Diabetic amongst the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground

Wed, 13 Oct 2010
Of the 33 men who are being rescued and checked over, one of them, Jose Ojeda Vidal, is a diabetic .

The 33 men were trapped under ground for 69 days after 700,000 tonnes of rock collapsed in the mine tunnel, blocking any exit out for the miners. Since then an rescue operation has been underway to carefully get through to the miners.

Amongst the 33 men was a diabetic, Jose Ojeda Vidal; a 46 year grandfather who reportedly suffers from kidney problems. Jose was the seventh member to be rescued. He was selected for rescue in the group marked as the 'weak group'; however, he emerged looking calm with a big smile and hugged his step-daughter.

Jose, originally a master driller, now serves as the secretary for the miners. He is reportedly on medication for diabetes . It was Jose's scribbled note that had notified the world that they were still alive, 17 days after the accident. The note was tied to a probe which authorities has lowered into the mine the previous day.

Jose's birthday took place on Monday, earlier this week. His fellow miners sang 'Happy Birthday' to him and promised to bake him a sugar-free cake once out.
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