Diabetes drugmaker gives optimistic forecast

Fri, 05 Dec 2008
According to international diabetes news, Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk has given an optimistic forecast to meet sales and profit goals. Despite global economic trouble, the diabetes drug manufacturer seems confident that they will perform.

Furthermore, top executives of the company claimed that they were confident that the new medicine liraglutide, although costly and not initially contributing to profit, would not impede progress.

Lars Sorensen was reported as commenting: "Being in Denmark is at least being on a raft in the midst of this tsunami and being in pharmaceuticals is like being in the lifeboat on the raft and dealing with a chronic disease like diabetes is like having a life jacket on at the same time. If the economic recession is not going to be very prolonged then I think it will wash out in the demographics with the inflow of new patients. If it becomes very prolonged then we will eventually feel it as well."
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