No-fasting diabetes test could make diabetes diagnosis easier

Thu, 18 Feb 2010
The fact that many people with diabetes remain undiagnosed is a major global problem. In the UK, over 500,000 people are thought to have diabetes and not be aware. As many as 6 million Americans have the disease but don't know about it. The American Diabetes Association has given the thumbs-up to diagnosing adults with the A1c test, a diabetes test that doesn't require fasting.

The aim is to remove the stumbling blocks that prevent people from finding out if they have type 2 diabetes . Now, more people should be able to be tested, get diagnosed and get the right treatment. Early diagnosis is one of the keys to avoiding diabetes complications .

Dr. Richard Bergenstal of the ADA was reported in international diabetes news as saying: "I think more people will actually get screened because of a good, convenient test that makes sense to the clinician."
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