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    Strange Libre 2 Graph

    That sensor is clearly screwed.
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    Triglycerides:HDL - Insulin Resistance

    What are your thoughts on the reference ranges in the screenshot I posted? I stand by my previous suggestion of getting hold of a CGM on the 14 day free trial. It would also give you an insight into how exercise is affecting your BG.
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    Triglycerides:HDL - Insulin Resistance

    You need to bear in mind that the conversion factor when moving from mmol/L to mg/dL is different for Triglycerides as it is for HDL and LDL. See how there are separate sections in the omnicalculator: If you’ve arrived at a ratio of one by...
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    Triglycerides:HDL - Insulin Resistance

    Could you expand on that a little i.e. provide some website links, units and when and how you got those numbers - I seem to remember that you’ve previously had tests done in America.
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    Type 2, diet and cholesterol

    Sorry, I can't really offer any advice, I just felt that I needed to offer an additional response to the links that @HairySmurf has provided. I found the following conversation between Casey Means and Robert Lustig quite educational. It's about an hour long so is probably better suited to...
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    Vitamin B12 confusion

    Since my most recent test results arrived today I'll rather foolishly try to continue this thread. So, over the past couple of years my numbers have been about: Active B12 - 100 to 130 pmol/L Total B12 - 300 to 380 pmol/L During those two years I haven't been taking any B12 supplements. If...
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    Vitamin B12 confusion

    LMAO! Well more fool you cos I also had it wrong! It should have been picomol/L Dear God!
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    After eating to satisfaction i get hungry very quickly

    Could it be thirst? Sometimes that can make a person think that they're hungry. Try drinking a lot of room temperature water first thing - leave it to warm up overnight.
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    Vitamin B12 confusion

    I've been given values for all of the tests that I've had with Thriva, regardless of how they classify those results. I'm now wondering about the lab where potteron's sample got tested. Is it just a coincidence that the reported value is the same as the upper limit of that lab's range, or is it...
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    Vitamin B12 confusion

    Over the past couple of years I’ve been using Thriva for other blood tests but have also been getting both my Active and Total B12 measured - so that I have a reference for when I finally get around to educating myself about it (feel free to impart any wisdom). Anyway, Thriva use the healthy...
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    Gary Taubes Diabetes treatment - diet essay

    Would you like to share your justification for questioning Gary Taubes' integrity?
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    Empaglifozen and keto diets

    Off the top of my head I can't think of any meters that just do ketones, and if you do manage to find one then it's highly unlikely to be any cheaper than the GlucoRx HCT that Fenn has already recommended. The cost is more in the strips than the meter itself and that model is probably the most...
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    Fish Oil Supplements

    I've tried a few in the past and generally try to hedge my bets by mixing it up a bit. I'd recommend for you the one that I'm currently taking - Seven Seas Omega 3 Max Strength with Vitamin D. It's £18.50 for 30 Capsules at Sainsbury's but currently on 3 for 2 offer. I decided on dosing from...
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    Mastering Diabetes Programme

    I think that you should buy it, read it and then tell us all about it. For the most part, I'd agree. Do you think that you have insulin resistance and how have you come to that conclusion? What metric would you use to determine whether what you're doing is increasing or decreasing it? And my...
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    You may be four hours too late with that advice.:) Brace yourself for questions along the line of "How do you adjust for beer that you've brought back up in the doorway of a Christian bookshop?"
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    Testing tolerance for different foods

    And then for the hell of it you could go for the 90 degree angle on the graph. Here's my attempt with the use of an indian takeaway i.e. poppadoms, white rice and naan bread.
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    Testing tolerance for different foods

    Yeh, it's generally recommended to wait 24hrs before activating the sensor because of potential inaccuracies on the first day. For the hell of it you could challenge yourself to do a 'flat line' day with the use of low carb and fasting/TRE. You could also use it to experiment with how exercise...
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    Type 2 Fatty liver and diabetes

    Advice of three syllables. Brilliant. Although, to be honest, her dietary advice would probably have been counterproductive guff anyway so she at least saved you the time of having to sit there and listen to it. You'll get far better advice on this forum. Out of curiosity do you know what your...
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    Type 2 Fatty liver and diabetes

    What lifestyle changes did she suggest?
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    Type 2 Fatty liver and diabetes

    How was it established that you had fatty liver disease? What, do you believe, is the root cause of your condition?