Young South Asian people at particular risk of diabetes

Thu, 18 Feb 2010
Diabetes experts have warned of an alarming trend amongst South Asian children, who are developing type 2 diabetes at a much earlier stage than previous generations. Type 2 diabetes was previously referred to as adult-onset diabetes, and is often caused by being overweight or obese . However, children as young as ten are now being diagnosed with the condition.

The concerns were raised by Professor Kamlesh Khunti of the University of Leicester. He reportedly commented: " Type 2 diabetes was not something that teenagers and children would get. It was something that adults in their 30s and 40s would be diagnosed with. But now children, particularly from the South Asian population, are getting type 2 diabetes at a younger and younger age. This is a shocking trend that is a time-bomb waiting to explode."

Khunti fears that a type 2 epidemic could be building up amongst young Asian people. Hundreds under the age of 30 have type 2 diabetes, Khunti feared: "What we are seeing in South Asian children is down to a combination of genes, poor diet and lifestyle."
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