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  1. becca59

    Forum moderator nominations 2024

    I only use the forum. You don’t get tags.
  2. becca59

    Forum moderator nominations 2024

    Had already ruled myself out in reply to moderator. So I need to be removed from this list thank you.
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    Why ho why!

    Agree @lovinglife. We moved 10 years ago and I was very concerned I enrolled at a good practice. Hey ho, it turns out this one was even better. Even the reception staff are brilliant, going out of the way to solve any issues. We are on the edge of a very big city in a much less affluent area...
  4. becca59

    Why ho why!

    Why are your hospital results not on the record too @AndBreathe? Both myself and husbands have been on for sometime now.
  5. becca59

    Why ho why!

    As others have said all info can be obtained on line these days as long as you sign up. All mine is on in minute detail, it goes on quickly and is very informative. Before Christmas I had a trip in an ambulance. All that info was also there to read.
  6. becca59

    Humalog and Lantus pens mechanical malfunction

    Sorry was unaware that they didn’t accept all insulins. Am on Tresiba and Fiasp.
  7. becca59

    Humalog and Lantus pens mechanical malfunction

    Hi @ Greymalkin. The reusable metal ones are a boon. Last dose redials, half units if you request and the ability to scan into your Libre app. Just remember to get 2 different colours for the 2 different insulins.
  8. becca59

    Weight gain

    Except that nobody is making you eat. It’s not the insulin it’s what you have to match the insulin with.
  9. becca59

    Type 1'stars R Us

    Wowsers @Marie 2 blue skies, fluffy white clouds. We can but dream.
  10. becca59

    Scottish primary school law

    There are some serious issues going on here regards the treatment of a 7 year old in school. Supposedly a place of safety. I a Type 1 worked in a primary that had more than one child with type 1 over the years I was there. The hospital team came in and trained the staff. There were no issues on...
  11. becca59

    Sharps box

    I have a litre bin for sharps and a 7l one for Libre gubbins-as decided by our area. All bins are given on prescription and returned to Gp. It’s a bit like the general waste, different systems for different areas. Too complicated and not joined up.
  12. becca59

    Type 2 Unfiltered beer

    The best way to see how the Stella affects you is to get a blood glucose monitor. You may find it beneficial on a regular basis with foods.
  13. becca59

    Medical Review driving licence?

    Hi @Vectian. Perfectly normal. We all have to adhere to this rule. It just has t keep being reapplied for. The main issue being hypo awareness.
  14. becca59

    How much does blood glucose rise after eating 10g of carbs

    As a type 1 rises per mmol each 10gm of carb from food are extremely important to work out as that is how we work out our insulin requirements. However, it is not written in stone. We are all different. It can be slightly higher and slightly lower. Each food item can be different regardless of...
  15. becca59

    Freestyle Libre II and sleeping.

    I alternate arms and toss and turn most nights. Have had the very odd compression low. Always cover my sensors anyway so I don’t worry about them coming off. A bit tricky for you @loving Lindsey1 unless you are with someone who could put it on for you. I can see and still have my husband apply...
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    Hba1c of 145 - can blood transfusion bring this down?

    Unlikely they will retest a type 1 in that short space of time. There is a lot to learn and take on board. The most important results will be Time in Range from his CGM How the insulin is being managed to avoid hypos and hypers. HbA1c will eventually go down but it will take time and is an...
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    Hba1c of 145 - can blood transfusion bring this down?

    Hi @NoopNoop and welcome. Yes the HbA1c is very high as it often is when people are newly diagnosed with Type 1. Your individual readings will also be high to start with until you are on regular carb counting and two types of insulin. Known as basal (usually once a day) and bolus (taken to match...
  18. becca59

    Career disillusionment following diagnosis

    A great thread started @Paul_ I’m 65 this year and there have been lots of changes made throughout my life. Not huge career choices, because I never had one. Frankly I was never driven by work, career or money. But by family and pretty domestic related tasks. Not a fashionable thing to say these...
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    How Long Do I Have To Wait Before I Can Be Put On An Insulin Pump??

    My question is why are you eating at set times?