Vitamin reverses kidney disease amongst diabetics

Mon, 29 Dec 2008
A team from Warwick University have tested the effects of Vitamin B1, a common component of meat, yeast and grain. The scientists tested the effects of the vitamin on 40 patients from Pakistan, and found that it could reverse early kidney disease amongst people with type 2 diabetes .

The results were heralded as very promising by Diabetes UK, but the diabetes charity said that more research is needed to reduce the risk of kidney complications. Vitamin B1 could reportedly benefit both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. Between 70% and 90% of people with diabetes are thought to be thiamine deficient.

Lead researcher, Professor Paul Thornalley, reportedly commented: "This is the first study of its kind and suggests that correcting thiamine deficiency in people with diabetes with thiamine supplements may provide improved therapy for early-stage kidney disease."

Dr. Frame of Diabetes UK reportedly said: "Diabetes UK hopes a large clinical trial will be possible as results so far are very promising."
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