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I’m being diagnosed with an eating disorder

Discussion in 'Emotional and Mental Health' started by CosmicOwl, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. CosmicOwl

    CosmicOwl Type 1 · Member

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    Is anybody else in the same boat?

    Have you had treatment? What was it like if you have?

    I’m not sure what to expect really, having diabetes and an eating disorder is not the dream combination, struggling to get through the day generally when it comes to food. It’s exhausting. I also struggle with giving my injections due to a very complex history of being a victim of childhood abuse and self harm on top of the general voice of an eating disorder.

    Unsure if my diagnosis will end up being diabulimia or bulimia, but that’s kind of where I’m at right now with my diabetes health. I’m glad to be making steps to getting treatment though!

    I guess I’m looking for people who I can relate to with this, it feels quite lonely.
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  2. TriciaWs

    TriciaWs Type 2 (in remission!) · Well-Known Member

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    I have an eating disorder, untreated as yet although I am finally starting therapy next week.
    I didn't induce vomiting as I have a strong fear of that due to hyperemesis in pregnancies, so I ended up at over nearly 22st having yoyo'd dieted for years, and developed gallstones as a result. Amazing that GPs never asked ...
    So far I've managed to stay low carb for over a year, but had some wobbles. I try to cater for my stress eating by keeping in permitted snacks - stevia sweetened icecream and chocolate, no added sugar biscuits, etc.
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  3. scaryblueberry

    scaryblueberry Type 1 · Member

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    I do have 'eating disorder' written on my health records due to asking for some diabetes counseling a few years ago but it was never a diagnosis as such. I have struggled a lot with food and done a lot of work myself in the form of counselling and dealing with underlying issues that made me want to overeat. the most important thing for me is having guidelines rather than rules about eating because control and a sense of restriction makes the overeating worse. I've found working with jen Nash's programme helpful as she's diabetic and helps people identify their emotional food triggers and how to work with them.
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  4. jpscloud

    jpscloud Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I have been diagnosed with binge eating disorder, after many years of asking for help and trying dieticians, dieting clubs, exercise regimes , orlistat, fad diets and so on, was finally referred to NHS weight management services with a view to bariatric surgery.

    This was only because I qualified on grounds of being diabetic, though - without diabetes I wasn't big enough at almost 22 stones.

    After starting dulaglutide, my weight dropped and my blood sugars improved, both of which allowed me to try low carbing and fasting, but now I'm struggling again with overeating and poor nutritional control.

    The fasting part seems to be doable long term for me - it's the only dietary intervention that I feel I can sustain. Weight management services have been great, supporting my choices (fasting and low carbing are not in their remit) and providing a recording and monitoring system. They've been very non judgemental. If you have something similar in the offing, I'd give it a go.

    I am glad you posted, and sorry I haven't seen it until now - you are not alone and I am a great believer in open discussion about disordered eating.
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