Diabetes UK say treatment should be on an individual basis

Fri, 18 Apr 2008
Following the two studies reported on today in the diabetes news that indicate self-monitoring of blood glucose levels could have a negative impact on quality of life and may not lead to better care, diabetes charity Diabetes UK have voiced their opinions on the subject.

Care advisor at the charity, Libby Dowling, was reported as commenting that the decision should be down to the individual. Dowling reportedly said: "For some people who control their type two diabetes without insulin, it may not be necessary to test their own blood glucose levels ; however every person with diabetes is different so decisions must be made on an individual basis."

She reportedly concluded: "In general, those who are self-monitoring are likely to be on more medication, have had type two diabetes for longer and may already have serious complications. In addition, many people with diabetes are not sufficiently educated about self-monitoring. Any or all of these factors could lead to feelings of anxiousness and depression, but it is unlikely to be the actual self-monitoring alone that is the cause of them."
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