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Diabetes in the work place

Discussion in 'Ask A Question' started by Georjholloway, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Georjholloway

    Georjholloway Type 1 · Newbie

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    Hi all, I’ve had T1 for 14 years now, I was wondering, in your work place, does anyone have a dedicated space for testing and injecting or treating hypos? I’ve raised this with my boss and he’s finding me and other diabetics within the company I work for, a dedicated, hygienic place for testing etc. Any thoughts or what you do would be super helpful!! Thank you :)
  2. archersuz

    archersuz Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi @Georjholloway and welcome. I'm T2 but I do need to test at work sometimes. I just do it at my desk! I've never had any complaints. I also eat when I need to - often eating my breakfast at 8:45am and no-one comments. When others have a chocolate biscuit or cake with morning coffee, I have protein instead. I guess they are just used to my odd ways.......
    It's great that your employer is looking after you so well :)
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  3. Emile_the_rat

    Emile_the_rat Type 1.5 · Well-Known Member

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    Not type 1, but know a few poeple with it, and testing, taking insulin or treating hypos have never been a issue or problem for any of them.

    There is no reason to have a special or "hygienc" place to treat your diabetes. Honesly, taking care of diabetes is nothing that should be shamed or something that has to be done in the shadows or at a special place. Really, checking blood suger levels, taking insulin or treating a hypo should be just as normal as any other doing in the day. Why shouldn't you be able to take care of your diabetes at any place?

    I mean, I do not go and hide away if I have to treat a hypo, I just do it, its just like breathing. And if I ever would be in the situation were I have to be treated with insulin, I would just take it when needed.

    There is nothing bad or wrong in letting other people see your condition. I actually think it is better that People close to you do get to see what it is you're dealing with, if not, they can't help you if you ever get in a situation where you can't take care of yourself.
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  4. kitedoc

    kitedoc Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi @Georjholloway, It sounds like you have a very thoughtful boss. Not only is it a matter of somewhere clean but that having some place to test and to hitch one's shirt or shirt sleeve up in private is important.
    There is a thread on this site about injections whilst dining alone in a restaurant and some injecting through their clothing!!
    When I worked in a hospital I used the treatment room on one of the wards for testing and injecting but that was hardly a private space!! It seemed ironical that a hospital did not have a dedicated space for diabetics and others on staff who might need privacy!
    And on another website I recall someone ranting about how inconsiderate it was for a worker to criticise a fellow worker who used to inject his insulin at the staff lunchroom table. ( I have two relatives who faint at the sight of a needle)
    That led to debates on whether it is OK for someone to inflict the sight of a needle and syringe and of injecting himself on others and the issue about sharps disposal and risk of sharps to other workers. No-one thought about the question of what if it was a lady at the lunch table, how comfortable would she and fellow worker's be.?
    So a dedicated room with privacy, wash facilities and a sharps container, table and chair sounds like a good list to start with. Whether to have lockers to store things is another thought. An easily accessible supply of gluco-tabs would also be a suitable and ? a call button, if in distress. (If the company supplied sucrose sweets dental problems long term might result with someone trying to sue the company )!!).
    A supply of glucose tabs, regularly checked and even if supplied by the diabetics who work there ??
    The other thing in general would be staff education about hypos - how to recognise them in someone and what to do.
    Best Wishes for your endevour and for your continued good health. :):):)
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  5. johnbear2

    johnbear2 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    It is against the disability discrimination act for a boss or someone at a cafe/restaurant to stop a type 1/2 diabetic from injecting there insulin,and if a person is discriminated against they only need to complain,it seems only larger companies have a dedicated first aid room for somewhere clean and safe for injecting
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