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Freestyle Libre 2 needle bent

Discussion in 'Blood Glucose Monitoring' started by diabolic sister, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. diabolic sister

    diabolic sister LADA · Well-Known Member

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    Hi, not been on the forum for a long time. I'm now on prescription Freestyle libre 2 which is great, when it works. DN fixed the first sensor ..fine. Fitted the 2nd myself no problems. Fitted 3rd myself and it went into a start up loop, each time 60 minutes were up I scanned by phone app as usual and it went back to 'starting up new sensor'
    So after hours of this I took the sensor off and found the needle/filament was bent at a right angle. I assumed it was user error, my husband put the next one on and it was fine until 2 weeks later my DN phoned me to say she'd had no data from me for 2 weeks. There's data on my phone app. So today my husband fitted a new sensor as the two weeks were up and the blinking thing went into a start up loop again. Took it off and the filament is bent...again. Everything has been carried out to the letter. Has anyone else had this problem please? Are they just duff sensors? Abbott are supposed to be sending a replacement for the first one.
    Sorry to go on but I really thought this would be a game changer and I've waited so long for it.
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  2. barrym

    barrym LADA · Well-Known Member

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    Separate issues I suspect.

    Regarding missing data on LibreView, this is most likely the connection between the app and the Abbott server down. Any number of reasons for this, but I'd start off just restarting the phone to see if it re-connects automatically.

    The 'bent' needle, which is in fact a 'filamemt' of some non metallic material, I would imagine was inserted incorrectly by the applicator. This could have been due to a fault or user error. Never heard of this before, but I suspect some manufacturing issue. Abbott would replace this I'm sure. Inconvenient nonetheless.

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  3. Jaylee

    Jaylee Type 1 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Sensor wise i cant say I've ever had a start up issue. That's personally using Libre 1&2 for ove 28 months?
    On fitting the filliment should go in straight down under the skin at a 90 degree angle from the base of the libre..
    However, on removal. They tend to look crooked closer to 45 degrees? (For me.)
    And allmost hooked at the end. Which suggest the way I tear the sensor off after it's life is up.?

    Phone wise, you may need to look at the settings on your device?
    Data settings to libreview. (In your phone app.) Has your nurse been excluded as an authorised follower? & check you have "location" switched on regarding your device? (That one has cropped up a few times if switched off?)

    Hope this helps. "Wood for the trees." With a lot of this tech..
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  4. h884

    h884 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi sorry to hear of your experiences. I have also suffered the problem of start up issues due to a bent filament on several occasions. When the filament is bent it will not have been able to be inserted properly. I presume this is a manufacturing issue. If you contact Abbott they will send you a replacement sensor. Hold onto the damaged one as they will ask you to return it.

    Good luck
  5. KK123

    KK123 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi there, when you put the sensor together and before you insert it, have you taken a look at the angle of the filament ('needle')? It tends to stick straight up. Once it has been inserted and then taken off, mine always shows a slightly bent angle, I think that is because when it's inside the skin it doesn't necessarily stay absolutely rigid, it is a little bendy.
  6. Mr_Pot

    Mr_Pot Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I think it would be difficult to pull the sensor straight off, more likely you would peel one side and the filament would bend as you remove the sensor at an angle. I can't see that the substantial inserter needle could do anything but go in straight.
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  7. DavidDK

    DavidDK Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    I just had the exact same issue (put new Libre 2 sensor in arm in the place suggested in the Abbott instruction leaflet; sensor wouldn't start despite repeated requests to restart it). When I took out the sensor the filament wasn't bent or misshaped in any way.

    Abbott are sending a replacement.

    The number of Libre 2 sensors which have failed (five) on me since I've been using them (last three months) is high relative to the Libre 1 which I used for the better part of two years. They all seem to have numbers and letters in a common serial number, which, to me, suggests issues during manufacture. If the manufacturing issues have been resolved, wouldn't it be better to recall stock and offer replacements?

    Let's hope the Libre 3 is much better.
  8. Glucobabu

    Glucobabu Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    I’d say the filament probably bends while removing it because it’s made of some stiff fibre rather than metal. You have most likely been unlucky to have had faulty sensors. I have had a few over the last 2 years but Abbot have always replaced them. I’d also suggest you apply your sensor to inner rather than outer arm to stop it being knocked off against door frames etc. And turn off the annoying signal loss alarm. Libre2 is indeed wonderful when it works.
  9. Gafspa

    Gafspa · Well-Known Member

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    My new sensor is currently on a the loop you described, says it’s loose. It isn’t.

    This is replacement one, incredibly bad luck to have two faulty in a row!

    But being lucky, being using since July and had no issues till the last two.
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