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Hypos and rebounds due to exercise?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Exercise and Sport' started by invincible, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. invincible

    invincible · Newbie

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    I was diagnosed as type-2 diabetic a couple of years ago with random blood sugar level at 22 and fasting at 17 (very high).

    Two problems:
    I have always had a problem of somewhat high sugar in the mornings (7-9 mmol/l) but was never able to figure out why. I re-started physical exercise a few months ago (2-3 times a week) because my levels had begun to climb up to 11-12 from the well managed 6-7 (on average).

    Presently, often times and especially on the night when I have exercised a few hours ago (in the evening) I wake up about 6.5 hours after going to sleep - I wondered for a few days why this was happening (I do not get symptoms, there were no symptoms present other than frequently occurring infections when I was diagnosed; or I am very bad at reading my own body's state) and then decided to check my blood sugar levels - it ranged from 3.5 to 4.3 at that time. If I then did nothing about it and went to sleep, the levels would rise to nearly 8 by breakfast time (about 9.5 hours+ after falling asleep the previous night); but then I experimented and ate something (banana, apple or a toffee/biscuit) and the level would rise to about 7 (instead of 8 ) if I ate something.

    I tend to think, therefore, that my body suffers a hypo unless I eat something about 6.5 hours after falling asleep.

    But I do not want to do that due to: a) it disrupts my sleep b) I do not brush my teeth at that early hour and this can lead to either me brushing teeth twice in the morning or my teeth getting worse quickly (my gums bleed anyway, even if blood sugar is not high!)

    What is the advice on the future course: reduce medication so the body does not suffer hypos? Am I suffering from hypos really (apparently yes)?

    Before exercise my blood sugar is in 5.x range, after exercise, it invariably rises to 10.x atleast. Exercise cosists of two parts: a) cross-trainer (aerobic) for 25 -30 minutes b) weight-training. The blood sugar rises after the first part itself. Have not been able to control this - have tried eating something after the first part. But exercise subsequently leads to hypos presumably (point 1 above).

    [edit: writing it here helped me make it clear to myself I should be eating just before exercise, not after part 1 of exercise finishes, I recall having done that once and the post-exercise level was 8.2 (still high)]

    What do I do to maintain good sugar level (5-6) after exercise without adding carbs-intake?

  2. denlyski

    denlyski · Newbie

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    This is exactly the questions I need an answer too.

    My brother is the person with diabetes, I am an endurance runner and he has asked me to get him started because he understands the overall this will improve his metabolic health.

    He is not testing his blood right before and after a run but everything I have read today points to me being right when I made this suggestion when we started HA :!: Listen to your big sister.

    What we are finding though is that following a run night (we tend to run between 7 and 8:30 at night and go to bed around 11) he can wake up with a very low BG in the morning or it may wake him up in the early hours. He was diagnosed about 8yrs ago so he recognized the feeling right off.

    I have encouraged him to drink juice during our run but he has not done that YET. I am trying to find anyone else who has or is working this out to try and figure what they might be doing. However starting with tonight's run I am demanding at the halfway he takes some juice and checks blood before and after. I will be keeping a log.

    If anyone can add to this please do, Thanks.
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