Take control of Type 2 Diabetes with the Low Carb Program

A 10 week low-carb education program developed with the help of 20,000 people with T2D and based on the latest research.
Benefits of a low-carb diet include lower blood glucose levels, less dependence on medication and improved cholesterol levels.
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Take control of Type 2 Diabetes with diet

The free, community-led 10-week education program for people with T2D

Developed with 20,000 people

Developed with the feedback of 20,000 people with Type 2 Diabetes.

10 week program

Each week, Louise guides you through a different topic - with action points, downloads, and motivation to make changes.

Learn at your own pace

Learn how you want to, when you want to. Watch, listen or read.

Support + encouragement

Ask questions, share your experiences and get support from others in real-time.

Track your progress

See the change. Track your mood, motivation, sleep and how your body changes.

1,743 food ideas

Plenty of recipe ideas for you and your family to make lowering carbs easy.

What's so good about it?

Based on the latest research, the Low Carb Program program tells you all you need to know in 10 weeks. Take gradual, supported steps and feel healthier, happier, and in control.

  • Based on the latest research into low carb
  • Made with the feedback of 20,000 people with diabetes
  • Support, tips and downloads to help you make gradual steps
  • Track your progress, see the change

What does the Low Carb Program cover?

Learn what you need to know to take control
Module 1 - Introduction


Module 2 - Fats and oils

Type 2 and diet

Module 3 - Protein

Eating fewer carbs

Module 4 - Fluid

Real vs processed food

Module 5 - Calories

Healthy and unhealthy fats

Module 6 - Your brain


Module 7 - Movement + activity

Portion sizes

Module 8 - Sleep

Snacks and desserts

Module 9 - Stress

Takeaways and alcohol

Module 10 - Eating out

Reducing carbs further

Developed with the experts

No-one knows better than the people who have experience

20,000 people with T2D

The Low Carb Program is a community led education program. Ask questions and get answers from experts, mentors and the community.

See your own change

Sometimes it's hard to see your body's changes. Record your measurements and add selfies weekly and see the way your body, mood and motivation changes.

Digital learning experts

Designed by learning experts to cater for the way you want to learn. Watch videos, listen or read. Use it at your pace, anywhere, any time.

Ready to take control? Let's do it.