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  1. Liz M

    Do you weigh yourself every day?

    No more than once a week
  2. Liz M

    The Cost of Low Carb

    All my food is gluten and dairy free due to being gluten and dairy intolerant. Recently diagnosed as prediabetic and I haven't seen our food bill increase now I am on low carb as well. We buy shops own brand wherever possible and non organic which keeps the cost down
  3. Liz M

    Why do hospitals push so much carby food?

    This is my worry as it looks like I will be in hospital soon for possibly 3 days or so for an operation. Recently diagnosed as prediabetic and I'm coeliac and dairy intolerant as well. My experience before prediabetes diagnoses of gluten and dairy free food in hospital in the past few years...
  4. Liz M

    Gluten free flour

    Never realized uuntil after being diagnosed as prediabetic and then reading ingredient labels and nutritional values, that plain white gluten free flour has more carbs than gluten containing flour. I enjoy baking so I'm going to be experimenting with trying other gluten free flours. Anyone had...
  5. Liz M

    Newly diagnosed

    Hello all 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed as prediabetic with a mmol/mol of 43. I am 40 years old and I'm disabled with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and I can't exercise at all so I am hoping to lose some weight and lower my blood sugar levels at the same time by controlling my diet. My...
  6. Liz M

    Thoughts and Results from the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

    I am a newbie, just joined today I received the diagnosis by letter with my blood sugar reading. The letter gave alot of information about the diabetes prevention programme which is run by Liva and to ring the phone number if interested though they strongly advised me to join. I wasn't that...