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Discussion in 'Type 2 Diabetes' started by Fozy, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Fozy

    Fozy · Newbie

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    Hi all, I recently went for an opticians appointment, where I was told I had a bleed behind my left eye, and that they couldn't proceed with the examination until I had it sorted. This was followed up with a visit to the Hospital ocular department where it was confirmed, and that I should seek help from my G.P.
    This is where I hit a brick wall, my GP sent me for a blood sugars test, the results came back he says within normal tolerance levels, whatever that means!! He didn't even consider other test, or try to find out why I have a bleed behind my eye.
    Now I have lost 14 lb in less than 1 month, so it was back to the doctor, he sends me for another blood test, now i'm waiting for the results.
    My doctor said that I should fast for 14 hours and get my cholesterol checked too, now I read that the maximum fast for a blood sugar levels should be no more than 12 hours, will this have any bearing on the results?
    I am really confused, I seem to be gaining more and more symptoms of diabetes, Weight loss, bleed behind one of my eyes, thrush, mood swing's much to my wife's sufferance bless her, dry flaky skin on my feet, just to mention some.
    Now if my results come back again within tolerance levels, where do I go from there? Is there anyone else I can turn to? or do I suffer until my doctor finally gets his face away from the computer screen and listens to me.
    Perhaps I should point out that my Father and grandfather were diabetic and diagnosed at about the same age (early 50s)
    Hope someone has got some ideas, regards Fozy
  2. izzzi

    izzzi Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi Fozy, :)

    I believe you know exactly what your problem is. Your Doctor probably as you said, is waiting for his computer to confirm the results.

    No harm can be done by following your instinct and taking good advice from this forum.
    Just wait and see how many on this forum will help you.

    Good luck

    Roy. :)
  3. catza

    catza Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi Fozy, welcome to the forum. As far as I know fasting should be between 10 and 12 hours before the blood tests for glucose intolerance and cholesterol. If I am wrong then I am sure another member will correct me.

    I guess all your symptoms could be related to other medical conditions but if you do find you have diabetes at least you have already found the best Diabetes Forum/community going and at least you have somewhere to rant about your GP as a lot of other members here will understand how frustrating some GP's can be.

    Good luck with your tests and I sincerely hope your GP proves to be a tad more helpful next time you see him.
  4. Mushroom

    Mushroom · Well-Known Member

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    Welcome. Both my two cholesterol tests were fasting for 14 hours beforehand. In fact, my first was 24 hrs (I misunderstood).
  5. paragliderpete

    paragliderpete · Well-Known Member

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    Hi fozy. Not sure about your explanation for your tests. Your cholesterol test would have been a fasting test. Your blood sugar test if they just took blood would have been whats called a HBA1C test which did not need to be fasting and this would give an average blood glucose level over the last 3 months. If you had to have a glucose drink, sit down for 2hrs and then a blood sample taken, this is called a glucose tolerence test, this would be a fasting test and would indicate your tolerence to glucose. Your doctor could also do a random reading which would entail pricking your finger and putting a small sample of blood on a test strip, this would have been done in his surgery.
    Its normal for at least 2 tests to be done for a diagnosis and these tend to be at least a month apart. That is unless the readings are very high in which case he would assume diabetes on one test. there is also a pre diabetic stage which indicates glucose intolerence, and this would not noramally be diagnosed until after a second test
    It would appear that you are somewhere in this process. Perhaps you could give us a few nore details if you have them of what has been done or going to be done if you have them, so that we can advise you further.
    It would be worthwhile asking your doctor for a print out of your last tests, and post the results. You have a legal right to a copy although you may have a bit of hassle getting them, I think most doctors can't do a screen print so refuse, you'll find most of us on the forum get copies of our results for our own records. If pre diabetic you would still need to be careful with your diet .
    Hope this helps, if you need a more detailed explanation just ask on the forum
  6. Nada

    Nada · Active Member

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    If you need a print of all your results ask at the GPs reception - they know how to do it and get asked all the time rather than watch your GP scratch their head. Receptionists also tend to know that patients are entitled to copies of their records. Mine kindly printed off all test results going back several years.

    Although I do know some folk who are terrified of dragons in reception! Good luck
  7. viviennem

    viviennem Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi Fozy!

    I too get copies of all my test results from the surgery - they were surprised I asked, but no problems! They're used to me now. :wink: I fast for at least 12 hours before all my blood tests, just in case, and I book them well ahead so I get the first appointment in the morning, before I die of lack of caffeine :wink: :lol:

    With a history of diabetes in your family, in your place I would work on the principle that I'd be very likely to get it. Do lots of reading round - loads of info on here - and start modifying your diet by controlling your carbohydrate intake. All carbs are turned into glucose by our bodies, so we diabetics need to be very aware of our carb intake. Lower carbs will also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as blood glucose, so it's worth doing. Exercise is good too - walking is enough, no need for the gym.

    As for your feet - I use Flexitol Heel Balm, which is available from many pharmacies. Other foot products are available!

    GPs are just that - General Practitioners - and are not experts in everything. They don't get much training in diabetes, and as far as I can tell that is mostly Type 1. Mine are excellent, but I'm in control of my diabetes, not them. I need them for prescriptions, my annual checks, and blood tests, but they're happy to let me go my own way.

    Let us know how you get on!

    Viv 8)
  8. RobsterinSheff

    RobsterinSheff · Well-Known Member

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    I never ask for a print off anymore- I find the receptionists in my medial practice get incredibly snotty about it plus they never seemd to print out all my tests!

    Instead my GP is OK for me to take a foto of the pc screen for each result with my iPhone.

    I think its vitally important to obtain/ retain every test result you have.
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