Varied diet lowers diabetes risk

Tue, 19 Oct 2010
A diet that contains many different foods can help to reduce cholesterol by a third and bring blood pressure down by nearly a tenth, a new study has found. It was revealed that a varied diet that contains anti-oxidants, whole grains and vital fatty acids can also cut the chances of getting a critical illness such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimers .

The study, undertaken by scientists at the Antidiabetic Food Centre at Lund University in Sweden, showed that multiple foods with anti-inflammatory effects provides the greatest benefit.

Inger Bj�rck, head of the Antidiabetic Food Centre, said "Our purpose was to find out which preventive effect can be obtained on established risk markers by combining food concepts with an expected positive impact on inflammation. We hope that these results on healthy subjects will inspire more intense preventive efforts in society."

Although it is not yet possible to know which food factors had the best impact on the results, that fact actually helps the study, as the combined effects cover a range of risk factors.

To introduce such a diet into our daily regimes is crucial, say nutritionists . It highlights the benefits of a very healthy diet and that improvements in health come from healthy eating as a whole, not just from eating one food stuff.
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