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wonders in through the back door....!

Discussion in 'Greetings and Introductions' started by captainpixie, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. captainpixie

    captainpixie Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    In my mad OHMYGODWHATTHEHADESMYLIFEISOVERHOWTHEHECKAMIGOINGTOMANAGETHIS moment of posting up in the newly diagnosed thred, I kind of forgot to introduce myself.

    *looks sheepish* sorry about that.

    My name's Becky (Bex for short) I'm 31 (physically anyway) I live down in Somerset and I'm somewhat of a basket case most of the time but one of the quiet one's.

    I'm a student (yay) . I'm studying (part time) FdA in Graphic Design. I'm on the second half of my first year, it's a bit shaky to be honest right now, the first half was great but, well I'm a bit frazzled right now but I'll get there. :)

    I'm a bit of a pack rat when it comes to books, i love books. I do indeed have a Kindle, but I also own whatever digital book I have in some form of paperback. I love the smell and feel of a physical book and i honestly believe they should not be phased out, it's just daft. but it is good to have a digital record of books as backup for later printing :)
    I mostly read allot of manga, graphic novels, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, some horror and historical. I like fact books with pictures and I have lots of drawing and textile and graphic design books (well what I can fit in my room anyways)

    I like to draw (mainly photoshop) and sometimes I even paint. I'm a bit, well allot quirky and tend to find it hard to think straight at times.

    I love my pets :) I have a bearded dragon (Ook aka Oswin Oswald) and a crested Gecko (Stitch) that I never see. I have four cats. one of which is actually mine. her name is shadow, she's getting on a bit now but it the most cuddly kittie you have ever meet. she has somewhat mellowed out in old age. My pets are very important to me. Shadow especially because she always knows when I'm ill or about to fit and will keep me company. she's very perceptive like that.

    I live with My Mother (she's a HCA at my local hospital) and my younger Brother. It's easier for me to be at home to be honest.

    My medical history (hold on to your seats kids, it's a long list)

    overweight big time (and sadly no it's not due to overeating, I wish it would make losing the weight easier)
    Therapy (sooo many issues, like childhood trauma issues, it' not pretty, but also NOT my Mums fault, she's amazing thou nuts like me :) or my brothers.)
    Insomnia ( 'Joy' )
    poor memory (dyslexia thing, short term AND long term)
    depression (if reasoning doesn't work with it then I beat it to death with cartoons and lots of tea. I refuse to go back on medication for it, it was just terrible)

    add high cholesterol
    and now type 2 diabetes!

    I will also be very frank and honest, when I was younger I smoked (legal and illegal) from the age of 16 to 24, I was a very heavy drinker in that time as well. It took nearly dyeing to realise it had to stop. My appendix ruptured as well as an ovarian cyst, it was actually really cool, the cyst was hairy and everything I was told though they did let me see it :( they didn't really know what was going on, they did an exploratory surgery to find out what was going on (four days AFTER I was admitted and yes I was in horrendous pain) and lets just say that the junior surgeon had not signed up for what he found. people were called down, stuff was removed and I was told I was hours away from actually dieing.
    needless to say I thought this a good time to kick bad habits so I did, all in one go and after a Month it didnt bother me. in fact I don't like to drink now a days. I enjoy a beer sometimes with friends but thats about it to be honest.

    what else? oh yeah my friend's (they are few) are a bunch of messed up medical nut balls like myself. the kid's are fantastic and I've known my best friends kid's since they were born pretty much. we are very involved in each others lives and the kid's are great. were family (our own are messed up so we don't talk to them) my best friend is one of the smartest and kindest people I know. she's alot like me in that we are both always willing to help out anyone who needs the help, it's what being in a community should be about.

    WE ALL LOVE DOCTOR WHO! no seriously it's like a MASSIVE thing for us. we've all been watching it since our on Doctors way back in the 80's (the 60's for Mum) and the kid's have been raised on it. we watch it together, we have watched every episode of the new (2005 onwards) series together and it's a big family night thing.

    I'm a Pagan/Buddhist. I've look into other religions but this is the one for me, it's the one that makes the most sense. it's not a destructive religion, it doesn't have rigid rules, but a moral code you can follow or not follow.
    I have a great respect for other religions though and i LOVE learning about them and their stories that go along with them.

    I love storys :)

    I also love my moves, it's become a bad DVD habit. soooo many movies. My TV show's art as many as some people seem to think. but I do have a habit of repetitive viewing (which is where the short/long term memory thing isn't that bad because I get to enjoy the watching more) .

    I love dressing up and though I don't get to do it often it's always fun, also glitter, you are never to old for glitter and I like arts and crafts too.

    I like to crochet too, it's fun though I have to have picture patterns though as I just can't get to grips with written instructions. I make allot of blankets :D scarves too as well had hand warmers.

    I'm a big fan of rock metal music from the 60/70/80's as well as folk and a very few pop songs. i'm a big lover of audio books and I'm never without my iPod. I honestly couldn't deal with bus rides and shopping without it. (I don't do very well with crowds, it's been known to induce panic attacks, ugh! they're so annoying.)

    My epilepsy has been bugging me my whole life. it scares me and there's allot of things I struggle to do as a result but hay what can you do when your brain is trying to do you in. I encourage people to NOT flap about it as it just makes the whole ruddy thing worse. I don't have Grand Mal (thank the gods) but generalised seizures which is just as series because you dont see it coming, you dont even realise you're looking at someone who is actually having a seizure sometimes. it's been the cause of no end of trouble. (we don't talk about the tea incident ) it's landed me in A&E a few times. concussions are not nice and cars really should slow down in residential area's :/

    I'm also a terrible procrastinator and I worry about everything, no honestly it's really bad. I dont like confrontation but I wont shy away from it. I cant stand up for myself to save my life but my friends and kid's, forget about it I was go Genghis Khan on your buttocks! I have no self esteem, zero confidence in myself and I'm very negative about everything with regards to myself, I do not look on the bright side of things because I can't bear to be disappointed to be honest. it's happened too often to me.

    I am a happy person (I've been told) when I do interact with people which is odd because I dont like talking to people I dont know, it's a problem. But I believe in manners and being polite and for standing up for people who can't do that on there own. you should always try to help but also know your limits and try not to get in over your head if you can help it.

    I don't know what else to put really but Hi, I'm Bex and it's nice to meet you :)
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  2. luceeloo

    luceeloo Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi Bex, Welcome to the forum.
    As far as diabetes goes, I would have been up the proverbial creek without a paddle if I hadn't found this forum back in July. There's a lot of information, and many many people who are willing to answer even the most basic questions. It really has been a godsend.

    So far I've found that a lot of management of diabetes is about lifestyle "tweaking". For many type 2's who aren't on insulin (me included), a diet that's lower in carbohydrates seems to help stabilise blood sugar... but the NHS won't tell you that! A lot of managing diabetes is about finding what works for you.
    It seems like such doom and gloom when we are first diagnosed, but in all honesty, diabetes hasn't been the worst thing that has happened to me.
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