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All the things I wish I’d been told at type 2 diagnosis

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by HSSS, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. HSSS

    HSSS Type 2 · Expert

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    You’ll probably have been or will be told something along the lines of all things in moderation, reduce sugar and fat, eat lots of fruit and veg. This advice has led to diabetes t2 being seen as progress and leading to more and more medication for the last few generations. Plenty of official sources still say this. However more and more are waking up to the reality and science that carbs or more specifically lowering carbs is the answer. It is NHS, ADA and NICE endorsed so safe.

    Can I suggest you take a good look at LCHF ie low carb, higher fat (than recommended for the last few decades) methods of eating.

    It’s how an awful lot of us get our blood sugar levels under control and for some even eliminate medications and achieve remission and also reduce or improve complications.

    It is often the easiest and most sustainable form of weight loss for a type 2 if you need that. Other conditions often improve including but not limited to blood pressure, joint pain, inflammation, PCOS, and despite the dire warnings of the last few decades it improves cholesterol for most, yes improves cholesterol.

    Some jump right on it, others edge their toes in a bit at a time.

    Try clicking these links for more detailed explanations that are well worth readings. These is a lot here so go at your own pace.


    https://josekalsbeek.blogspot.com/2019/11/the-nutritional-thingy.html for info including low carb made simple

    And https://www.diabetes.co.uk/forum/category/success-stories-and-testimonials.43/ to show it really works and for motivation

    also https://www.dietdoctor.com/ for more food ideas and general info of carb content of foods. Excellent site and first port of call for many getting their head round low carb.

    Lots of other websites for recipes out there too. Just use the term low carb or keto with whatever you fancy. Be aware the the USA count carbs differently so be aware if you look at their counting, recipes or products. They include fibre in their count we don’t. So if it’s USA stuff deduct the fibre to get our figures. (Fibre isn’t generally digested thus doesn’t get counted)

    Also it’s very important to be able to check for yourself what’s happening so you can make the necessary adjustments day to day and meal by meal rather than wait 3, 6 or even 12 months and then have no idea what had what effect. It also helps keep an eye out that any meds are working appropriately not too much or too little. Getting a blood glucose meter is the only way to do this (no matter what contradictory advice you may have heard - it’s usually budget based rather than anything more scientific). Test before a meal and 2hrs later hoping for a rise of 2mmol or less. More and the carbs eaten were too many! Please ask if you want any guidance on this.

    IMPORTANT FOR ANYONE ON DIABETIC MEDS (Not applicable to just metformin): if you lower your carbs then any glucose lowering meds or insulin increasing meds may need to be adjusted accordingly to make sure you aren’t taking more than your new diet requires. It can cause a hypo if you have more gliclazide or insulin etc than your new carb intake requires. Keep a very close eye on your bgl numbers and do this with your dr’s knowledge so they can reduce medication accordingly. Please don’t be put off by an ill informed out dated rubbishing of low carb diets or being told you should eat carbs to match meds, it should be the other way around. Low carb is endorsed by the NHS and the ADA as an effective method of control, even if the practice staff don’t realise that yet.
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  2. xfieldok

    xfieldok Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    @HSSS reported post to ask if it can be made a sticky.
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  3. jpatricia

    jpatricia · Member

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    Oh my, brilliant thank you so much. After 2 weeks of floundering, it's beginning to make sense. The websites are most helpful regards Patricia
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