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    Newly diagnosed in December 2022

    Welcome to the forum Gemma it's a great place for ideas and support.
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    Type 1 and struggling

    Welcome to the forum. I also had gestational diabetes and it stayed after a few months. I just want to encourage you that it does take time to get a good routine down. I also started on 4 shots a day. Is there a good nurses line that you can consult between apts with the Dr? I know that was...
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    Type 1 for 50 years

    That's inspiring 60 years with diabetes!
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    Weekly weigh in - Fridays

    congratulations of your weight loss!
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    Type 1 for 50 years

    oh yes managing diabetes for 50 years is quite amazing!
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    Type 1 for 50 years

    Hi Grant you also deserve a metal. I have had diabetes for 42 years so I can relate!
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    Type 1 for 50 years

    Hi Cathy I have had diabetes for 42 years. Yes you deserve a metal! Thanks you for your post and yes I use the dexcom 6 also and what a difference that makes! I remember poking my finger several times a times and I never knew whether the sugars were on their way up or down!
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    Background retinopathy

    Lovinglife can I ask how many years you have had diabetes. I had a similar experience for the first time some background retinopathy showed up. And yes it does feel like a shock to your system. I have had diabetes for 42 years and I am learning that it's more common than I thought to end up with...
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    Friendly introduction

    Welcome Michael I have had type 1 diabetes for 42 years and there is lots of good support on this Forum.
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    High sugar Covid-23

    take care I hope you feel better. Does your MD prescribe meds for your Covid.
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    Thanks so much Ellie for your response. I appreciate your sharing. I am trying to eat healthier and lose some weight. Can't wait until Spring comes so I can walk outside more.
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    Looking for some encouraging stories where you were diagnosed with retinopathy and still maintained your vision. Thanks
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    opps a typo I meant the Dexcom 7
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    Hi everyone is the Decom 7 out yet? I f so anyone using it?
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    rapid drop in A1C

    Thank you so much for this very helpful information.
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    rapid drop in A1C

    hi would you be willing to share the A1c drop numbers.
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    rapid drop in A1C

    Hi can anyone give me an example of rapid A1C drop in the early worsening retinopathy theory, Like from what number to what. I have read articles on this however cant seen to find examples of what they mean by rapid and concerning level A1C drop. Thanks .
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    Yes I agree we can only do our best. I have had diabetes for 42 years and some aneurysms showed up. I didn't know that they can disappear. Sounds good to me.
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    Retinopathy for the first time

    Hi Paul I can relate to your post. I have had diabetes for 42 years and for the first time the Dr. noted mild retinopathy. It felt like a punch in the stomach. I had the same reaction you did like should i see a specialist and apparently no treatment needed at this time. Take care.
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    2023 Successes

    Congratulations Way to go!