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  • pouhoboy
    Posted by pouhoboy on Mar 23
    I have put on 8 kilos since starting to use a pump,my sugar levels are fantstic! but already overweight putting on more is a nightmare any advice would be more than welcome.
  • Last night I cooked a quorn quarter pounder burger, put it in a low carb roll that I made using the infamous "green bread" recipe (not moving to rice protein until I've finished all my hemp protein powder), put a spot of mustard on it and ate it! Oh it was lovely - I haven't had anything in- a-...
  • kokhongw
    Posted by kokhongw on Mar 20
  • MariaB86
    Posted by MariaB86 on Mar 18
    When looking at food labels do you go by carbs in grams or do you take into account of which sugars?
  • LowCarbMummy
    Posted by LowCarbMummy on Mar 14
    [IMG] There cannot be enough brownie in life, especially when that brownie has to be shared. Avocado brownie is rich and dense and squidgy and just a bit wicked with a creamy chocolate ganche topping. The cacao nibs and chia seeds add a little extra crunch. Share this if you have to but...
  • Like 1000's of people my latest order is on hold. Where is the demand ???? I made an initial phone call 1st to my gp surgery for a private px...( still waiting a response) ,then to chemist Lloyds who can get them ...out of stock on Libra website ...then to Asda .. Yes in stock at 44.00 !!!!!...
  • [MEDIA] This remains one of the most in depth interview with Dr Valter Longo.
  • Sean01
    Posted by Sean01 on Mar 10
    I remember the first time I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I woke up the next morning thinking 'that was odd'. I was 26 and back playing club rugby. It happened the next night and the next and eventually became routine. I quickly learned to slide out of bed, find the loo...
  • I accepted a statin prescription at my last review. I did this as my cholesterol had jumped to 8.0, which I thought was bad news, even though I don't have the ratio figures. The trouble is I still feel uneasy about taking the thing. What troubles me most is I have a liver that is already out...
  • SockFiddler
    Posted by SockFiddler on Mar 8
    Wouldn't it be nice if, from the moment you made a renewed commitment to Doing Things Properly, Life figured it would give you just a few weeks to hit the ground running and get yourself into a new routine without any extra nonsense to think about? Some people fantasise about the perfect lover,...
  • https://www.diabetesdaily.com/blog/are-there-really-five-different-types-of-diabetes-553858/ [ATTACH] This is essential still 2 main types with sub groups. Type 1 - Insulin deficient Type 2 - Insulin resistant
  • Possumtail
    Posted by Possumtail on Mar 7
    5.8 at 7am On Sunday I did a long fast walk. 7 km walk in 1 hour 15 and ended feeling terrible. Shaking, sick in the stomach, headache, wanted to eat but couldn’t decide what. Blood sugars got down to 3.6 I’m diet controled and don’t eat carbs in general. I ended up with a good handful of...
  • Sean01
    Posted by Sean01 on Mar 5
    I have been training hard since the day after Boxing Day, but three weeks ago, a disgustingly selfish eejit (at work) gave me her cold. I'm asthmatic. It went to my chest and it's taken this long to get to a stage where I have wanted to exercise - and yes - I'm T2 - I swear by it, but the...
  • A lot of people on this forum eat Greek yoghurt, rather than the standard natural yoghurt, on a regular basis as it typically contains more protein and less carbohydrate/sugar. I was on holiday in France last week, enjoying a tasty Danone 'Greek style' yoghurt for my breakfast when I realised I...
  • I was diagnosed with type 2 late last year and i started off following the NHS guidelines about what my diet should be. Well i found that i was getting quite high spikes when eating certain foods which i was told were slow releasing. Porridge, the most basic type. I tried skimmed milk and almond...
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