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    Spike in bloods fever and pain in side

    Hi my husband has recently been treated for sepsis due to infection in foot. This was the day after he had an ulcer debriefed. He subsequently had an abscess which caused the loss of a toe. He now keeps getting a temp of 37.7-38 after eating and bloods are higher than normal. He has pain in left...
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    Prediabetes 6.4 bloods not diagnosed

    I’ll do that thanks. I’ve always gone without breakfast and normally the first food would be about lunch time(approx 6 hrs later) always been ok but if I don’t eat at that time then I get shaky etc and recover about 30-40 mins later. I have noticed now tho that I can go longer than that and just...
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    Prediabetes 6.4 bloods not diagnosed

    Hi thanks for that. Yes I’m on write high statins because cholesterols been high for years. Sorry missed out the A in NAFLD (non alcohol fatty liver) Also have been but stopped taking calcium/D3 which were v sweet and just taking D3. Haven’t taken sugar for 50 years and always look at...
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    Prediabetes 6.4 bloods not diagnosed

    Hi my doctor thinks I’m pre diabetic but I’m questioning this. I’m having a tolerance test next month. My bloods have always been on the low side. I’m a 68 yr old female with a T2 husband. I have NFLD and this all started when I went in the low carb diet to help him cut his bloods. Could it be...
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    Problems With Meds

    I left tablet yesterday and bg was 11 this am so could be that I lowered insulin. I don’t quite understand why if I lower insulin and bg still under what the nurse is saying( i.e do not go below 8 before bed) that I cannot stop this tablet. I’ve increased insulin to 70 today and will see how I...
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    Problems With Meds

    Has anyone come off dapagliflozin? I have started lchf diet and finding bloods low at night. I’m also constantly up passing urine. On humalog mix 50 - gradually lowering from 80 am and pm to 66 both times. Also 1000 metformin a day. Thinking I don’t need dapagliflozin but a bit worried about...
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    Post Your Recipes Here!

    For those of us who can’t go without a snack try The real pork crackling co golden pork crunch. 35g carbs<0.1 per 100 g [emoji39]
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    Are there any courses regarding this diet? I’m T2 in metformin and humalog +50
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    Charcot Foot & General Orthotic Footwear Query

    Is his foot out of shape? My husband now wearing Dr Martens high boots and so far is ok. Goes to podiatrist every 6 weeks and they check. I would say if foot shape ok then get ordinary toetectors but a size up then put ortho inserts in. I would’ve thought you could also get from the makers of...
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    Pneumonia vaccine

    Thanks for all replies. Definitely can’t get it in Essex unless in hospital. Boots app inform that I can buy it and it’s a different one to the Nhs one which is a bit strange. I was unaware that it lasted 10 years so I’ll ask at Boots today. Thanks again
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    Pneumonia vaccine

    Hi, has anyone been given the pneumonia vaccine this year? It’s normally given to people over 65 or at risk groups but I cannot find a chemist that can get it. This is the second year I’ve not been able to have it. Starting to think it’s to whittle down the weak and old! Thanks