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  1. rhubarx

    Ozempic for 3 months? / Pregnancy

    I'm type 2 and I've drastically improved my hba1c with lifestyle changes to 43 (I'm so chuffed!) I work out 3x a week but my weight barely moves from 100kg. My consultant mentioned trying ozempic. I had planned to try for a baby in November, which would mean 3 months on ozempic and 2 months off...
  2. rhubarx

    Just caught covid

    Hi all. Been unwell for a few days with negative antigen results but today it's confirmed covid with the double lines. I have all the common symptoms; aches, cough, chills, runny nose and loss of taste. Any guidelines / personal advice in managing covid with T2D?
  3. rhubarx

    Recourses for pregnancy with T2D

    Hi MrsA2 Yes, I've lost some weight and continue to while lowering my carbs. Although I have influence over some things and not others, it's still a new stage in my life and something to adjust to emotionally. I'm looking for a community who have been or are T2D and pregnant to share knowledge...
  4. rhubarx

    Recourses for pregnancy with T2D

    Hi. I'm 32 with T2D in remission ! currently managing it with diet + exercise, no meds. I'm looking to start my journey into parenthood and hoping to become pregnant next year. I'm at a loss for pregnancy with T2D. I have a history of anxiety and trauma so I really want to take my time and...
  5. rhubarx

    I’m a Type 2 diabetic on a pre-pregnancy journey, what do I need to know?

    This thread is a bit old but wanted to reach out to say I'm in a similar position to yours and would love to hear how your journeys going
  6. rhubarx

    Faulty freelibre

    I took the advice to give them a call and they're sending a new one out. I also received a reply to my email later that day, so both are good routes of contact. They ask for a bunch of info
  7. rhubarx

    Faulty freelibre

    Same here. I just received my libre today. I waited 2hrs to scan and it's not working. The scan reads 'replace sensor'. Let me know if they respond/ replace yours! I sent an email too