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Newbie - Pre-diabtes (insulin Resistant) right sided weaknes

Discussion in 'Ask A Question' started by mandymo, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. mandymo

    mandymo · Newbie

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    Hi Nice to meet you all !!

    I hope you dont mind me posting I havent got diabetes but I have got insulin resistance, which I have just found out about and waiting for testing for diabetes as I have also been dx with pcos.

    I have been ill for 3 years, started at age 30, started getting impacted feaces, seizures, aniety, problems with sugar, carbs, massive fatigue, thrush, atheletes foot, big belly when i am really small every where else..

    It all started after I had this massive cyst in my groin and was given heaps of antibiotics then everything just escalated from there. I went to a homeopath who said I had candida and took foods out of my diet, sugar yeast, wheat, no fat allowed..etc..I did feel better on teh diet as long as it was very low carb but was fatigued and couldnt function without the cafine, after 8 months the homeopath said you must have an underlying condition which is stopping the candida going!!

    So I went back to my doctors and he sent me for testing for celiac and I had to eat for 5 weeks all teh foods which make me feel ruff and i cam off teh pill, then my face started swelling all puffy, my skin has gone all dehydrated and loss of elasticty..then after the 5 months they said no celiac..

    I was so down I went back to eating normally and went a bit mad and ate chocolate, was very stressed and then my mum and da were rowing early hours of the morning and she came in screaming and I jumped up and had palpation and every thing couldnt breath..

    Went very strange, my face had dropped on teh right side and my neck gone into some sort of spasm, i had dioreah, lost weight within days of it happening, skin was all clamy and white and i was in a nother world.any way after a days noticed my right leg wasnt working properly felt loose around my bottom floaccid muscle..

    I went to the doctor but having been ill for two years and getting so upset at teh doctors they wouldnt listen to me so I got very depressed due to how different i looked, feeling so ill..etc..

    In teh end I contacted the local mp as no one would help.

    I have just found out I have pcos (they did say i had it a few years back but never tested me for insulin resistance) been to LOndon hospital UCLH and they want to test me for diabtes as I am always thirsty, get dizzy and all sorts, my local hospital have never tested me for insulin..

    I have also been to barts who has ordered a complex scan of my head and spine said he thinks somethings pressing on something or theres another cause for my weakness..waiting for that..

    Wheni got my blood tests back from pit lady she said they were normal but my T4 is 13.2 (12-22).

    I was told taht my thyroid is low by other people so i vistied a private doctor had my blood taken and my T3 is 3.5 (4 - 6-9)..heres my results...:
    Heres my results:

    IGF-1 : 20.7 range: 15.0 - 39.9

    TSH: 0.68 Range: 0.27 - 4.20
    Free Thyroxine: 13.2 range: 12.0 - 22.0
    Free T3 3.5 Range: 4.0 - 6.8

    FSH: 5.9 range folliclur 3.5 - 12.5
    mid-cycle: 4.7 - 21.5
    luteal: 1.7 - 7.7
    post meno 7.7 - 58.5

    Progesterone: 1.4 ref range folliclur 0.6 - 4.7
    periovulatory: 2.4 - 9.4
    luteal: 5.3 - 86.0
    postmeno 7.7 - 58.5

    for day 1 progesterone: >30ml indicates ovulation
    <5 ml indicates no ovulation has occured

    Testosterone 0.8 range: 0.20 - 2.90

    Sex hormone binding Glob: 165 range: 20 - 130

    17-beta estradial 159 ref range: folliclur: 46 - 607
    ref range mid cycle: 315 - 1828
    ref range luteal: 161 - 774
    ref range post meno: <201

    DHEA: 3.2 ref range: 0.26 - 11.0

    CORTISOL: 101 (1.10pm) 9am 171 to 536 Midnight: <140

    Thyroglobulin antibody: <0.9 0 - 4.9 Negative
    Throid peroxidase <0.25 <9 Negative

    So, I am now taking 1/2 a grain of Armour but I am very confused and worried that I am taking this now the nhs in London are slowly getting to the bottom of it all...

    Sorry its such a long story I am scared and confused and believe I have been holding off diabetes myself with the diet but I am pre-diabetes and would apprecaite your help so much xxxx

    P.S. Does inulsin resistance cause loss of skin elasticty and fine wrinkling of skin?? My skin feels very strange like velvet sort of feeling and teh saggy skin is upsetting when am so young ..can this be caused by insulin resistance???

    Thanks so much
    Mandxx :roll:
  2. sugarless sue

    sugarless sue · Master

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    Hi Mandy ,welcome to the forum.You poor thing ,you've really been through the mill haven't you? I think this question is best left for Katharine to answer and i hope she will be on some time today.
  3. Trinkwasser

    Trinkwasser · Well-Known Member

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    TSH looks good but your other numbers are on the low side which could be causing symptoms, a good example of how TSH alone can miss more complex conditions. Once one part of the endocrine system falls over it can take other parts down like falling dominos, hopefully you are now going to get some expert opinions.

    Meantime try doing this


    it's a tried and tested technique for learning to control your BG through diet and exercise (the latter along with metformin should help with the IR and PCOS)

    Your other symptoms should IMO have raised more concern at the time, they sound almost like a mini-stroke, but could equally be some mechanical obstruction to spinal nerves, or something completely different, a competent GP should really have referred you at the time this occurred.
  4. mandymo

    mandymo · Newbie

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    Thank you guys!!

    I know, the problem was my GP kept saying depressed at the begning, my parents were going through a split and when it happened my personality changed I was in shock for a while I think..but no one would listen due to me crying for help with the original problems that had started..

    I dont personally think I have pcos syndrome, Ill have the tests obviously but my testosterone is low and I dont have the oily skin my skin is dry, thin, finley wrinkled..I think I have hypopit personally , I had a car crash a year before hand maybe that triggered it off ..

    Lovely to meet you anyway

    Just got to wait and see what the scan says, I am scared it was a stroke its frightening to think it may of been and even more frightening how I could of got thobbed off by the nhs..like that!!

    I'll let you now how it goes
    Big hugs
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