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  1. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    Woke feeling a bit emotionally wobbly and tired, not unexpected after yesterday. Went for a long walk with hubby. Had a small breakfast of yoghurt seeds and raspberries first but we walked further than intended so was very hungry when home again. Lunch was cold meats, mayo and cold...
  2. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    His wife is taking that duty :D
  3. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    I bet you sleep better tonight. All that exercise and less worry
  4. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    It's really second nature now, mostly! No effort, except to resist temptation
  5. MrsA2


    I'd suggest you read the Clot Thickens by Dr Malcom Kendrick and listen to various YouTube by him and Dr Robert Lustig . There's also threads on here, search statins in the box top right, then make your own decision. Imho your total cholesterol is 4.3 which is within normal range, but double...
  6. MrsA2

    Low Carb Ready meals

    A freezer is my friend. Cook say 4 portions, eat 1 freeze 3 eg bolognaise, fish pie, lc pizzas, burgers, sausages
  7. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    Emotional and busy day today. Started with vets visit with 19 year old cat. Expecting bad news, she just put everything down to age and "he's doing very well" Then got 88 year old to walk in clinic. He'd had a fall yesterday and was refusing to go to main a&e because of the waits. Yes he has a...
  8. MrsA2


    It's your body that's important here, not some arbitrary number. If you are pooing enough for you, you are getting enough fibre. If you are experiencing constipation, add some more fibre until everything is moving, but then resume a normal for you diet. You will learn what is best for your body...
  9. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    Well that got me into trouble again today. Trying to describe the song to friends, I started searching YouTube and Google for "kill dictators Dutch". Not only did it not come up, but I think I'm now on mI6 most wanted!!! I hadn't realised what I was searching!!!
  10. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    Had the neighbours in for a roast last night. 3 of them, 97, 90 and "80 something"! So lots of lovely leftovers for the next few days. I did drink wine while out on Saturday and and 1 small glass last night. Felt bloated and a bit off both the next mornings. However as the wine accompanied...
  11. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    Thanks for that @Antje77 it's stuck in my head now and my family think I've gone crazy singing "it's always a nice day to kill dictators" over and over:joyful::joyful::joyful:
  12. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    Busy morning of errands. Was supposed to meet a friend for lunch but it ended up being a very pleasant dog walk instead. B: a cold sausage and some cheese L: better not spoken of. Cake was involved D: steak salad and mushrooms. Strawberries. 1 small ice cream
  13. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    Sounds like the muscle relaxed . Next time, massage may well help
  14. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    And last night was a hot water bottle in bed too! Our wind is coming from the Arctic
  15. MrsA2

    Trouble losing weight since starting insulin

    Rapid weight loss before diagnosis is more often a symptom of T1 , whereas weight gain is more often a symptom of T2, so wait for your results before doing anything drastic as they are very different beasts. If T2, calories are rather meaningless, its the carbs that are key
  16. MrsA2

    Reactive Hypoglycaemia Help! Really Struggling.

    Just back from Italy and I found the starters or antipasti good, lots of cold meats, cheeses and salads. Mains of fish. They don't mind which part of the menu you choose from, and I often had 2 starters instead of a "Secondi"
  17. MrsA2

    Diabetics Review (funded by AstraZeneca)

    I might do it, if they paid me consultancy rates!
  18. MrsA2

    ‘Stop Eating After 7pm’ Challenge

    Still usually well before 7. It's just routine for us now. Won't be tomorrow (Saturday) when social life intervenes
  19. MrsA2

    Weekly weigh in - Fridays

    1lb on. No alcohol still (except social Saturday). Think I'm going to have to start tracking and counting again
  20. MrsA2

    "What have you eaten" Parallel Chat

    Come on @Antje77, we need to know how the day gully sucking went :D