Watch out for diabetes scams on the Internet

Wed, 04 Apr 2007
The leading UK diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, have recently highlighted the increasing numbers of false claim emails and websites circulating the Internet. Based on testimonies by phony ‘experts’ many of these sites claim to be able to cure diabetes, often using combinations of herbs.

Diabetes UK has gone on record making it clear that claims of this nature are false. They stress the fact that no evidence shows that herbal remedies can provide a cure for diabetes, and the only effective way of managing diabetes is to lead a healthy lifestyle, take prescribed medications, and closely monitor their disease.

Diabetes UK also indicates that those websites advertising herbal cures should be avoided, and any correspondence should be ignored. Purchasing anything of this nature from a website could also be dangerous, the charity urged.

The FDA recently warned a number of these companies, threatening them with legal action. It seems the industry is not yet clean.
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