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If EAT-Lancet achieve their goal then >>>>>

Discussion in 'Vegetarian Diet Forum' started by Oldvatr, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Indy51

    Indy51 Type 2 · Expert

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    No thanks :hungover: :greedy:

    Tough luck for anyone allergic to soy and/or gluten.
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  2. Guzzler

    Guzzler Type 2 · Master

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    For whatever reason, if that is your choice and you have made your decisions based on real evidence then that is absolutely great and you can crack on. Please have the grace to afford me the right to make my own choices even if they turn out to differ from yours.

    I cannot say that I am intrigued enough to try any of the foodstuffs in the clip but if one of them was put in front of me (and was free) I would give it a go just out of curiosity, perhaps not the soy based foods though as I do not want a return to an achy gut.
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  3. Oldvatr

    Oldvatr Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    The research I have done into soy so far seems to point to the following problems
    1) It is one of the more common food allergins and can give anaphylactic shock.
    2) In its raw state it is toxic to humans (like red kidney beans)
    3) It is estrogenic
    4) it competes with the thyroid for dietary iodine, and usually the thyroid loses.
    5) It inhibits the absorbtion of some essential minerals like zinc and magnesium due to one of the phytonutrients (like spinach does to iron)
    6) The fermented product such as tofu makes many of these toxins safe, and as a by product converts some soy protein into valuable amino acids. These amino acids are missing in other processing methods
    7) Soy is the prime source of MSG used in the processed food industy, and this is thought to contribute to weight gain
    8) When industrially processed into TVP then this produces potentially harmful biproducts which led to the TVP scare some time back.
    9) Commercial Soy sauce usually has high salt levels.
    10)Soy protein is often contraindicated with diabetes due to giving extra stress on the kidneys. Holland and Barrett refused to sell me some when I wanted to put on some weight because of this.

    So meatish products made from soy should use a fermented material to get amino acids otherwise those would have to be artificially added by the processing,
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  4. ickihun

    ickihun Type 2 · Master

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    I'm watching the nut allergy resolution currently being explored.
    There is hope for anyone with an allergy, maybe.

    I guess the key has to be the amount consumed, as always.
    Too much causes problems.
    Little and varied pleases any nutritionist.

    Ive made the mistake of thinking milkshakes can solve obesity. Mine have too much soy protein in, for me. IBS loves Soy. However this is the case for me. Everyone is different. As we know.
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  5. zauberflote

    zauberflote Prediabetes · Well-Known Member

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    I have a pet theory that EVERYTHING is environmental over here (US). It is just being discovered, as if something new and wonderful, that a less-than-sterile home and yard might actually be beneficial to the kids growing up in it. Horrors!!! Wash the germs down the drain instead of eradicate them?? What *will* they think of next?! You mean I was right? My kids’ generation was the one for whom food allergies started popping up. And childhood obesity. And helicopter parents. And the litigious society. And “kids should never have to get hurt”. Arrgghh. I like to hope that my kids at least will have the common sense to rear their (so far hypothetical) kids as they themselves were raised- plenty of dirt, liberally applied. /rant
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