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    Unless a problem crops up, which is relatively rare, it simply doesn't matter. Undiagnosed it is Diverticulosis, (but how would anyone know), diagnosed without any current issue it is Diverticular disease, and if it flares up, it is Diverticulitis. To my mind the official advice flies in the...
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    Apparently about 50% of over 50 s have Diverticula, but unless a problem arises, or they are diagnosed by accident via ct scans and mri s for other issues, then most are blissfully unaware.
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    I suffer from Diverticular disease, the official recommendation is to increase fibre to aid this. But the very definition of Diverticular disease, is having Diverticula, pockets of weakened stretched bowel. Bulking up the stools is the last thing i want to happen, as this is increasing the...
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    May answer your question for you.
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    hba1c drop by 12 points ?

    I would say it's a genuine result, and you are amply demonstrating the much greater affect of diet over exercise in controlling blood sugars. WELL DONE, keep it up.
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    Which Diabetes Is Genetic And Runs In Families??

    My maternal Grand mother had diabetes listed along with about 12 other things on her death certificate. I don't know about my paternal Grand mother, but when reaching her 80s both legs were amputated below the knee and was basically blind, so it's possible. None of the next generation, had or...
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    Leg Cramps - What do people do to prevent or treat these

    Potassium and Sodium are finely balanced by the body, presumably you knocked things out of kilter, by taking Potassium, which would look like you didn't need.
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    Personally in your situation, my attitude would be I KNOW what my body needs. Low carb is working fantastically, why muck about doing low calorie. I did Keto a few years ago before diagnosis, purely to lose weight, which i did 30 Kgs in 4 months, this was without exercise, due to Peripheral...
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    New Member - Just Diagnosed

    Don't blame yourself too much for the sugar and chocolate. You could have followed medical advice religiously, eating your five a day etc, and still found yourself where you are now. Get your self a glucose meter, the medical profession say not to, but you now know, they don't really care about...
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    My late father in law had GCA diagnosed on holiday, when i took him to Truro hospital. He was put on Prednisolone. Basically a hand full morning and night. The affect was dramatic, bouncing around with loads of energy and a rapacious appetite. Depending on GCA recovery, the dosage drops over...
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    Leg Cramps - What do people do to prevent or treat these

    I take a magnesium supplement, when i've run out it takes only a couple of days for restless twitchy legs to start, followed by agonising cramp in my feet. Restoring the supplement works very rapidly. So i'm very confident that Magnesium is My own particular problem.
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    T2 or NAFLD? ...or, a funny thing happened on the way to the surgery

    Statins have no effect on consumed Cholesterol, they work by stopping your body producing enough of the Cholesterol that it USES. Don't forget the active parts of Statins, are Fungii s protection to kill anything that may eat it.
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    T2 or NAFLD? ...or, a funny thing happened on the way to the surgery

    My leanings on Alzheimer's, is that as a large proportion of the brain is made of Cholesterol, reducing your levels below what your body sets by itself, cannot be a good thing. ie is there sufficient to replace lost Cholesterol from the brain?
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    I know this is not a diagnosis forum but please read i will try to not ask for dags

    Sats should be 95% +. most people never get beyond 98%.
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    T2 or NAFLD? ...or, a funny thing happened on the way to the surgery

    Where you mention 3 mars bars, our blood should only contain approx' 4 grams of sugar in the whole system. Any more is too much. so where mars bars are concerned 1/7th of a bar, is just about right.
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    Question to those old enough to be eligible for current Covid booster vaccine

    The commercial reason being NOBODY would use it.
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    Vision difficulties

    You say your levels are stable, but stable at what level.
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    About to be diagnosed

    I take Metformin, and Rivaroxiban and Aspirin for blood thinning, no problems at all. However some studies have shown Metformin may reduce the efficacy of Anticoagulants. Your doctor will most likely schedule blood tests to check all is working ok, mine does.
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    Eggs and blood sugar

    Use crushed pork crunch as a coating, this is the very light pork scratchings.
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    Home blood prick tests - a waste of time?

    The Hba1c is a bit like the speeding ticket that drops through the letterbox. The finger prick test is the glance at the speedometer, you may only see 30 mph when glancing, but at some point you were travelling faster, but didn't see it. Random testing is useless, and a waste of strips. You need...