Bayer Diabetes Care research highlights confusion

Tue, 17 Nov 2009
Recent UK diabetes research shows that 1 in 2 parents are not sure how to recognise the symptoms of a dangerous low blood glucose episode in their children. Symptoms for this type of diabetes complication include slurred speech and paleness of the skin, and in serious cases a 'hypo' can cause loss of consciousness. The research was conducted on behalf of Bayer Diabetes Care .

The study highlights gaps in parent knowledge regarding children with type 1 diabetes . Common misconceptions included confusion over insulin production, insulin injection and the unknown cause of type 1 diabetes. Further issues that parents were confused over included weight gain and sugar consumption.

The Chief Executive of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Karen Addington, reportedly commented: "With incidence of type-1 diabetes increasing year on year, it is vital that the public are better educated and more aware of this serious autoimmune condition. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic and life-threatening condition, but with the correct support there is no reason that anyone living with the condition shouldn't lead full, healthy lives."

Bayer Diabetes Care recently launched a new blood glucose machine for children with type 1 diabetes. The 'DIDGET' is unique in that it plugs directly into the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite gaming systems. The DIDGET was created to help children manage their type 1 diabetes through testing rewards and meeting blood glucose targets.
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