boot on a broke tile and next thing I knew I was face first on the pavement. Nothing broken, but this morning I ache all over, my knee is swollen and I...
  • Awake at 2am. Those empty, dark, cold hours. All seems sincere and hard. Yet so wide open, as if civilization has ended. And all has become silent. Winters punishing hours of darkness. Yet divine, for those that sleep, caressing and nourishing their souls. Oh for those barmy days of summer....
  • thgulk
    Posted by thgulk on Jan 10
    Hello all you diabetes concerned people. I am a former Type 2 diabetic, that like most of you was very shocked when I found out that my blood sugar was over 300, and my A1c was at 11.5. I say former because I no longer suffer from it, and I cured/reversed it with a healthy diabetes focused...
  • jimmydot
    Posted by jimmydot on Jan 9
    Does anyone else have a problem with their teeth due to being diabetic? I was diagnosed in 2001. I have always visited my dentist regularly and was told shortly after diagnosis I have severe gum disease, and it's made worse by having diabetes. Since then I have used the best teeth cleaning...
  • I have made a new bread from a recipe from the book "Diabetic Dream Food Recipe Book". It contains chia and golden flax seeds which need to be ground together, and although the recipe called for rice protein I couldn’t get any and so I added hemp protein instead. The result was pretty good. I...
  • over the xmas period I've let go a lot regarding my diet ect thinking i will get back on track in the new year i now find I've good very blood shot eyes which are now itching and I've also started to have moments of blurred vision .......is this more likely to be an allergy of some sort or...
  • LowCarbMummy
    Posted by LowCarbMummy on Jan 7
    [IMG] Tea and Ice Cream – two of my favourite things!! This fusion was required in my life. The earl grey tea gives the ice cream a gorgeous caramel colour and a gentle bergamot and black tea flavour. Make a chocolate or caramel sauce (sugar free obvs!) to drizzle over and it is even better!...
  • pixie38
    Posted by pixie38 on Jan 7
    Hi im type2 Dibetic and everytime I see the doctor I get told that my diabieties is under control, anyway ive not had my check yet last yearas my surgery hasnt got a nurse to do it. Well at the momment ive been wanting to get pregnant but havent had much luck and all thedoctor said was to keep...
  • pusspower
    Posted by pusspower on Jan 4
    What's the equivalent number of bg to hba1c
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