Testosterone replacement could help diabetic men

Fri, 15 Apr 2011
A new study by scientists in the UK has shown that the use of testosterone replacement therapy could benefit diabetic men who have low levels of the steroid hormone . It was claimed that this is the first evidence that testosterone replacement therapy could improve survival in men with both low levels of testosterone and type 2 diabetes .

The research, which examined 587 men that had type 2 diabetes, highlighted that men with the metabolic condition and low testosterone levels could actually die earlier in life if they do not have testosterone replacement therapy. It was found that 36 of 182 men with diabetes and untreated low testosterone died during the six-year study, as compared to 31 of 338 men that had normal testosterone levels, and that just five of 58 men with diabetes who were given testosterone replacement therapy died during the research period.

Researcher T. Hugh Jones commented "While we have shown that low testosterone levels can put diabetic men at greater risk of dying, we have also demonstrated for the first time the potential benefit that testosterone replacement therapy holds for this group of patients."

He added "It is well known that men with type 2 diabetes often have low testosterone levels, so it is important that we investigate the health implications of this. We now need to carry out a larger clinical trial to confirm these preliminary findings. If confirmed, then many deaths could be prevented every year."
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