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    You are correct that the official advice isn't the best in many/most cases. The thing about people testing their BG getting anxious, is only true if they see it getting worse (or getting no better despite medication). The real reason is cost. The nutritional guidelines are still a one size fits...
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    Hi @Bogart99 The excuse that the NHS use is that testing BG with a monitor (or using a CGM) for those who are not on insulin or serious glucose reducing medication will just make the user more anxious and thus may raise their BG. Note that in addition to food there's a long list of things which...
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    Low Carb Ready meals

    Hi, I won't say that there are none, but I've never seen one. In fact ready meals are almost always extra high in carbs - both fillers and also sugars to make them tasty.
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    Need ideas for what protein lunch i can have.

    Hi @DanGoku, I'm a T2 not a T1, but I'm a little confused about you asking about protein to go with sausages. If you really do mean extra protein then I would suggest either fried or scrambled eggs. I often eat them with either sausage or bacon and think they go very well together.
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    I agree, @In Response many doctors just use a standard response of drugs for treating conditions - Diabetes being just one of them. I too was put on the standard cocktail of drugs after a 3x Cardio Bypass (no actual heart attack). I was on 2 different blood pressure lowering drugs despite...
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    Seeming drunk

    We couldn't possibly diagnose your husband, even if we were allowed to. There are so many things that could possibly cause those symptoms. To give a flavour of that, I recently became aware that in very, very rare cases some people can actually ferment alcohol in their gut which then makes them...
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    Low calorie diet - how tough is it and how to get on it

    While I have no personal experience of low calorie diets, I'm rather surprised that somebody who's been a member for as long as you is asking about this in this way. 1. Surely the best forum to ask in is the Low Calorie Diets forum rather than in the Type 2 Diabetes one? 2. The diet you ask...
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    Massive Blood Sugar Rise After Quitting Alcohol From Being A Very Heavy Drinker

    Hi @Odishon and welcome to the forum. I feel you may have been misinformed about the effects of Metformin. There are supposed to be 2 effects: 1. That it 'reduces the amount' of glucose that your liver produces and dumps into your blood stream. 2. That it in some way 'reduces insulin...
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    Type 2 Does apple cider vinegar actually work for lowering blood sugar?

    Personally, I don't find 'The Glucose Goddess's' advice appropriate for me. My neighbour has one of her books and I see that it was well reviewed by several (medical doctors and others) in the 'Low Carb community. Strangely my neighbour gave up trying to use her suggestions because he found that...
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    Type 2 Are there any research/evidence shows it is OK to have keto diet for type 2 diabetes?

    @oldnevada Most of us eating Low Carb are not restricting calories, protein, or fat. Some fat can be quite satiating as well as being a essential macro nutrient (unlike carbohydrates). Also fattier cuts of meat and fattier minced meat (ground beef in the USA) are often cheaper than the leaner...
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    Ideal postprandial blood sugar levels for T2 following a low carb diet

    @Art Of Flowers I don't understand why you ask questions like this, since your profile says that you have reversed your Type2. If you have already got back into non-diabetic HbA1C numbers, then surely you already know what you can eat and how high it will raise your BG etc. What those of us...
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    Type 2 Are there any research/evidence shows it is OK to have keto diet for type 2 diabetes?

    Even for those with T2D but not on insulin or other medication with danger of Hypos, it's still not a good idea to reduce Blood Glucose levels too quickly because large sudden BG changes (in either direction) can cause vison problems since the eyes are very sensitive to Blood Glucose levels.
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    Hello, I’m new here

    @QuentinLin My experience is almost the exact opposite of what you have posted. That is probably because you are taking insulin (unlike the OP) and so you need some extra carbs on board so that you avoid Hypos - where and ordinary T2D has no such problem. Using a Blood Glucose meter makes it...
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    Not wanting to lose weight

    After using a Low Carb way of eating in order to gain T2D remission, I decided I would feel more comfortable with a few more pound on. So I just started eating more fat - particularly Cheese, Nuts and Eggs. The extra pound came back with no change to my blood Glucose levels.
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    Hi @Kathryn B We here of this happening when people post about it in the forum. It also happened to me- I had been surprised about the test result where they said I had some minor background retinopathy since I'd been in T2D remission for over a year before the retinopathy showed up. Thus, we...
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    Medical Review driving licence?

    Not 100% relevant, but the 3yr licences you have to keep renewing at age 70 and above are also 'full UK Licences', though only for 3yrs each.
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    Hello, I’m new here

    Hi @PegiWyn and welcome to the forum (Thanks for the tag @Lamont D). All diet/lifestyle methods for controlling blood glucose in Type 2 diabetes tend to reduce your weight (whether you are actively trying to do that or not). I use a Low Carbohydrate 'Way Of Eating' based upon the success that...
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    Glucose target range on Libre 2 CGM?

    I forgot to add: CGM's are designed predominantly so as to warn those on glucose lowering drugs of the probability of an impending hypo. Those who are not on such drugs may use a CGM, but there is the danger that they become obsessed by the short-lived highs which are quite normal for...
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    Glucose target range on Libre 2 CGM?

    There are a lot of advocates for CGMs these days. I didn't need one to work out which foods are best for me and use that knowledge to get into T2D remission. While it's true that some foods are digested a lot faster than others, 2hrs after 1st bite is generally good enough unless you know you...
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    High blood sugar readings despite metformin

    Hi @ChewyChops and welcome to the forum. If I may, I will slightly disagree with @Art Of Flowers here: While for most/vast majority of Type 2 Diabetics, Metformin doesn't reduce average BG down to normal levels, it depends upon the levels that you are starting at. It works by discouraging the...