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  1. Resurgam

    Type 2 Does apple cider vinegar actually work for lowering blood sugar?

    I often get cider vinegar to put on my salads - but I'd be more inclined to credit the salad stuff than the vinegar - and the various herbs and spices I add to meals are often mentioned as being good for treating diabetes - again, I am more likely to be working with the meal rather than the...
  2. Resurgam

    Hello, I’m new here

    To speed up cooking and save energy I use a pressure cooker and have the old fashioned separators and perforated baskets and trays. Low carb eating any meat, fish, eggs, cheese, full fat dairy, low carb veges and fruits give a lot of variety particularly if eaten with herbs or spices.
  3. Resurgam

    Atorvastatin and Cholesterol of 6.6

    I was getting phone calls requesting that I take a statin to reduce cholesterol - several times w year, and I explained that when I tried Atorvastatin I had all sorts of aches and pains and my memory was badly affected too. I got fed up in the end and asked for the details of reduction in deaths...
  4. Resurgam

    Low carb diet

    Unfortunately, none of them. Cereals are usually about 2/3rds carbs so anything more than a couple of spoonsful is going to cause a spike in blood glucose. I tend to have two proper meals a day or an old fashioned breakfast of bacon and eggs, often with sausages and mushrooms.
  5. Resurgam

    New Member - Just Diagnosed

    Ah that makes more sense.- but don't panic - you could well be in more normal numbers by Christmas, with any luck. I went from HbA1c of 91 to 41 in 6 months, plus lost a lot of weight without even thinking about it. For an ordinary type 2, cutting back on carbohydrate - that is starches as well...
  6. Resurgam

    Prediabetes BG up while it is in the down trend after meal

    I don't think that 'should' is appropriate in that situation - with diabetes, blood glucose just does what it does, no rhyme or reason is the usual observation. There are various factors which might affect blood glucose levels, rate of digestion, rate of production of insulin plus the body's...
  7. Resurgam

    Absolutely terrified..

    @Kayley22 You might be inadvertently eating things which raise your blood glucose as they are labelled 'healthy' by people who should know better. I was pressured to eat wholemeal this and low fat that for many years, and blamed for putting on weight and feeling unwell, when all the time it was...
  8. Resurgam

    OK Rant, apologies in advance

    @filly You could always show off and have cucumber, courgette, aubergine, tomato, sweet pepper, avocado, as they are fruits but low carb. Unfortunately most HCPs seem clueless about the care and feeding of Humans. I trundle around on my mobility scooter these days as there is nowhere nice to...
  9. Resurgam

    Nutritional ketosis v’s DKA

    If it wasn't so sad it would be funny. I hope that your new regime proves satisfactory.
  10. Resurgam

    Leg Cramps - What do people do to prevent or treat these

    I discovered that drinking quite a lot of water was a first aid treatment for the night time camps, severe ones could need two pints, but most needed at least one pint. These days I add salt to several meals each week - I have no other source of salt as I don't use it in cooking and eat no food...
  11. Resurgam

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum. If you are taking Metformin it would be wise to make no appointments until you have discovered how you react to it. Some people have no problem, some develop excess gas, but some can suffer explosive incontinence. The warning in the leaflet was a masterpiece of...
  12. Resurgam

    Keto Ice Cream

    Real ice cream is actually a custard, eggs and cream warmed up until it thickens, then whipped as it is frozen.
  13. Resurgam

    Pre Diabetes. BG close to top end. Weight ok

    That is normal, though.
  14. Resurgam

    High BG - Not Eaten For 20hrs!

    To keep my blood glucose levels steady I eat at about 12 hourly intervals. If I don’t eat breakfast my levels keep rising until I eat.
  15. Resurgam

    metformin and foot pain

    Ah - I cannot bear compression stockings, but obviously my lymph channels are not blocked. I reacted very badly to Metformin and was very depressed in just a few weeks. I was a danger to myself so do make people aware of your reactions.
  16. Resurgam

    metformin and foot pain

    If it is so specifically the Metformin - do you really need to take it? It is a knee jerk reaction to prescribe Metformin, but it made me very very ill and I stopped taking it, relying on lower intake of carbs only. I used a test meter to find out just how low I have to stay to have normal blood...
  17. Resurgam

    Looking for inspiration

    Although there is a lot of advice on eating small portions, I find it easier just to cut out high carb foods, and then eat anything else - although I avoid seed oils and low fat variants as they seem to be rather negative foods. We need protein and fats - even saturated ones as they are the...
  18. Resurgam

    metformin and foot pain

    I have had several bouts of intense pain in my feet from causes other than diabetes. I found that cutting some innersoles from quite thick resilient foam really made a difference. The tendons beneath the foot were tight, so cutting the toe slightly shorter, lifting the ball of my foot made an...
  19. Resurgam


    Having two tests to confirm things might indicate a fairly modest HbA1c. My only test in the diabetes range was the first one, though at 91 I suppose there wasn't much doubt about it.
  20. Resurgam

    High amount insulin

    As a very ordinary type 2 on no medication, I need to keep my glucose levels down by eating a low carb diet. That seems to have reduced my insulin resistance, though I still stick to 10 gm of carbs in the morning, and the rest in the evening. Is your diet more like 'normal' or for a type 1 in...