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Changing from Nova Rapid to Fiasp

Discussion in 'Diabetes Medication and Drugs' started by Charlie&Reggie, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Charlie&Reggie

    Charlie&Reggie · Newbie

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    I spoke to my sons DSN today, and she suggested changing from Novartis to FIASP as he is going back to school as of next week.
    My son was diagnosed 12/03/2020, so just before lockdown started.
    We have pretty good management so far but that's with him at home with me.
    So his lunch time is at the end of play time, at school so novarapid would of meant him coming in from play, doing insulin then taking it easy and then eating, where as fiasp he can finish his play, go and inject and then have his pack up.
    What I am wondering is how long fiasp lasts? How many hours after you take it does it peak? Like nova rapid is 2 hours and has a tail of 2/3 hours afterwards.
    Its so much to take in and learn as well as him going back to school.
    We recently changed from Levemir to Tresiba and had nightmare roller coaster levels for 5 days between the change, but now we have a much flatter profile and I love tresiba, its also helped bring his HbA1c down also.
    But I want to know how it works getting in your system, personal opinions of people who have changed.
    I've done lots of research in to the differences why its faster etc but its always better to have peoples own personal opinions.
    Was your dosage different? What else was different for you xxx
    Sorry to ask but a mum needing some advice please xxx
    Thankyou xxx
  2. Muneeb

    Muneeb Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    I changed to Tresiba from Lantus after 15 years of using it, much more stable and less nocturnal hypos.

    In regards to FIASP, I also changed to this from Novorapid around 2 years ago, made a world of difference to me. In essence it is still Novorapid, but has two additives which increase the absorption of the insulin, hence it works faster. I found the peak to be around 1.5 hours but it works much faster and stronger within the first hour compared to novorapid. So really helps with high carb foods when you don't want too much of a rise.

    Dosage wise I stayed the same as novorapid, but you do have to bare in mid if he eats low carb/fatty meals, you may need to split dose more with FIASP as it works quicker so may work faster than blood glucose increases. It stays in the body around the same time overall, but the majority of it I found out of my system after 3 hours.

    You do really need to bare in mind where he injects though, as injecting in legs/buttocks will be significantly slower regardless of insulin that abdomen or arms.
    Overall it was a really good move for me and I would recommend it.

    Some people found it stopped working after some time but I found if I keep the in use insulin open for ni longer than 2 weeks, it worked very well, obviously keeping it out of high temps etc.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.
  3. Hopeful34

    Hopeful34 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Welcome to the forum Charlie&Reggie. I'm on a pump, but changed to Fiasp a while ago now. My experience has been generally good, but I still need to give Fiasp 20 minutes before a meal. It's reduced the high spikes I was having post meal, but as Munbeeb said, I need to do more split doses with a high fat/carb meal or I hypo (much easier on a pump I realise). With any change of insulin, it's important to monitor how quickly it works etc, as we're all individuals. Hope it works well for your son, and the school are supportive.
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