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bg monitoring accu check v true result

Discussion in 'Blood Glucose Monitoring' started by whompa73, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. whompa73

    whompa73 · Well-Known Member

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    I have only diagnosed as type 2 daibetic this week. Due to some bg tests that a couple of friends made ( 14.9 then 24.9 after eating sweets yep stupid I know but at time didnt know any better) I descided to buy a meter as the diabetic nurse at my docs could not see me till next week and my friends where realy woried about my levels so I bought a accu check nano it seemes realy well made as do the strips (only got 10 strips with it) it took some reading with it the nigh I bought it and they seemed to corispond with my friends meters ( minus the sweets as I had felt like st1t for 2 days after eating them) on friday I managed to talk to the nurse as my sugars where still verry high and I hadnt eaten anything sweet or with sugar for 2 days (before eating 13.2 and after eating 1 and 1/2 small tosted brown muffins with a spoon and a half of baked beans on each I tested 2 hours laster at 21.1) she did an over the fone consultation and immediately put me on metformin? I also asked about strips for my machine she said she could not find them on her list and would leave a new machine at docs to be picked up as they have a deal with the distributors and the strips would be half the price of the accu check. When I picked the tester up it seemed very poorly made compared to the accu check as did the strips. When testing there is a massive difference between the two machines the accu may say 14 which seems to fit in with my friends tester and the offical test done by the docs for diagnosis but the new tester a truresult machine may say 11 . I ran some tests and the accu tester seemed to be prety constant results but the the tru result varies wildly same finge pricked in same placewith Iin seconds of each other ranged between 12.9 and 11.3 may even have been wider I think but the shocker was when I pricked and made a lg blood spot and tested 2x using the same spot of blood with in 7 seconds of each other first reading 13.9 2nd reading 11.1 to be honest I dont know what to think or trust or is it just me being overly critical. Has anybody had dealings with either of these machines and could guid me or let me knowwhat you think of them
    Regards james
  2. Ria

    Ria Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi James. Welcome to the forum. These meters are not that accurate. They usually are within 10% but can be 20% out occasionally. So a reading of 11 means a BG between 9.9 and 12.1. But it could be between 8.8 and 13.2!

    The main thing is to get a rough idea as to what your levels are. I was diagnosed 6 months ago. But my levels are only occasionally over 10,so I now only test 1 or 2 a day. I test usually on waking and then after a meal. If that was too high I test again before and after the next meal. I use an android app called 'ontrack' to record my readings. This works out my 3 monthly hba1c. Even though my meter ( a glucorx)varies widely ( 9.6,7.9, 8.5 all within 1minute) my average as calculated by app was close. Lab result was 42(6%). Mine was 40(5.9%)
    I have only had one hba1c test since self testing so have only been able to make one comparison


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  3. KHeggie87

    KHeggie87 · Member

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    Unfortunately that's right. In the instruction manual it should tell you what percentage it could vary!

    I use Accu Chek Mobile which is great, as it is a cassette opposed to strips. It means I can do 50 tests before changing the cassette.

    When you bought your Accu Chek machine it should have come with a card, which you then send to your GP & they can then find the correct strips on their system.

    You should use whatever machine you want.
    Find a machine you like, ring up the manufacturer & they will often send you a BM Machine free of charge.

    The Nurse at your surgery is talking rubbish, there is no deal with manufacturers. In fact the strips for BM Machines are sold to the NHS at a loss to the manufacturer.
    Ring Accu Chek & they will confirm that to you.

    If I was you I'd find the number for the Diabetes Nurses at your local hospital, then give them a call. They are much more experienced & can advice you further... Especially if your blood sugars are swinging that much.

    Good luck

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  4. Md.rose

    Md.rose Type 2 · Active Member

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    Sorry to hear you are just diagnosed Type 2, I am type 2 have been for years, if you have iPhone or iPad I suggest you try using an App called myfitnesspal, this gives you an idea of what effect your food has.

    I used it to compare someone else's food on here a couple of month ago and this shows what it can check.


    I analysed your breakfast and here are the results, if I woke up with a blood sugar of 7 then I would have say 2weetabix with one cup of tea (no Sugar)

    Daily allowance. Your breakfast. 2 weetabix

    Calories. 1070g. 738 g. 207g
    Carbohydrates 271g. 46g. 34g
    Fat. 68g. 19g. 5g
    Protein. 74g. 54g. 10g
    Sodium. 2500mg. 1048mg. 151mg
    Sugar. 39g. 14g. 4g

    Of course I do not know how active you are, I am retired and choose a medium lifestyle, and then add activities, if I put in
    Say 3 hours of gardening my daily allowance will increase.

    Do I use my fitness pal all the time answer is no not every day but most days, if i have a takaway or go to a restaurant then i cannot accurately record the food so i do not bother that data. but i used it for a month and learned what I can eat when first using it. It has changed my eating habits, I have cut down on Dolce Gusto cappachino for example!

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