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Jun 25, 2022 at 12:33 PM
Oct 22, 2015
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Oracle, Male, from Worthing

bulkbiker was last seen:
Viewing latest content, Jun 25, 2022 at 12:33 PM
    1. Rachox
      Under 200lbs! Well done, must be an important moment for you to replace Jason!
      1. bulkbiker
        Lightest in my adult life.. and without fasting too!
        Jul 10, 2019
        Chrisjr72 and Rachox like this.
    2. Goonergal
      Just noticed your new avatar. Congrats!
      1. Juicyj and bulkbiker like this.
      2. bulkbiker
        Thanks.. first time in adulthood sub 200 without fasting...
        Jul 10, 2019
      3. Goonergal
        Jul 10, 2019
        bulkbiker likes this.
      4. bulkbiker
        Thanks superstar buddy!
        Jul 10, 2019
        Goonergal likes this.
    3. bluejeans98
      Which guy are you in the profile photo
      1. Stemar likes this.
      2. bulkbiker
        on the right.. the other is Dr Jason Fung... lifesaver
        Nov 6, 2017
        Type2inUS, poemagraphic and Petaluk like this.
    4. Merryheart
      Hi, I'm brand new to this forum and I haven't quite figured out my way around yet. I typed in "Ketogenic" in the search box and found you. I am confused with this diet and still trying to wade my way through it and it looks like you are somewhat an expert on it so I looking forward to reading all your previous posts once I figure out how to, lol.
      1. bulkbiker
        Sep 25, 2017
        Chrisjr72 and poemagraphic like this.
    5. alinofruit
      Hi there thanks for all your helpful posts to a newly diagnosed type 2
      Im off all the different drugs Metformin really didn't agree with me and i just love my blood glucose monitor its my new best friend. Did you need a referal from your GP to get the calcium scan much thanks Ali
      1. bulkbiker
        No if you check out their website the rivers hospital has a mini survey so if you can tick most of the boxes you don't need a referral
        May 5, 2017
        alinofruit likes this.
    6. ickihun
      Hi Mark I see your planning a calcium scan. Are you ready for the results? What if you have heart disease? Do you know how to fight it or reverse it? I'm preparing you incase you get a shock. I've been diabetic off and on reversal for 40yrs I have a calcium score of 19 which I understand CAN be reduced/reversed. Are you ready for the second fight of your life? Can we do it together?
      1. bulkbiker
        well I'll obviously have to wait untilI get the results before doing anything.. I thought it was very hard to undo decades of damage? Do you think you can reduce it.. there was a guy at Low Carb Breckenridge who they said had managed to improve his through a very specific vitamin therapy I think but I'll have to wait until the videos are released. Will certainly let you know the results.
        Mar 11, 2017
    7. NoCrbs4Me
      Hey, man! How's the zero carbing going? I just saw your blog post from 1 Feb.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. bulkbiker
        Yep think I had a bit too much chicken breast last night.. woke up to higher than usual bloods.. was very nice tho..
        Feb 10, 2017
      3. bulkbiker
        more fatty beef required..
        Feb 10, 2017
      4. NoCrbs4Me
        I've lost my taste for poultry. I eat almost exclusively red meat, apart from bacon and eggs for breakfast.
        Feb 11, 2017
    8. Myrrhsea
      I've read some of your interesting comments about your low carb diet so I thought I'd ask you first. I've been on the keto diet for just over 3 months but I just cannot get into ketosis. My daily carb count has been extremely low so I know it's not that but much of the time I have diarrhea so I'm not really digesting the fats well enough. Any ideas?
      1. bulkbiker
        Never quite sure how to reply to these so hopefully this works.. do you measure your ketones? Is that how you know you aren't in ketosis? If so how do you measure? How many carbs per day do you have. Can you give me a sample menu? PM if you like rather than type it all out here where I believe it is all viewable.. Regards
        Jan 3, 2017
        Myrrhsea likes this.
      2. Myrrhsea
        Thanks, how do I message you? It's probably obvious but I can't see how to.
        Jan 5, 2017
      3. bulkbiker
        Just sent you one.. you may have to have made a set number of posts before you can use the PM system
        Jan 5, 2017
    9. comicbookguy75
      Hello sir, hope you don't mind me contacting you direct but am I reading that right that you've managed to lose 20kg in around 3 months? Impressive work sir, diet and exercise? I'm hoping to shift some of mine I'm 133kg at the moment. thank you for pointing me to dietdoctor, not sure I fancy the whole lchf diet, but it does give great info on what to eat for a low carb diet.
      1. Administrator and ickihun like this.
    10. Squeekyboy
      @bulkbiker hi mate can you tell me where you bought them from as I'm very new to all this. Thanks in advance. Steve
      1. bulkbiker
        Sorry what do you mean? the test strips were direct from www.homehealth.co.uk use the discount codes in the thread and don't forget to tick the I have diabetes box to save the vat.
        They only fit the SD Codefree meter tho..

        Apr 26, 2016
    11. Providence 62
      Providence 62
      Hello BB, just thought I would let you know that this morning my meter reading was 8 - it hasnt been below 10 in three months. Seems your strategy might be a runner. I have to say I felt pretty rough yesterday (like a bad bout of flu and ache and pains) Hope this passes soon. I am staying away from metformin from now one, still got a bit of a sore tummy. Thanks for giving an alternate view which made me think.
      1. Myrrhsea and ickihun like this.
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Type of diabetes:
    Type 2
    Treatment type:
    Diet only
    Was on Metformin
    Walking the dog, swimming when possible


    I am a strong supporter of an ultra low carb high fat (ketogenic) way of eating combined with fasting. Everything I write I have usually experienced and tried on myself. I take no medication to control my condition after suffering 3 weeks on metformin in November 2015. These days I tend to mainly eat animal products only (known as carnivore).

    Me on www.dietdoctor.com

    15/01/2014 HbA1c 44 no idea 135kg?
    13/10/2015 HbA1c 87 weight 143kg
    Diagnosed 30/10/2015 HbA1c 70 weight 143 kg
    18/12/2015 HbA1c 45 weight 132.5 kg
    26/01/2016 HbA1c 36 weight 125 kg
    19/07/2016 HbA1c 27 weight 110kg Total Cholesterol 5.6 no breakdown (useless!)
    13/01/2017 HbA1c 27 weight 103kg Total Cholesterol 5.7 HDL 1.46 Trigs 0.8
    18/07/2017 HbA1c 29 weight 97.8kg Total Cholesterol 6.0 HDL 1.72 Trigs 0.6
    18/10/2017 HbA1c 28 weight 96.34kg Total Cholesterol 7.3 HDL 1.60 Trigs 1.3
    15/10/2018 HbA1c 27 weight 95.35kg Total Cholesterol 6.3 HDL 1.51 Trigs1.0
    14/01/2020 HbA1c 27 weight 91.17kg Total Cholesterol 8.2 HDL 1.74 Trigs 0.92
    03/06/2020 HbA1c 27 weight 90.36kg Total Cholesterol 7.1 HDL 1.35 Trigs 1.8
    01/12/2020 HbA1c 29 weight 94.35kg Total Cholesterol 6.7 HDL 1.57 Trigs 1.21
    17/06/2021 HbA1c 28 weight 99.00kg Total Cholesterol 7.8 HDL 1.7 Trigs 1.0
    10/12/2021 HbA1c 30 weight 103.5 kg Total Cholesterol 8.2 HDL 1.75 Trigs 0.9
    14/06/2022 HbA1c 30 Weight 103.2kg Total Cholesterol 8.9 HDL 1.6 Trigs 2.0 (38 hour fast pre bloods)
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