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  • The Effect of Medium Chain Triglycerides on Time to Nutritional Ketosis and Symptoms of Keto-Induction in Healthy Adults: A Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jnme/2018/2630565/ Abstract Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are ketogenic and might reduce adverse...
  • liarsdance


    Posted by liarsdance on May 22
    Delicious filling lunch today after an 18 hour fast; three omega 3-enriched eggs scrambled with black pepper, butter, four shredded slices of salami milano and a good grating of Pecorino cheese mixed in. Followed this with a cup of decaf with cream and 2 squares of Lindt 85%. Reading before...
  • liarsdance
    Posted by liarsdance on May 16
    - to my new keto low carb life. I eat either one or two meals each day, (depending on my fasting regime), I cook and eat real food and I don't snack. If something has an ingredients list, I mostly don't buy or eat it; the exceptions for me are salami milano, chorizo de lyon, our butcher's home...
  • Sean01
    Posted by Sean01 on May 16
    I didn't know I still had it in me. I decided to take a week or so off training - it's normal. It helps recovery and helps build back the enthusiasm, but this break coincided with the kids revising for exams - the mock mocks!!! - everything has a name these days, and my birthday. Oops! We...
  • liarsdance
    Posted by liarsdance on May 14
    Well, I've just had a good day. My FBG at 7am was 4.9, and my pre lunch BG at 1pm was 4.3 (a 16:8 fasting day). Then in my favourite Italian restaurant with friends, I had Pollo Veronica (griddled chicken breast with asparagus and mozzarella and a tomato and cream sauce accompanied by peas,...
  • Sean01
    Posted by Sean01 on May 14
    Usual work tradition - bring in some goodies on or near your birthday. Everyone else does cake of chocolates I want to join in with my own treats: raspberries, olives, a cheese board, along with grapes, a few chocolate biscuits and some crackers for the cheese. I'm having mine with hard boiled...
  • I'm strong - not World Strongest Man strong but more or less half way there - not too bad, but its been a long long time since I was quick. or slim. Starting Monday I have a six week boot camp - 5 evenings a week with the wife and a team of brilliant instructors - specializing in boxing, tai...
  • Enclave
    Posted by Enclave on May 12
    Just wanted to say that swollen legs and food poising are a good mix, poor Mr enclave has just had a bought of food poising. Four days of being slightly unwell and off his feet has proved to be good at reducing the swelling in his legs. Sadly his foot is still swollen and wondering if a second...
  • He did his best to help holding firm to his knowledge training an beliefs She did her best to explain and comply with her knowledge training and experience It didn't fit his understanding, the remit the training..it made him feel uncertain. She couldn't see how this was going to help, she tried...
  • We've hired a rotovator a couple of times over the last few weeks to break up some of the rough grass areas in our conservation area. This lets meadow flower seeds germinate and also makes it easier for grasshoppers and crickets to lay their eggs underground later in the year. The thing that...
  • Hospital appointment this Thursday to have an ultrasound - hopefully, it is just kidney stones - but this will be the third or fourth lot in just a couple of years. The pain is starting to become a distraction. The last time, I had an ache like this, I had just fended off a very powerful...
  • TerriH
    Posted by TerriH on May 5
    Since the change to \British Summertime every year I experience hypos every night requiring my husband to persuade me to suck glucose tablets to bring me round and out of a coma. I have been type 1 for 52 years so should know what to do but this is a literal nightmare and I cannot find ANYONE...
  • Tipetoo
    Posted by Tipetoo on May 4
    A forum member mentioned a Australian made low carb bread called Herman Brot Lower Carb, two slices are 5.4 grams per 100 grams. It is available from Go Vita health food stores, where I picked up five loaves yesterday. Tastes alright as well. Here's some pix. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
  • Sean01
    Posted by Sean01 on May 4
    Looking good Bright sunny days - get out there and walk BBQ weather - Heaven for T2 - unless someone tries to palm with off with a BBQ'd chocolate orange or a jacket potatoe A spare day at the beginning of the month (unlike the one at the end of the money when the money has run out!!) Bacon Let...
  • Sean01
    Posted by Sean01 on Apr 28
    Two great half yearly results, a shoulder injury that has nearly worked itself out after two whole years and switched shampoos from 'Wash and Go' to 'Almost Gone'. I am all about routine: daily routine - when to get up, fall asleep, when to eat etc etc and on a weekly basis, which bits get...
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