Intermittent fasting for weight loss and lower blood sugars.


Type of diabetes
Type 2
Treatment type
Tablets (oral)
Hi, I'm new around here, so you might have discussed this already. I've been type 2 for over 20 years and had no success with weight loss until trying intermittent fasting about 5 years ago. The eat less/move more diets might result in some initial weight loss, but people tend to put it back on (plus a bit). Believe me, I've been a serial dieter for over 40 years and only ever continued my down-a-bit and up-a-bit-more trend. With intermittent fasting (alternate days) I lost 30 pounds and have never regained it. In fact I've continued to lose very gradually. While intermittent fasting, my sugars were down to 6.1 (36). I've slipped a bit (though my weight hasn't) and must get back on the fasting wagon to reduce sugar levels. Anyone else doing this?